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Dale Woodwyk Remembered After Fatal Zeeland Crash

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ZEELAND, Mich.- A deadly crash Saturday morning has a Muskegon County family mourning the loss of a great-grandfather and husband of more than 50 years.

Dale Woodwyk died from his injuries after police say an SUV ran a red light t-boning his car on Business 196.

He was heading to the Zeeland ‘Show and Shine’ Classic Car Show with his son, grandson and great-grandson.  His son, Delwyn Woodwyk says it’s something they do every year.

Delwyn says his Dad inspired all three generations to love “all things with motors.”

“A piece of your heart was left back at that intersection, and he’s gone,” Delwyn said recalling the crash.

16-year-old Andrew Woodwyk was riding with his grandpa in his ’76 Pontiac Grand Prix when it happened.

“He was bleeding, he was bleeding very badly,” Andrew said.

Family tells us Dale suffered a broken pelvis, torn aorta, punctured lungs and broken ribs.  He passed away at the hospital.

“He left this earth knowing that he was proud of us and we were proud of him,” Delwyn said.

They say they’ll hold on to the memories of the nights working on cars in the barn and the early mornings going out to breakfast.

It’s unclear right now if there will be any charges against the driver of the SUV.  No one else was hurt in the crash.

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  • Mark Otto

    Something needs to be done about people running stop signs and red lights in Otttawa county. Fatal accidents are happening way too often now days because of this. I frequently whitness people runnig stop signs as if stopping is optional. News reports always mentioned whether alchol was a factor. Cell phones should be seized and it should be reported if they played a roll in the crash. It isn't that hard to figure out.

  • Judy

    Yes, people have to stop running stop lights & stop signs. It's getting rediculous. I live at a lake, and I always see people running this stop sign right here by the house where I live. They figure the cop isn't around so it's okay. PEOPLE, PLEASE STOP RUNNING STOP ;LIGHTS & STOP SIGNS. You are breaking the law, and the consequences aren't usually good. It's not just Ottawa county. I live in Kalamazoo county. PLEASE people use common sense.

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