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New Law On Concussions For Student Athletes Goes Into Effect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROCKFORD, Mich. –  A new law will directly affect students hitting the practice field for fall sports in West Michigan.

The law puts the responsibility of recognizing a concussion in the hands of the coaches, while also keeping tabs on a player that suffers this kind of injury. If a concussion is suspected, a student player must be pulled out of the game and cannot re-enter a game until cleared by a doctor to play.

The effects of a brain injury dramatically changed the path of one football player from Rockford. During the course of a single season at Rockford High School, Brett Egnatuk suffered an estimated six concussions.

“A couple were minor, and then he had two back-to-back,” said Brett’s mother, Donna Egnatuk. “That’s where the trouble started.”

The trouble became career-ending during his first game as a player for Central Michigan University.  After a concussion in the opening minutes of the game, he and the family decided it was time to walk away.

His mother said Brett is fully recovered from his injuries but knows that doesn’t always happen.

For athletes just about to step onto the high school field, concussions will be on the minds of their coaches.  It’s now a law.

“Even young kids in high school, close to 50% of kids, particularly the high risk sports are having concussions,” said Dr. W. Christian VandenBerg of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids.


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  • K-Dude

    Unleash the fear mongers and the phony stats, contact sports must be stopped at all costs. Keep your children in a padded room, the sky is falling, build a bomb shelter, a tornado's coming, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Billy

    Yes it is sad when anyone loses to an Addiction but from what was wrote from the begging of this story when it first hit the wire he was drinking heavily. Well even though he was a star athlete he is another victim to the Oxycodon addiction.As with all prescriptions after awhile they take over and then an addiction sets in. HE is no better then the poor junkie that lost their struggle with addiction people can sweep it under the table and glorify it all they want he is another person lost to the Drs prescribing pain killers and what happens too many times a person with addiction issues and the addiction situation can be anything from sex to alcohol gambling an addictive personality is just that mix it with a super addictive narcotic drug mixed with alcohol and that would cause the vomit in which caused his death.
    Lets be real bout this America has a big problem with over prescribed pain killers as they are just that killers! Yes I speak from experience as your body after awhile needs them because you will get sicker then anything you ever felt when you dont have them .He was a great Football player and you could say he was addicted to playing and winning and he replaced that with you got it .People must realize pain killers do not take the pain away it makes you not think about it for awhile so what happens when whatever pain you have cannot be fixed? A life of pills and after awhile your body needs more and more until either death or the Dr tells you that you now have an addiction he started but can no longer help you with because the Government sets standards.

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