A Muskegon Mom’s Long Road To Recovery After Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich.- She was an innocent bystander, but her life changed in just an instant. Carmesha Rogers was shot July 9 on Monroe Street in Muskegon. One of her friends, 27-year-old Alex Brown, was killed in the shooting.

Rogers was taken to the hospital in critical condition but has since had her boat, a device used by doctors to relieve brain swelling, removed and is continuing to make progress. While she still can’t talk, she is moving and lets her family know that she can hear them.

Her family understands that a long recovery is ahead but they are not giving up hope and say they will be by her side every step of the way. Doctors have not given a timetable for Carmesha’s recovery but she will hopefully be moving out of the ICU soon and into a physical rehabilitation facility.

If you would like to help Rogers’ family, you can walk into any PNC Bank location and donate to the Carmesha Rogers’ Fund.

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  • bountyguy

    I would like to know where Obama and Jackson and the scum bag Sharpton are ? Oh yea they dont care about a young Mother shot down while outside with her babies because the shooters were African American.My point is they make a big deal out of 1 case because a jury found a Spanish man Not Guilty of 2nd degree murder!!!I have no trouble with them except they should be calling for all people to come together for all people shot down.As bad a sit sounds noone deserves to be shot down because of anything.They should be calling for justice for this poor family and the rest who have and will be shot down.

  • Heather

    YOur right and it doesnt matter the color the babies she saved were not hers but thsy of my children who are white and she claims them as her nephews. Carmesha was a hard working loving mother just shot for protecting kids. Not all people who lived in the area were bad or involved some of us have been there years with no problems her being one of us. I want to thank fox 17 they actually havr the right story and thank you to all of her prayer warriors her nephews are doing great they just want their tee tee Mesha home like the rest of us.

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  • shannon ridge

    i also want to add that mesha was the hero that saved my kids also that day with my best friends heathers boys and she deserves all the prayers and graditude it just shows that color dont matter her mother instincts took over and she didnt care who kids that she was standing in front of as long as they didnt get that bullet we love you mesha and come home soon cause we all miss you and are so blessed that you are such a fighter