Woman Giving Obese Trick-or-Treaters Letters, Not Candy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FARGO, North Dakota-  A woman in North Dakota is planning to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis, one letter at a time.

KVLY reports that a woman named Cheryl plans to hand out letters to overweight trick-or-treaters, as opposed to candy.

The letter, in part reads:

“You(r) child is, in my opinion moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.”

On Tuesday, she called into a local radio station to explain the reason behind the correspondence:

“I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send
them out looking for free candy just ’cause all the other kids are doing it.”

Not everyone agrees with Cheryl’s methods, saying it could do more harm than good, especially for kids who are trying to fit in with their peers.

“It’s just that kind of thing that for some kids, if they’re vulnerable, might trigger major problems,” says Dr. Katie Gordon, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at North Dakota State University.

Gordon also tells KVLY, “That’s not something that someone can judge- the health of someone-just by looking at them. I think that’s the main thing. Even if a child is overweight, they might be very healthy because of what they eat and how they exercise.”

To read KVLY’s original report, click here.

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  • Janet Enbody

    It is none of her business!! If she was really concerned she would be worried about hurting that poor childs feelings..Why dosent she just buy apples and hand them out..DUHHH!!

    • Angels

      Exactly, Or post her address so the adults will go there and exact some justice! That POS and those like her need to know that kind of callous behavior toward any human being is not acceptable and will NOT be tolerated!

  • Angels

    This low life witch just needs to keep her opinions to herself! She is one of those ignorant sycophants who only believes “statistics” from so called studies! Which were elevated on diseases across the board to further the Obamacare agenda!
    Propaganda to convince the blind little sheep that there really is something to be concerned about!
    Little children are still growing- Obviously that hag has not a clue and feels that she has to take up where that bloat bag Michelle Obama left off by bullying children
    I hope she knows how to defend
    herself because any decent parent with an ounce of brains will not let her get away with attacking their child with her passive-aggressive notes!

  • Rowan

    If that's the actual note that she will be handing out, I suggest that she actually re-reads it before handing it out. "You child is…" is clearly misspelled. Although it's only one, I'm sure, just like I noticed a lot of parents will too. So other than the fact that she will look like a huge b**** for handing that note out, she will also look like a dumba** as well. I know if my kid got that note in his/her candy bucket, I'd be super pissed off. Pretty sure it's up to the parents to address the issue of their kid being overweight, not some self entitled woman. Why not give out an apple or here's a great idea, not hand out anything?

  • Jennifer Favreau

    Wow! I can’t believe someone would go this far to do this! Ya know, a much better response, rather than handing out a letter if “she” feels a child is overweight….would be to hand out a healthy snack. Say, a prepackaged granola bar or the prepackaged apples like what the kids get in McDonald’s bags…..and not just to the ones that she “thinks” are overweight in her opinion, but hand it out to all the kids that come to her door then. Don’t give some candy and others no candy but a letter. Because that’s not teaching the child how to control their weight problem by telling them “no candy” that’s telling the child, that they are not beautiful or don’t measure up to society’s view of pretty or “skinny”. That can be detrimental to a child. Every child is beautiful & unique in their own way. So….If that lady wants to be critical this Halloween & play the game of “who she thinks is skinny or not” (not to mention she doesn’t even know if the child has a medical problem or not that may be contributing to their weight)…..then she should be EDUCATING the children on what is healthy by giving out a healthy snack to EVERYONE not just some!

    • Count-Fun-ula!!!!

      It’s ONE day a year! Obsessed nosy Americans need to lighten the frig up!
      I personally am tired of the health rubbish! kid’s are usually already healthy- Ragging on this subject only makes Americans look like they have mental disorders like OCD!
      Mind “you” own fuggin business & let people live their own lives their own way! I hope someone teaches this ol’ busybody tramp & those busy bodies like her a serious lesson!
      Healthy snax? I hope some little kid with sense hurls an apple thru that hoe’s car or house windows or shoves raisins up her big nose til she suffocates!
      Let the torture commence for that battle ax!💩💩💩💩

      • Brian

        "Americans need to lighten the frig up!" I would have to say the author of this letter would agree with you, I believe that's exactly the point she is attempting to make.

  • guest

    I agree, simply hand out healthy treats to EVERYONE. Why single the child out, and make comments that are hurtful, and ultimately not her place to make. This woman will surely enjoy cleaning eggs and toilet paper off of her home.

  • Jennifer Favreau

    To the woman who wants to hand out letters rather than candy:

    I know you mean well by your intentions; however this is not the right way to handle it. A much better response, rather than handing out a letter if “you” feel a child is overweight, would be to hand out a healthy snack. Say, a prepackaged granola bar, a box of raisins, or the prepackaged apples slices that come in little baggies. You should not just hand these snacks out to the ones that “you” think are overweight in “your opinion”, but hand it out to all the kids that come to the door then. Don’t give some candy to some children and no candy to others, but a letter instead, because that’s not teaching the child how to control their weight problem by telling them, “no candy for you”. Instead that’s telling/teaching the child, that they are not beautiful or don’t measure up to society’s view (or your view in this case) of what is pretty or “skinny” or popular. That kind of a response can be detrimental to a child. Every child is beautiful & unique in their own way. So….If you want to be critical this Halloween & play the game of who you think is obese or skinny enough for your liking, (not to mention you don’t even know if the child has a medical problem or not that may be contributing to their weight)…..than you should be educating the children on what is healthy by giving out a healthy snack to EVERYONE and not just some! Also, you can still include a letter attachment to everyone’s healthy snack, on why you chose to give this healthy snack out instead of candy. If you want to change the problem of childhood obesity than you need to “teach and educate” the children & not scrutinize them based on your opinion of how “you” think they look. That’s what a village does, they look out for one another by helping them, not hurting them or scrutinizing their child because the way they look.

    Sincerely- Jen

    One neighbor to another

    • Count-Fun-ula!!!!

      That Beetch does not have any well intentions, She is an angry cu^t that has no life and needs to be exterminated like the other controlling judgmental food commodores! – This world had no place for Hitler and should not defend or tolerate trash like her!
      healthy snacks? I hope if she gives out stuff like that, Someone pitches it through her fuggin car or home window!
      people these days need to keep their noses on their own faces before it gets knocked off the hard way!!!!!!
      That lady of the night needs to mind her own biz!

  • next?

    I just cannot understand these “people” who keep obsessing over the supposed health thing- Equating being skinny with being healthy! I use to work in a funeral home in a large city in TX for a very long time and honestly, 98% of the people who passed through our doors were not nor had been obese!
    I had the job of arranging photos of the deceased for the funeral service- And getting intake info on their lives- Most who died of illness were already thin before being diagnosed, then there were the individuals who had exercise related deaths- Runners, marathon participants Etc. A good portion of the time
    when discussing their recently departed loved ones lives, A most common comment was: ” They did everything they were suppose to do” They exercised would eat right and lived a healthy life and now they are gone” Why?
    I wish that I could have had answers for those poor people who are asking questions like that- I also do not think these people who were in the process of passing away were thinking, “Oh, I am SO HAPPY that I ate those salads and worked out”!!!
    They were probably thinking just the opposite!
    So if it were as easy as eating “right” or exercising, there would not be an issue-
    Those who think others are “obese” and unhealthy really need to erase the information they get from these studies and people/industries that profit from the never ending garbage they spew which scares people into thinking they are inferior because they don’t fit some kind of a certain type-
    Bottom line, This kind of behavior that this sad excuse of a human being is very wrong and detrimental to a child’s well being and is abuse!
    I plead with those parents who feel that restricting or discussing obesity with your child to re-think it! Those same children mostly grow up instead of out and if they don’t lose the weight, Will that make them a lesser person? Our children are small and innocent for such a short time-
    This Country needs to get over the looks are more important than the person!
    Plus, Who is that monster to try to chip away at a holiday one time a year that brings so much joy to little ones?
    Or on the flip side, tell parents how to feed their children?
    She is ridiculous! Who elected this meanie to “save” the world?
    Nobody! That’s who!
    People, Don’t allow human debris like that biddy to sway common sense!
    Please, Cherish your loved ones no matter what they look like-
    Trust me, There will come a day you wished you had them with you.

  • Jennifer Favreau

    She could be portrayed as bullying a child for the way they look. Is it not bullying & discriminating someone when you scrutinize them & treat them differently based solely on how they look or appear?!? Is she not an adult bullying an innocent child? People get arrested for bullying nowadays. If I were her, I wouldn’t do it. She’s stepping on too many toes & is gonna find herself in hot water.

  • Anti-Grinch

    What is with all of the food cops these days?
    These types are always the ones that would hand out letters of “reprimand” in the name of health while standing there smoking a cigarette!
    To the food Nazi, Real good bit@h face, You have reached a whole new low for alleged humans, Picking on children! You are a pathetic media seeking scrub who deserves every rotten thing that happens to you!

  • Lila

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