Runaway Teen Back in Court After 911 Call: Judge Orders Mental Health Exam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich.- 14-year-old Braxton Wood and 13-year-old Jayden Thomas faced a judge in Isabella County, Monday facing juvenile charges related running away.

But, Braxton Wood was back in court just hours later after his mother called 911.

“A call came in about the mother calling stating that Braxton was out in the garage smashing windows trying to get inside the vehicle,” Sgt. Tim Swanson of the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department said.

Braxton’s mother, Sarah Kiley told the judge she was worried about her son’s mental health.

“He doesn’t care about school because if he can’t see Jayden nothing else matters,” Kiley said.

Kiley said she overreacted by calling 911.  She says Braxton was trying to get into the SUV the two teens used to get away and she was afraid of what he would retrieve from the car, or that he might harm himself.  She says he never broke any windows.

“We were worried about him being so hopeless and so helpless and we didn’t know what was in there,” Kiley said.

When the teens were found in Chicago, the back window of the SUV had been smashed, the battery was dead and they were out of gas

Kiley later said Braxton only wanted Jayden’s blanket from inside the SUV.

“After I got off the phone with 911, he had Jayden’s blanket and he was sitting on the garage floor crying,” Kiley said.

After hearing from Braxton’s mother and police Judge William Ervin ordered Braxton to have a mental health evaluation at a facility in Midland County.

Both teens remain on a tether, are not allowed to contact each other and will be back in court at the end of September for their pre-trials.

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  • Janel

    I would be worried. If the parents are keeping kids apart and they've already gone to extreme of running away I'd be worried about a suicide. Then what will the parents do?!? Parents should allow supervised visits etc and phone calls because I'm scared of the next story we will see her

  • ivan

    Mental help? Probably just needs a hug and a parent who cares. Did she not go out to the garage to see what was happening? Just calls the cops on her son. Now some headf@cker is gonna get inside his undeveloped 14 yr old brain and really mess him up. GOOD JOB ” MOM”.

  • tracy

    This is all good they are getting the Help.What I would like to know is how are these kids in court so quickly?and then to be placed on tether so quick? I know the system does not work the swiftly something is fishy about this as I know kids who got in trouble and it takes weeks to get a court date and this Boy has been in court twice in 2 days?they just returned home also I really feel this is unfair to all the other family's and children that have needed help for months and are made to wait but for whatever reason maybe they have family that works in the court house but this is UNFAIR? As for the tether I know for a fact that takes time as I was placed on 1 had had to wait a week or so for 1 to open up but also to have it installed and then for the probation officer to come place it on your leg.

    • Mostly-Ghostly-Mac

      Placed on a tether like a common criminal? They ran away to be together- And as I said before, Probably to escape control freak parents!
      Reading the article, It sounds like the mother lied to police by saying that he had broken the windows to get police there- then recanted and said he DID NOT break the windows-
      Hey Mommy dearest! lying to police, Isn’t that against the law?
      Plus it sounds to me like that Judge is a bully scrub
      who is a complete extremist!

  • Mostly-Ghostly-Mac

    It does not sound like the child needs help, It sounds like the parents need help! I agree with the person who said the mother didn’t take time to find out what he was looking for but did take time to call police! I wonder if these two kids were escaping over bearing control freak parents? Why not let the boy and girl see each other even if it meant being supervised to some extent?
    My unsolicited advice to these parents would be, Let them see each other- There is obviously a very strong connection between these two kids and keeping them apart is only going to cause resentment!
    Trust me, It won’t really be all that long before they turn adult age and find each other and perhaps decide to disappear altogether away from the parents never to speak to them again, Parents- Do you really want that? Never to see maybe the future grandchildren? See your son and daughter blossom? Please think before you act- Is possibly losing your children forever really worth the control you are seeking?
    Mental help? Hardly- You put that child into the mental health system, Again, You may lose him- You have already shown betrayal by calling the police for a trivial family issue- The folks here need to lighten up!

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