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Couple Smoked Marijuana Day Of 2-Year-Old’s Death, Father Admits To Injuring Child

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DeShawn Threats told FOX 17 he was heartbroken over the death of his daughter, Zaeyana Driggs – Threats.

“I love her. I wish I could talk to her. If I could, I would trade my life for hers,” said DeShawn.

He’s charged with felony murder for killing the 2-year-old after she was found dead August, 14.

DeShawn said he and Darci woke up to find the child not breathing.

“I picked her up and she was blue,” said DeShawn. “Her mother told me to try to revive her and it wasn`t working and she called the hospital. She called 911.”

A CPS investigation, custody proceedings and court statements are revealing more about what may have happened to the little girl after the two made that phone call for help.

Court records state that when police and EMT’s arrived at the toddler’s home, they found disturbing evidence to make them think the little girl had been abused.

In a statement made during child protective proceedings, investigators said, “Zaeyana was found to have several bruises on her forehead and face, and dried blood on her lips.  There were also injuries to her arms, torso and lower back.”

Documents show that the medical examiner later ruled that Zaeyana died from, “severe blunt abdominal trauma.”

The petition said the medical examiner found that, “Zaeyana would have died within one minute to one hour after the injuries were inflicted.”

Investigators go on to say that, “Mr. Threats admitted to causing the injuries to her arms.  Ms. Driggs and Mr. Threats have not provided an explanation for the remaining injuries.”

Threats has denied killing his child, telling FOX 17 he was targeted because of his past.

“She didn`t even get a chance and then on top of that to have her dad accused is messed up,” said DeShawn.

As for Zaeyana’s mom, Darci Driggs, reports indicate that she last saw Zaeyana at 4:40 pm before leaving for work and returning at midnight.

The child was found dead around 9 the next morning.

Although Darci hasn’t been charged with her daughter’s murder, she still lost custody of her other two children during a court hearing August, 15.

The Department of Human Services took custody of her son, 5-month-old DeShawn Jr.

Her other son, 7-year-old Cameron, is living with his father who will have full custody.

Family members say Darci did not have full custody of Cameron at the time of the murder.

They say he was already living with his father, away from Darci’s home, at the time his half-sister was killed.

In addition to the murder in the home, CPS cited heavy marijuana use as a possible reason for terminating Darci’s parenting rights.

Investigators reported that, “Ms. Driggs and Mr. Threats smoke marijuana several times a day and also smoked marijuana on the day of Zaeyana`s death.”

Additionally, CPS reported that when Zaeyana’s brother, DeShawn Jr., was born in March, 2013, the little boy had drugs in his system.

The report says, “DeShawn Threats Jr. tested positive at birth for marijuana.  Services were provided to the family, however the family`s participation was minimal.  Ms. Driggs canceled multiple appointments with Children`s Protective Services and the service provider.”

Officials also cited past violence between the couple as a potential reason for removing her children.

Darci filed for a protection order against DeShawn in the past, saying,  “I am scared of him, and scared he will end up killing me or that he might start hurting our children”.

However, CPS said she never followed through to get the order in place.

DeShawn continued to live in the home.

Darci has told us she is not commenting on the custody case or her Daughter’s death.

DeShawn had said in a previous interview that he believes she is a good mother.

“I hope everything does not get her down too bad, she keeps still being a strong woman and keep taking care of our kids and if they try to take our son and fight to get him back,” said DeShawn.

DeShawn Threats was scheduled for a preliminary hearing in the murder case Friday.

That hearing will be rescheduled.

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  • Hal VanderVoord

    Cameron has always lived with his dad and Darci had supervised visitation rights because she tested positive for cocaine and marijuana at the court hearing over 5 years ago plus she had to attend drug classes which she never did. Its a shame the little girl had to die because of drug induced parents

  • CommonSense

    Unfortunately, it is always the children who suffer when they have parents that should never have kids in the first place. Time for mandating birth control!

  • Scherzerfan

    Based on the headline alone, neither one of these animals deserves to live. Why do people think it's okay to have and do drugs around children and bruise 'em up a little. And then have the nerve to say I love my kids and would never cause their death. Really? cuz that doesn't sound like love to me.

  • K-Dude

    I think it's long overdue that we quit making "baby momma" a career. If you don't want to work having children you don't want is not the answer.

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