Veteran Seeks Additional Funds for Donated Van

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • pete moss

    was there no prior discussion about the expenses of owning and maintaining a vehicle before it was donated? Dont disabled veterans receive govt funds in additional to standard disability SS payments? If he doesnt have $500 for taxes ,etc, where is the family? why are you continuing to seek funding from generous stangers? sounds a little shaky to me-

  • John

    Pete he was injured during the war, but his paralysis was obtained after his service. The funds were thought of which is why we have been pushing for extra support. I am a 27yr old bachelor that is just trying to help another human being out. I live on my own, and support myself, but being that I am not wealthy I cannot afford to pay for all of the support myself. We have had several people step up to help out and we have raised around $1,000 in the last week. This money has covered the expense of the hand controls, and half of what the taxes will be. There are alot of additional items that are needed in the van to help personalize this vehicle. They are not free.

    Just yesterday Dave was in Grand Rapids helping 400 veterans go fishing, and did a fish fry for them after the event. This man did not ask for me to help him out, but because he has donated his life to helping others, I thought it the right thing to do to help him. If you would like a copy of the receipt that I fronted for the hand controls I would be more then happy to supply it so that you know the money is going to the right place.