Sparta Father Accused Of Child Abuse Says Accident Caused Baby’s Injuries

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPARTA, Mich. — A man facing child abuse charges is speaking out about the accusations against him.

David Steiger said the injuries his one-month-old baby sustained may have partially been due to an accident caused by a diaper change.

The 19-year-old father spoke about his situation from jail, saying he missed his little boy and his wife Chelsea.

“He looked like an angel and he smiled and as soon as he was born, he grabbed my finger,” said David. “I love her and I miss her, and I hope that she`ll forgive me for whatever that I`ve done.”

Sparta police say David Steiger is somehow responsible for 19 broken bones in Jaxon’s body.

The little boy is only about a month old.

The injuries are something David has partially admitted to, although he said it was not on purpose.

“Wasn`t possible, I didn`t do it on purpose. It wasn`t intentional,” said David.

“When I was changing his diaper, and he crosses his legs up and brings them up to his chest and I was kind of pushing his legs down to put the, strap the diaper up, and I thought like, it was just like me popping my finger, but I guess not, his little leg just popped,” said David.

Police say that popping sound was the baby’s femur and tibia breaking.

Court documents FOX 17 obtained early in the week indicated David gave police the same account, he also told detectives at one point that the baby had fallen off the couch.

David told us he eventually noticed Jaxon’s leg was sore and took him in to get checked out at the hospital.

However, when the employees there realized how many bones were broken, they barred Chelsea and David from Jaxson’s room and contacted police.

David said he was surprised they were kicked out.

“Because I brought him as soon as I found him. As soon as he was starting to cry, I touched his leg and he`d scream and I was the one who was like, ‘Hey, I need to take my son to the hospital, something`s wrong’.”

David said his grandmother had driven up from Georgia to support him, but had to return due to illness.

His thoughts are now with his wife and son, his only family in Michigan.

He’s also thinking about what he might say to Jaxon if he could talk to him again.

“That I love him more than anything in this world and I love him `til the day I take my last breath,” said David.

David is being held on a $100,000 bond.

He faces charges of first-degree child abuse.

David said that he hoped that Jaxon would eventually be returned to his mother, Chelsea.

However, CPS is investigating the case.

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  • Mr pickles

    Another low life scum who is a coward with a need to hurt an infant. This is another place where the death penalty belongs, shoot him 5 minutes after conviction. And what is the mothers problem? She didn't know he had it in him to abuse his own child? She needs to go to prison for not protecting her baby from it's own dad. Why do these women take up with such scum? Hope this baby isn't returned to this mother either. Hope this baby heals and is placed in a loving home away from these two scums.

    • Anonymous

      David is my family. He loves that baby with all his heart, and I know he wouldn’t hurt the baby intentionally. None of y’all know David, so how would y’all know if he loved the baby or not. Y’all don’t know the whole story, all y’all know is what the news is saying about the story.

      • buffy

        20 broken bones does not sound like love. unless the baby has brittle bone disease your street talking slang is not going to help matters. it's not going to convince people there wasn't an adjustment to the responsibilities of fatherhood/adulthood problem going on here. so how's he holding up in jail? sure hope he hasn't gotten out already.

    • tracy

      I agree I hated this kid from the first I heard about this but after this story it makes me wonder he cant come up with a story like this so quick to cover it all up but he can tell the truth and as people dont want to believe it may just have happened the way he said.As from my experience with infants the injuries could have come just the way he said but it is still child abuse as I stated ignorance is not justified for his actions I believe alot of it comes from babies having babies.

  • Scherzerfan

    I thought they already interviewed a friend to this guy that said he noticed the baby wasn't breathing normally and suggested that dad take the baby to the doctor. Dad said he didn't want CPS all over him. So if that's the case, dad is already a liar and obviously dosn't care about the poor little baby. Case closed.

  • tracy

    Ok I am a single father of a 10 year old but I have raised her sense birth .That said I have been around infants my whole life me being 53 now at first when I heard this story I wanted to rip this boys head off and break every bone in his body.Not making any excuses for what has happened but just what if what he has said was the truth?Yes it is wrong and he should be punished but I think the first thing here is CHILDREN HAVING CHILDREN and not knowing that the bones of a baby are so very brittle but I mean if he had done this on purpose would he take his child to the ER most cases like this the parents hide the incidents he did not say the child was crying and would not stop he auctally was telling how it happened I can relate to changing a diaper but I was very gental as I knew a babys bones are like tooth picks.To me his story makes me question was in his intent to harm or was it like he said ?I truly believe he should be punished as ignorance in no excuse but my Prayers go out to the little boy that he recovers with no damaging disabilities .Hate me if you want but read my first reactions of when this story first broke I wanted them to lock me up with this punk so I could do to him what he done to the Baby but Now I feel he does deserve his day in court but remember the only ones their were the parents and the baby so If he is guilty if she is a human at all she had better stick up for her child and tell the truth however it may be.

    • Jenny

      Understand, but you should know how hard you are holding the babies legs while changing a diaper, a baby will cry if you are hurting them. I just hope the baby is OK and no major injuries long term from this! You are right though…. kids having kids, should not happen, but it does ;(

  • Jeremy

    If HE was the one who said his son needed to go to the ER, then why did I see him at his buddy's house when his wife pulled up in the car screaming for him to get in the car because her son had to go to the ER?
    Biggest piece of scum this earth has ever seen.
    Obviously the baby's mom was trying to bring her son to the ER and this piece of dirt was too concerned with hitting it up with his buddy.

    • A Mom

      Amen Jeremy … my thoughts exactly. You saw that …? Maybe you should get in touch with Officer Mark W. from the Sparta Police Department who is handling the case and give an official statement to that fact. Eyewitness account holds a lot of weight!

      • Jeremy

        They already know that. I'm pretty sure his buddy isn't a good guy either. Don't know if I trust his "eyewitness account" because he seems just as scummy as the sperm donor!

        • Concerned Mommy

          It's is to bad that TV17 didn't do a little more digging before letting him do this interview from jail but all they wanted was everyone glued to their station even if their facts weren't true. I am beginning to feel like they are the National Enquirer of news stations in GR. I guess that they don't really care who they are hurting as long as they get a story, factual or not. Thank you Jeremy for stepping up and letting people know that the mother was the one that wanted to take her son to the ER and wasn't trying to run away with him because they were scared. If everyone would take the time to look at everything this young man has said from the time he was arrested they would see that he has a very hard time with the truth. I have been watching and reading all the news stations accounts and I haven't seen anything consistent come out of his mouth. So before everyone wants to put the mother in a "orange jumpsuit" as someone else stated above, I think we should wait for the actual truth to come out. Use our own judgement to make decisions about a person and their character instead of letting the media make our "informed" decision for us.

    • Anonymous

      that’s a lie. you didn’t see him. you’re just trying to make him sound like a bad guy. david isn’t that type of person. yes, he did hurt jaxon, but not intentionally. he cares about that baby more than anything in the world. so before y’all comment bad things about my cousin, make sure you know the whole story. all y’all know is what the news is telling you.

  • Jenny

    Ok, 19 broken bones, and you had no idea you did it, and it was not done on purpose???? How the hell can you break all those bones and not realize you are hurting your child!!! I find that just sickening and the fact that "what would you say to your son if you could see him" NOT one word of I am SORRY this happened, just that he loves him???? I don't think so! Sad that kids are having kids and they just can't handle the fact that babies cry and need attention, grow up first,, then have kids when you are ready!!

    • Scherzerfan

      The fact is that some people never grow up and are never ready to have children. If a person is not ready by age 19 then they are never ready. I know 16-year-olds that handled themselves extremely well with a baby and their kids grew up just fine. This half-wit does not deserve a second chance either because chances are he will be just as ignorant and self-serving again. No sympathy from me, now or in the future for this low life.

  • Anonymous

    This boys cousin is just as stupid as the POS father… Since when do you have to push down so hard on a babies leg that it just "pops" if you really beleive that this guy is telling the truth you have to be just as stupid as him! When the neighbor/friend said something about the baby having trouble breathing it was probably from the dumb "father" pushing the poor babies legs so hard did something to his lungs/ribs. As far as the mother goes, how would you not notice something like this??? They both need to rot in jail and have no further contact with this child!

  • Anonymous

    As a medical professional, it is impossible for fractures to occur in an infant in such a manner, unless there is a medical condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. I do hope this is not overlooked as a possibility.

  • beth164

    I sincerely hope this child is being evaluated for possible medical causes–osteogenesis imperfecta, Ehler's-Danlos and a host of other rare disorders could be the true culprit. Also, the child and his mother should have their Vitamin D levels checked, especially if the baby was being breastfed. Abuse does happen but so do these conditions.