Neighbor of Pot Suspect Recalls Raid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich — Gale Soules told FOX 17 that he was enjoying his typical Wednesday morning routine in his Kent County home, when his wife informed him of the comotion next door.

“I was having coffee and my wife was leaving for work and she got out of the driveway, stopped the car, came in the house and says ‘there’s cop cars all over the place,’” said Soules.

Soules also said he watched from a distance while the DEA and 15 other law enforcement agencies raided the home of his neighbor, Braden Kasper. Kasper was one of 25 arrests made during “Operation High Mileage” in which more than 500 marijuana plants were confiscated.

“I stopped and asked the kids that were at the house what was going on. They really had no idea. I said is it something to do with the medical marijuana, they said yah,” said Soules.

Soules says law enforcement spent about three hours at the house collecting evidence.

“All the officers were here in the driveway and they backed the pickup truck against the boat, pulled the boat out, took the two trailers that we here. Garage door was open, stuff was piled up in a big heap in the middle,” said Soules.

There were 28 search warrants executed at different locations around West Michigan on Wednesday.





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  • ivan

    Great job. I sure wish I saw more stories about the arrests of those moving harder drugs for say a foreign drug cartel. But hey local potheads are dangerous too I guess.

    • Joe Richards

      "local potheads are dangerous too I guess" YOU GUESS?????
      What?!? How?!? WTF kind of uneducated, uninformed kind of response is that?

      Before showing the world how much a sheeple you are, maybe you should get your news from a NON-biased news station and do some real research on the subject. I'm not saying this person who had 500 plants is right but medical marijuana is a very viable alternative to opiates and HAS BEEN PROVEN to cure cancer. So what now?

  • like it is

    Why would you go after the hand that feeds you if you close drug cartels there will be no need for dea and wasteful gov funding in the name of drugs. " i smoked but never inhaled" lol.

  • like it is

    Joe pot will not cure cancer but will calm the side effects of anti cancer drugs and chemotherapy i will tell you that cures do exist but cancer is a trillion dollar a year buisness with almost all in government getting drug company kick backs. If anyone finds a cure they will be silenced one way or another. May god bless all that suffer and find calm in your name