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Young Pregnant Couple Suspected in Trooper’s Killing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HART, Oceana County — The father of the man connected to the killing of a Michigan State Police trooper says his son is a father to be.

During a phone interview with FOX 17 News, the father of 20-year-old Eric Knysz said his son and his wife, Sarah, of Irons, Mich., are being investigated for the shooting death of MSP trooper Paul Butterfield.

The father said his son’s wife, Sarah, was in the car at the time of the shooting.  He also told FOX 17’s Ann Marie LaFlamme that Sarah is 6-months pregnant.

He said he never would have imagined this would happen and that he didn’t even know Eric owned a gun.  Eric Knysz is hospitalized.  Investigators say the suspect was shot during an exchange of gunfire with officers.  Sarah Knysz is locked up awaiting charges.

If you have any information on this couple – or the police investigation – please contact FOX 17 by filling out this form below.

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  • aperson

    no pretty picture is going to make anyone feel sorry for these two losers. no sympathy no forgiveness. this is going to backfire and i hope all who know them find that out.

  • Cristy Lipscomb

    I want to know what her role was in this, just because she was in the car doesnt mean she had anything to do with it, he could have threatened her or even more did she know he even had a gun? I guess we wait and see but I am not judging her till I know the facts he is the one who killed the cop not her..

    • Linda

      She voluntarily got into the STOLEN vehicle with him. She KNEW he had a gun and was preparing to shoot the trooper. She had every opportunity to get OUT of the vehicle when they were pulled over. She could have gotten out and warned the trooper. She will be charged as an accessory to and after the fact. Just because she is pregnant does not mean she should get leniency.

  • Jill

    You need to correct the 2nd sentence to MSP Officer PAUL Butterfield not the suspects name of ERIC! Don't give the SCUMBAG a title like that! PLEASE!

  • Linda

    PLEASE call your reps in Lansing this week to get capital punishment for cop killers back on the books!!!!! The states where there are capital punishment for cop killers have LOWER incidents of officers killed in the line of duty! Both of these cretins should face life w/o parole for their part in killing Trooper Butterfield. We have had too many officers killed these last few years, it is time to get capital punishment back in Michigan!!!!!

      • Linda

        The reason is our particular group of people put our lives on the line every single day, we go where others do not want to. They call us to handle life threatening situations. We go through rigorous training to do what others can not do that is the difference. I understand if someone takes another persons life but when you go out of your way to murder a police officer in the line of duty that calls for the death penalty. This cretin KNEW he was being pulled over, he had the gun in his hand and knew he was going to kill the trooper. He had every opportunity to put the gun away but he made a conscious choice to take this trooper's life. It is because of that action I think this scumbag needs to fry. I do believe Michigan should bring back the capital punishment as an option for murders, but it should be an automatic sentence when it comes to cop killers.

        • K-Dude

          Premeditated murder is an INTENT to kill. If your intent is to kill why does it matter if the person killed is a police officer, retired grandparent, school child, construction worker, doctor, etc. Everyone is suppose to be equal and deserve equal justice under the law. And before anyone goes all whacko on me I support the death penalty for 1st degree murder as well as repeat sexual predators.

  • CommonSense

    So, they are both riding in a vehicle together. He murders this officer. She willingly stays in the She is pregnant, that is not a license for ignorance and stupidity. She is not any better than the trash that pulled the trigger. Hopefully, they will both enjoy spending many years in prison without any baby. There is absolutely no picture that the media can put out on this trash to make them appear to be good people.
    I truly feel sorry for their families for what these two are dragging them through, but especially for what Trooper Butterfield's family is going through and will continue to have to deal with for many years. And yes, I know because I worked on a shift in GR that had to deal with this same situation on July 8, 2007. God Bless Trooper Butterfield, his family , his coworkers and friends. God Bless all First Responders who deal with this issue on a daily basis.

    • CommonSense

      Should read "She willingly stayed in the vehicle when she very well could have stayed with this officer as he lay dying. " She made the choice and no doubt is going to have to pay for it. Nope, don't really feel any pity for this couple….

      • tracy

        Put yourself in her shoes at that exact time she was probably in shock and was scarred he would shoot her I mean let the courts and God Judge it is not your place.I am not sticking up for any cop killer but when it comes to her she could also be a victim he was abusive or so his recors says he was.

  • ivan

    A lot of people calling for the death penalty for killing a cop. If we are not going to kill pedophiles, rapists, and the like then no death penalty for cop killers.

    • K-Dude

      I agree ivan, a horrific crime is a horrific crime regardless of occupation. Some people need to be removed permanently from the human race!!!

  • tracy

    I would say with her I want to see what her involvement was before I judge her! Sometimes we are put into situations beyond our control it could have been anyone of us in that passenger seat with our loved one when they decide to do something stupid does that make us guilty?

    • CommonSense

      She knew exactly what she was driving with. Get your pregnant butt out of a stolen vehicle and assist with someone who your "husband" has just shot in the head. She chose to take the easy and cowardly way out. Heartless as well as stupid. Lock both up, throw away the key. She made her bed when she chose to stay in the vehicle. Does being pregnant suck the brain out of you…….I think not….Time to pay the piper and quit making excuses for this low life. And yep, she is guilty!!!
      Neither of them gave Trooper Butterfield the chance to walk away.

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