“No More:” Six Teen Suicides Bring a Wave of Change in Delton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DELTON, Mich.- Six students in Delton committed suicide last year, and now the community is trying to implement programs to put a stop to that trend.

“We decided no more, not even one more,” Mary Collier, a volunteer for the new Delton ROCKS awareness program, said.  “We decided that we could come up with programs to reach kids and to hopefully answer their questions and solve some of their problems so that was not a solution for them.”

The six teens in the Delton-Kellogg community that took their own lives were a wakeup call for Collier and many others in the community.

That’s when Delton ROCKS was created, Reaching Our Communities Kids with Support.

Their latest project is the “We’ve Got Your Back Shack.”  Organizers say it’s an effort to make kids confident in what they wear and to cut down on bullying.

“We have kids that are coming in for interview clothes because all they have are jeans and a t-shirt.” Collier said.  “We have 37 prom dresses that we loan out and they come back and we clean them.”

It’s a recycling store where everything is free no matter who you are or where you’re from.

The CDC says 4,600 people ages 10-24 commit suicide every year.  Sixteen percent of high school teens admit to seriously considering suicide.  Delton ROCKS is working on suicide prevention and anti-bullying programs and raising money on the local level to bring them to Delton- Kellogg schools.

You can donate to their mission through the Barry Community Foundation.

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  • Shanda

    This is wonderful what you are doing! :-) If only wayland union schools would do this!!!!! My son was a victim of bullying at school and was hurt in the process and school officials refused to help stop this. So we are moving to get our children out of this district! May god bless everyone of you for your remarkable loving hearts.

    • K-Dude

      I was one of the smallest kids in my class and my dad always told me if you take sh*t from anyone eventually you get sh*t from everyone. I was allowed to defend myself and that's the problem today, the kids who retaliate against bully's are the only one's being punished!!

  • Kathy

    We are blessed here in Delton with so many community members who care. Hopefully our young people will see and feel that. Thank you Fox 17 for posting the link to the Barry Community Foundation where people can help us help them.

  • Jaki Spencer

    Thank-You Fox 17 and Ben Strack for this feature. If there are others that want info on the programs mentioned in the report or mentoring on how to start a program like The Shack contact us on FB at “We’ve Got Your Back Shack” or at “Delton Parents Unite”.

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