A Plea For Assisted Suicide: Terminally Ill Woman Wants To Donate Organs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — As a woman nears her death, she’s asking for help to end her life so she can donate her organs.

Sixteen years ago this week, Sherri Muzher was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that has now left her bedridden and struggling to speak. The law school graduate and writer can no longer use her skills she once thrived on, but she believes she can still help others.

“It would be a nice legacy to give life,” Muzher said, “We’re all here on earth to make a difference.”

“Her motivations seem to be very heartfelt. She wants to both control her own destiny and also to help other people, and I think that’s a very compelling story to tell,” said Wayne State University law professor Lance Gable.

Sherri’s request could potentially reignite the political and legal battle regarding assisted suicide, which was a ‘front and center’ issue back in the 1990′s when Dr. Jack Kevorkian took the ethical issue head on.

“It think that it’s possible, but it’s something that in Michigan in particular is going to be very controversial given our history with Dr. Kevorkian,” says Gable.

Right now, only four states allow physician assisted suicide, and none of them allow assisted suicide to harvest organs.

Muzher said she’s not asking for pity, just another option.

“We ought to be able to make our own decisions, and if that collateral effect means helping others, why would anyone have a problem with that?” she said.

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  • Billy

    Why does any prosecutor or judge have the right to make someone suffer especially when she wants top help others with her donations?How would they like to be suffering like that? I can only imagine how she feels as last week I was scheduled for an MRI of my neck. I went in and was put into this machine after laying on a table and being pushed inside a big machine I was told not to move.Well he said it would take 30 minutes I made it for about 3 minutes and I had to get out I could not take it So I put what I felt to her laying their like that ! I had a choice to get out of the machine she dont is that fair?


    The new way forward worldwide is unblocking veins and valves in necks of MS patients which is being IGNORED . Too many have promoted deadly MS drugs that have killed and caused PML

  • Julie

    Why can we end our animals suffering with a peaceful loving end but not our human loved ones? I don't think anyone should be able to say that I have to suffer, be a burden on my loved ones (though they would deny it) why should their last memories of me be skeletal ill version of myself? I should have the right to say when I have had enough! I do not think that family members or medical staff should be able to make the decision only the person suffering and when they are still mentally able to make the choice.

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