Sister of Al Green Missing in Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The sister of famed soul singer Al Green is missing in Grand Rapids, according to police.

Maxine Green was reported missing on August 23rd when she did not return home. The last reported sighting of her was on September 6th at “B and B Party Shoppes” on Leonard Street NW.

Green’s daughter, Lasha Green, spent Monday morning canvassing Leonard Street near US 131 in Grand Rapids. She desperately looked for answers in the disapperance of her 61-year-old mother.

“Have you seen this lady… Maxine?” Green asked a man on the street.

She told FOX 17, “Time is not on our hands in situations like this. My mother is… she was diagnosed like 26 years ago of being a paranoid schizophrenia and plus she`s a alcoholic.”

Grand Rapids police told FOX 17 a guardian reported Green missing on August 23rd. She lives at Shepherds of Independence near Leonard and Morgan on the northwest side. However, she hasn’t been home since. A manager at the supervised housing facility said Shepherds contacted the The Servants Center, which handles Green`s disability checks.

“[The Servant Center] issue her funds once a week for her to maintain and live off, and she haven`t picked up any funds during the month of september. Period,” green said.

One month later, her family is upset that no one contacted them about Green’s disappearance. Maxine Green’s son found out she was missing after contacting her supervised home.

Lasha Green said anyone who’s met Green likely learned that her brother is soul singer Al Green. Her family said she lets everyone know this, and so they hope someone seeing her picture posted around town will know where she is now.

“She catch the bus right down the street a lot and go downtown and hang out and occasionally stop at family member’s houses, but no one in the family has heard from her or seen her,” Green said.

Lasha Green said this is the second blow for the family this year. The Green family is related to Latrice Maze. She disappeared earlier this year. Grand Rapids police believe the 26-year-old mother of five was murdered by her boyfriend. Maze’s body has not been found.

Anyone with information regarding Green’s whereabouts is asked to call Grand Rapids police or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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  • Deanna Millbrook

    I think it sucks that there has been very limited press on Ms. Green’s dissaperience…but then again I do…the Art Prize took precedent over the issue. When the “white” woman Jessica in Muskegon was initially missing, her picture and families pain was shown at the beginning and end if the news cast. The black woman who was missing/ murdrerd in Grand Rapids was shown following the update about Jessica!! Oh and the two runaway “white” teens were shown daily!!! This lady has mental health issues ppl!! Her family loves hers just like you love yours!!! Unfair treatment of ppl with color….FOX you guys are so wrong on so many levels….