Gun Found During A Traffic Stop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Van Buren GunKEELER TOWNSHIP, Mich- Van Buren County Sheriff Deputies discovered a handgun and magazines in a truck, during a traffic stop.  The traffic stop happen on M-152 just east of 70th street in Keeler Township.

According to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department, deputies while on routine patrol stopped a vehicle for driving onto the fog line numerous times and for a vision obstruction. During the traffic stop and further investigation, deputies conducted a consent search of the vehicle.

The search revealed one 9 mm semi-auto Springfield handgun and two loaded magazines inside the vehicle. The driver/suspect stated he believed he could transport the weapon even without a CCW permit if the firearm and ammunition were separated. This was not legal, this as the subject had both within arms reach of where he was seated.

The handgun/magazines were seized as evidence and the suspect was released at the scene pending criminal charges from the Van Buren County Prosecutor’s Office.

A person convicted of CCW could face a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and/or $2,500.00 in fines; also a mandatory forfeiture of the weapon.

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  • RJ

    And in other news they also found a napkin and owners manual in the glovebox. Someone having a gun is not news worthy. Stop trying to make the public intolerant and fearful of guns.

  • gunner

    Someone is going to be pissed that they just lost their XD-M pistol. I love my XD-S (on my side now and is my EDC). Great handgun, and shoots fantastic.

  • XD9

    So this is a story about a lawful gun owner believing he was complying with the law?
    Its NOT the lawful gun owners who are shooting up the streets killing people left and right…

    George Zimmerman's bother claims his family receives 400 death threats an hour THATS news..or at least it should be..

  • Tweeter

    By tomorrow morning i bet there will be at lease one ILLEGAL shooting in GR , lets talk about illegal guns and thugs,ganstas, hoods and crooks?

  • K-Dude

    The Springfield XD9 is not your typical thug wannabe hood firearm. It's quality, expensive, and I'm sure it was purchased legally and this was a simple oversight by the owner. Let it go media, legal gun owners are not the criminals you're looking for!!!!!

  • Betterhave

    I don't see a word here regarding some rather significant, yet totally absent, facts. Was this a legally acquired gun ? Was there any reason to search the vehicle ? Was the driver's appearance or behavior abnormal or alarming ? Did a records check reveal the driver was wanted or the gun was stolen ? What did the driver say was his purpose in transporting the gun ? And just for the hell of it, what is the legal and proper way to transport a gun ?

    The missing information leads me to ask, was this a rookie reporter ? As presented here, this is less than half a story. Depending on the answers to the unasked questions one could end up with a variety of angles and 'hooks' to hang the story on. As it is, we have half a story, are no better educated by having read it and are left to wonder why it's even taking up space on your website.

  • Keep It Real

    Bet that new rookie cop has big hardie for getting this thug off the street. Dumb ass. Just shows that when someone tries to do the right thing and allow an officer to search your car you can be allowing big issues. Remember you can have an impartial officer sent to the pull over such as Michigan State Trooper. They know the laws and love sticking it to local cops. I respect law enforcement and there job but we are human and try our best but get things wrong on ocasion too somethings can slide. If he was not dui and able to prove a stern warning would have sufficed.

  • Dean Wheeler

    What a joke. This is not worthy of the headline you gave it. Assuming this individual has a clean record, this is solely a transport compliance issue. Odds are, it was behind the seat and as far away as he could have it in his truck. We'll see. Too much left out here. I bet this is settled with NO jail time.

  • Tweeter

    Well poo…
    I lost the bet see above: " By tomorrow morning i bet there will be at lease one ILLEGAL shooting in GR , lets talk about illegal guns and thugs,ganstas, hoods and crooks"

    My bad…two shooting in GR this weekend