Kent Co. Residents Arrested in Connection With Raping 1-Year-Old

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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KENT COUNTY, Mich. — Two Comstock Park residents were arrested in South Carolina Friday in connection with the rape of a 1-year-old girl in West Michigan, according to Kent County officials.

Other sources have confirmed that those suspects are 25-year-old Michael Emory and 27-year-old Stevie Foehl, who were arrested by the FBI and local officials in Spartanburg, SC on fugitive warrants related to the rape.

The investigation remains open, and authorities are concerned that there may be other victims in this case.  It may be several months before Foehl and Emory are brought back to Michigan.

Neither suspect has a prior history of sex crimes.  Foehl was arrested in 2008 for retail fraud, and Emory in 2004 for misdemeanor larceny.    Both could spend the rest of their lives in jail if convicted.

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    • Guest

      I agree…..They look like brother and sister….I think that they should be released into the public, but before they are released, it should be announced on the news when and where they are going to be released. It will save each state a whole lot of money in jail costs and extradition. Let the average Joe take care of them. Normally, I would not condone violence, but in this case, have at it. No child deserves what these 2 animals did….An eye for an eye…..

  • tracey

    They both deserve prison for life, ley the inmates take care of them , n they are not related they are a couple esta even worse is they have little kids together I hope the rott in prison because watever happens to them they deserve it Dick bastards

  • CommonSense

    There is something truly cruel and evil in this world. I think we need to look at reopening Alcatraz-no joke here, I am totally serious!!! How could anyone do this to a baby???_To hell with sending someone to prison and being humane. This crap is not human and they deserve nothing from the taxpayers or society.

  • anon

    You people make me laugh. Does this article state that the suspects., were in fact convicted by a jury? Just. too eager to choke down what you are told by someone you don’t even know. Oh, how you misinformed sheep make my sides hurt from laughing….

    • CommonSense

      TThis is a really laughable case. It wouldn't be out there unless there was evidence._You must be part of the York creek establishment to say something so lacking in humor!!! If you ever worked in criminal justice, you would realize how truly sick this is.

  • noname

    Jail for life? That's ridiculous. Nobody died here, and a 1-year-old isn't going to remember anything. Obviously there needs to be a stiff penalty, but I don't see how life in prison is warranted in any way.

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot there’s is way more than enough evidence you have know idea who knows u might be one sick person to even say that!! If that was your child you would want death penalty you have no idea what that child would remember or how he or she is already affected by it or how many times these sick ppl did this thru are already wanted for messing with a different minor! I hope they rot in hell

    • HollyH

      So I take it you're a baby rapist too noname? People like you should get the same punishment. That could be your child some day.

  • Anonom

    The sad reality is they will get very little time for this if any. One, abuse sticks with a person throughout life no matter what age it happened because negative things stand out from positive as a child. Two, the justice system is too busy with the War on Drugs to have much room for anything else. Three, anyone who does not think people who abuse children do not deserve to be treated like the garbage they really are……are just as disgusting and vile as they are.

    • CommonSense

      Even, video proof. Shut the door, turn off the lights and let the rats eats these people.
      Maybe they can in fact be transported to Alcatraz and left there on a permanent basis….

  • GodsAggresiveAngel

    @NONAME!!!!!!!!!- ok so you thing it's Ok, for a 1 year old to be raped???? That child will never be able to have children they ruined her body for LIFE they deserve to die. Your obviously have a dick only a piece of shit man would say something like that. If you don't agree your just as guilty as them!!!!! You fucking piece of shit. To hell with you!!!!

  • To all the stupid people out there

    A one year old won’t have to remember it this child will most likely have post traumatic stress and not be able to have children of her own due to her ovaries being ruptured. For all you idiot men that do not know what to do with your Dick there are certain places you should not stick it. Prayers are with the family.

  • To all the stupid people out there

    The penalties have changed in Mich Iam part of the group who made them change proud to say we are the reason there is a maximum penalty of life in prison So that people like this will not be able to repeat this behavior.They stocked the kid on Craig’s list . So there is more than one crime here.

  • Sickened

    WHAT THE F@#$ IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!??!! It's disgusting, these people are the devils advocates in the flesh. A one year old? What could that child have possibly done to deserve being RAPED! I hope these two demons rot in jail, or hell, whatever comes first, and get a taste of what that poor, innocent, baby felt. Thoughts and prayers with the family.

  • Avenger

    Both of those sick twisted POS do not deserve to live! The news has yet to say who the baby belonged to. How did those creeps have that much free access to the baby girl, taking time to both take turns raping the poor baby, then videotape their sick filthy horrid perverted crimes of rape!!
    The baby was probably theirs- hence not saying WHO the baby belonged to because then her identity would be known.
    Those sub-human vile creatures are a waste of oxygen. No reason for those 2 twisted POS to live. Hopefully they'll get whacked in Prison. I sure hope they aren't killed quickly- hoping instead- that they are brutalized, raped and tortured repeatedly with huge objects causing massive agonizing internal damage…

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