Police: Norton Shores Mom Had Biggest Meth Lab in County History

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

user10435-1375901154-media1NORTON SHORES, Mich. — A Norton Shores mother is charged with manufacturing and distributing meth after police say they discovered the largest lab ever in Muskegon County in her home, according to police press release Tuesday.

Glenda Marie Reelman, 28, was arrested July 23 after Child Protective Services received a tip that she had a meth lab in her home on Sheffield Street, where she lived with her two children.

Police recovered 18 inactive one pot meth labs from the scene and between 2 and 3 grams of meth and marijuana.  They also seized 15 hydrogen chloride gas generators they believe were used to make the drug.

Reelman’s children have been removed by Child Protective Services while she awaits her trial.  At this time a court date has not been set.

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    • KAD

      now tax payers will have to pay to incarcerate her and pay to take care of her children that will be messed up from inhaling all those chemical fumes. I hope she gets child endangerment charges also!!

  • Billy

    She looks like someone that got caught up with some punk that left her hanging.Either way she was wrong and deserves prison .BUT A WORD TO ALL SINGLE MOTHERS THAT MAY NEED EXTRA CASH DO NOT LET ANYONE CONVENIENCE YOU TO EITHER SET UP A LAB OR TO SELL DRUGS FROM YOUR HOME YEA THEY MAY SAY HEY I LOVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ALOT OF MONEY REMEMBER NOT ALL MONEY IS GOOD MONEY! I write this because over the years I have seen this happen to alot of single struggling Mothers and it always ends with the guy running off to his home and leaving the single mother hanging.These creeps dont care about you or your kids.I write this and no I dont know if this is what happened but from the people I have ever seen using this drug she sure looks clean!

    • Jack

      That was MY first thought! Single mother raising (2) kids by herself, who's deadbeat boyfriend uses her (and her place) to make an easy buck! Not saying she's completely innocent, but some of these women beaters, can be pretty persuasive!

  • sheryl

    I feel sorry for the kids there the ones that suffer!!! I hope they lock her ass up for a long time putting those babies through that!!!

  • Jake Vallie

    She should be proud of her accomplishments: new record holder in Muskegon County! I wonder how she compares to Walter White.

  • tracyd112

    There are still People that say people receiving assistance should not be drug tested? Also these agency's need to stop sitting in there offices handing out welfare and getting out and do home checks like they used to. People say this is an invasion of there rights but you know what they give them up when they start asking the State and Government to pay the bills.This woman is sitting there getting paid to sit home by the state to make METH. PEOPLE GET INVOLVED IT IS NOT HARD TO TELL WHEN PEOPLE ARE SELLING DRUGS OR USING HEAVY DRUGS.