Caregiver Accused of Stealing Thousands from 91-Year-Old

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MATALOWELL, Mich. — A 48-year-old Grattan Towonship woman was arrested July 23, after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a 91-year-old Lowell woman while acting as a volunteer caregiver, according to a police statement released Wednesday.

Police say Tracy Gaye Mata, 48, stole the money over an 18-month period, much of it from the victim’s purse.  She was charged with one count of larceny from a person and one count of larceny in a building on Wednesday, July 24, and could spend up to 14 years in prison if convicted.

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  • Mandy Herzog

    Hmmm my dads old care giver stole $22,264.04 from my dad over a 1yr 9mo period and that's just the amount I can prove. We went to court he plead guilty got 90 days in jail and ordered to pay full restitution, that was over 1yr ago and my dad has only received 2 payments of $40 and 1 of $20 which is a far cry of the $300/mo he's supposed to pay.. Wonder why she may get more jail time than this jerk and supposibly friend of my dads. I'm now my dads legal guardian and rep payee and he has every dime of his spent on him spoiled rotten now.. Lol love my dad

  • Jennifer

    Good for you Mandy!!! People like that make me absolutely sick!!! How could anyone treat someone that way!!! I'm so glad that my Nanna had a fantastic woman to take care of her in her last years!

  • Tracy

    People Please if you or anyone you know has a care giver or visiting nurse Please have them checked out thoroughly. It is not only money these people take they also take property and Medications as most elderly patients receive the heaver narcotics and these nurses steal them if not for themselves they steal them for boyfriends or to sell as their is big money in most of these. I just want people to know that not all in house nurses are bad but their are many that happen to turn down the bad road.Also please just because someone comes from a temp service that they have been thoroughly checked out as anyone can pass a drug screen.

  • Mandy Herzog

    Thanks Jennifer, this was definitely a wake up call and now my dad is well taken care of. His care giver of which is from te same place as the last is absolutely awesome and we now concider her family, she's a hoot.. Lol I thank fox 17 for looking into these cases, they came to interview me tonight which is great cause so many of our loved ones could be goin without and have really no ability to tell us maybe ause of un able to speak or concidared legally incompatant :( I love my dad and ill spend every dime he gets on him, I even told SS OFFICE I Dont WANT ANY OF HIS $$ for me taking care of his $$ let them enjoy te life they have left

  • Robert Bish

    Wow ! I guess I got off lucky !
    My chore provider despite 3 cameras pointing in the living room was still stealing my personal property.
    She was in her 1st day of her 3rd week, Which was mon,wed,&fry when I noticed her acting strangely when I would come into the room I thought it odd since I have cameras throughout my house that anyone would be that bold.
    But I was wrong she had been steeling all along and I still notice every few days or so I cant find something that should not be out of its place.
    She did manage to get my personal video camera off the shelf without being caught on the video clear enough too see.
    This one started young she's 20 and already on her crime spree, despite video evidence , battle creek will not prosecute. I think that stinks and its just not fair! If the link I put I fails look up "home care crooks

  • Robert Bish

    Sorry, But How in the he77 do you get attention of the news or reporters to these types of crimes?
    I posted mine back in may right after it happened, But received pretty much no attention other than a few friends and family, I just don't know how to get the videos noticed.
    And the prosecutors office, despite her pulling lanyards off the doorknob 8-10 times on time stamped videos , says there's not enough evidence? What because there not expensive its not a crime?
    There were 4 people in my home between the time she started and the time I caught her on tape 1 nurse who stayed 3 minutes, 2 police officers to take the report and pick up digital video evidence and myself. So who do you think took the rest of it??? Sorry Just very upset!! Please search "home care crooks" look for dani, Danielle, steals and some with numbers after them. or try this

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