Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend With Screwdriver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MSP Cruiser lightsMt. Pleasant, MICH.  According to the Michigan State Police on October 3 troopers responded to a report of a domestic assault involving a screwdriver as a weapon.  Troopers were dispatched to Rolland Township  where a 51-year-old male had been stabbed with a screwdriver by his 50-year-old live-in girlfriend.

The couple had been in an argument over finances, when the female attempted to remove the registration plate from a vehicle in the yard.  The vehicle is in her name, but is driven by the male.  The male attempted to prevent the removal of the plate from the vehicle by grabbing her hair and wrestling the screwdriver from the female.  She then used another screwdriver to stab him in the arm and side.

The female  was placed in the Isabella County Jail on an aggravated assault charge, and for allowing an unlicensed/suspended person to drive.

The male subject was not arrested at the scene, but troopers are seeking charges for domestic assault and driving while license suspended.  The male refused medical treatment and the scene, stating that he would seek his own treatment.


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  • like it is

    Bet he didn't make payments on her car either. Little advice dump him or you will be the scape goat as long as your together. I have worked with too many women that have very similar stories and as man tell them to get the hell out dont be used