Children of Child Rape Suspects in Emergency Protective Custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich.- It’s a case that’s shocked and enraged West Michigan.  Stevie Foehl and Michael Emory of Comstock Park are accused of raping a 1-year-old girl and filming it.

Police believe the victim was assaulted on two occasions and say she was an acquaintance of the pair.

The two were arrested in South Carolina after police say they fled from their apartment.  They’re set to be extradited to Michigan facing charges of criminal sexual conduct and child sexually abusive activity.

Fox 17 spoke with a friend of Stevie Foehl.  She says Foehl and Emory have been together since 2005 and are engaged.

She says Foehl used to call her when locking herself in the bathroom during fights with Emory and even have her mother’s phone number to call when things got bad.

Police say this is one of the most shocking child sex abuse stories investigators have ever seen.  They say it began when they learned of Emory’s sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl from Coopersville.  They claim he answered a babysitting ad the teen posted on Craig’s List.

During that investigation, computers at the home Emory and Foehl shared was seized.  That’s when police say they found the video of the 1-year-old being assaulted by the pair.

The FBI task force located Emory and Foehl in South Carolina and they were arrested.

Police in South Carolina tell us their children were placed into Emergency Protective Custody and as of this weekend are in the care of the Department of Social Services.

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  • Kevin

    JUST AN OPINION: When these 2 are escorted from a police car to whatever jail they'll be held in, the officers escorting them should put some distance between themselves and these individuals and allow the general public to get close to them. Then whatever is left of them put them in jail. I KNOW, I KNOW, innocent until proven guilty. But the mere fact they have it on video and that officers have seen that sounds enough like me to prove their guilt. I often wonder how a public defender can consciously defend them.

  • selma

    its sad that this whole situation happen… both stevie and micheal would have been turned in sooner if only stevie's friend ASHLEY VERBIS would of opened her mouth and called the police to tell them that she knew that micheal had raped that 14 year old girl and that they were leaving ! i don't know how people can keep quite when it comes to things like this! Ashley was a fellow member of the air force and her job is/was to proctect the country she lives in… she couldn't even help this 14 year old girl how in the hell can she protect her country! for all those who knew about the 14 year old and or the 1 year old i hope you feel like shit the rest of your lives!!!!

    • Holy S--t

      Ok Selma I can see what you are saying about Ashley Verbis… She should have talked if she knew something. But I would have to say I have known mike and Stevie since highschool and I have never ever expected any of this. Mike has always been a pig and if you know mike then you know that. It's about time karma has caught up with him after all the dirt he has done. Even though I know mike and Stevie I do not the victim in this story and to whoever it is I am very sorry about your child and I hope you fight it to the fullest and make sure that they never see the light of day again

  • Denise

    What will the death penalty solve? NOTHING! I'm not saying this is not a horrible crime to commit but where was the mother at the time this was happening? As a mother myself, I would know if my child was sexually abused. The parents of the child should feel just as ashamed for not catching it when it happened!

  • Milly

    death penalty would mean that they are never freed to re-offend and ruin more children's lives. Paedophiles always seem to get the most pathetic sentances whilst the children they abuse have to live with it forever. I wish they would all be shot

  • LadyWickah

    These animals needs to be spayed and neutered and then made to eat what was cut off for their last meal. They don't deserve to live, let alone have children.