Wolf Hunting Authorized in Parts of Upper Peninsula This Fall

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

754px-Gray_Wolf_Seney_NWR_2MICHIGAN — The Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) hopes to eliminate 43 wolves in six counties in the Upper Peninsula, according to a press release.

The 1,200 licenses to hunt wolves will run $100 for Michigan residents and $500 for out-of-state hunters.  They will be available on a first come, first serve basis between Aug. 3 and Oct. 31.  The hunting season begins Nov. 15.  and will run until Dec. 31 unless all 43 wolves are killed before then.

This “wolf harvest” is being implemented to cut down on incidents involving livestock and pet attacks.  The NRC says that the wolf population in Michigan has grown steadily since 2000, and the current population in the state is estimated at 658.

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    • K-Dude

      Do you live in the UP? Do you own livestock in the UP? Is your family income being threatened by wolves? Didn't think so, Yooper's have enough trouble making a living w/o downstate crybabies making rules for them!!

  • John Bell

    How dumb can they be to allow this in the first place . I ranch in west Texas I view losing a little bit of stock every year as a small price I pay for ranching .

    • K-Dude

      If it was a "little bit" no one would be complaining, talk to a UP livestock farmers some have lost more than half of their calves to wolves and coyotes the last few years..

  • Teresa

    It is very sad that the politicians solution to wolves natural behavior is to kill them. I appears it is beyond those in a position to make a difference and those who have the issue with these beautiful animals, to think beyond the 'easy solution'… do they really think if you kill 1200 wolves that they will solve their problems? I can confidently say that Dave Hildenbrand lost my vote as he sponsored and supported this bill. I would suggest others that disagree with this decision determine if your representative voted for this and if so, vote for their opponent in the next election. Sad day.

    • K-Dude

      1200 licenses does not equal 1200 kills. Do you know anything about wolves or hunting in general? The DNR wants to eliminate 43 so that should tell you how elusive they are. If you don't earn your living farming livestock in the UP you really should research before you decide what is best for others. This is long overdue think with your mind not your heart…

  • Scherzerfan

    I confess I don't know any livestock owners in the UP and I don't know the $ in losses they actually have. I do know the State is jumping for joy over the couple of $ they'll make on the licenses. And not that I have anything against hunters or guns, but I'm sure the clowns that love to kill just for the sake of killing something are tickled to death. I do know that I don't like being called a downstate crybaby. One of the main reasons we have spent so many vacations and all that $ in the UP is just for the chance to see the wild animals that we don't get to see here. So if that's the case, we may as well stay downstate and let Da Yoopers have it their way.

    • K-Dude

      I'm not a huge fan of commercial trophy hunting. Farmer's in the UP have been asking for management permit's (just like downstate farmer's get for deer/crop damage) for years and have been told the wolves they have on film are not wolves. I can bet you and most vacationer's to the UP have never seen a wolf, bear, coyote, etc. in the wild because they avoid humans. And as much as you hate to hear it, it's the downstate crybabies who think these killers are "so pretty" and need to be protected until they become out of control and attack their campsite's! Let Yooper's manage the UP, like you said, if you don't like it visit a zoo and don't visit the UP!!

      • Scherzerfan

        As a matter of fact, I have watched my husband chase a bear through the woods in the UP on more than one occasion. And for your information, we did spot a wolf, not a coyote, just off of Route 2. I didn't say the wolves do not need to be managed. I just think there are better alternatives to do it. You'd think the DNR would have learned something from Australia's stupid ideas. And with your attitude, why would we want to go back to the UP. We can get that snotty sacasm here.

        • K-Dude

          Yes they could ask the wolves nicely to go away, that might work. Your husband may have chased a bear cub away and if he did he is an idiot because momma is never far away. Route 2 does not exist, it's called US 2 and I doubt you saw a wolf along 2, they don't do highways. What the hell does Australia have to do with the UP? And as far as not going back to the UP, DON'T! The Yoopers are tired of picking up the trash from people downstate anyway and furthermore let the Yoopers run their Peninsula, you don't have a clue about wildlife management!! Go fill a bird feeder!!

          • Scherzerfan

            I realize you must live a very lonely life but with all your fee time, why don't you open a history book about Australia's problems with animals and unwanted pests. BTW, does K stand for kindergarten? Then go back to your night-shinning, poaching for deer so the DNR and insurance companies won't bring in any more wolves, etc. for population control.

          • K-Dude

            I don't know squat about Australia, don't care. The issue here is Michigan's upper peninsula which you apparently know nothing about. I don't live in the UP, I have family farming in the UP, and know enough to tell boneheads like you wolves are killer's of livestock and a families income regardless of how "pretty" they are. My comment's are nowhere near as childish as yours are naïve and show a total lack of disregard for the economy of the people who live in the UP!! Do you realize how ignorant you sound with the phrase "night shinning?" Who shines during the day??

    • K-Dude

      Yeah we "real men" only hunt with pointed sticks just like ole' George here. Then again George probably doesn't do squat and has no respect for sportsmen at all!!