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Trouble in the Sky: Third Skydiving Accident With Skydive Hastings

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HASTINGS, Mich.- They’ve only been operating for six months yet Sunday, another skydiving accident at Hastings airport.  It’s the third from Skydive Hastings since August.

Early Sunday afternoon a skydiver lost control of their parachute, landing in a tree near Hastings Airport.

Police tell us they had to get a cherry picker to get the person down out of the trees, but the skydiver is expected to be ok.

In August, Russell Webb was left in a coma after he says there was a parachute issue during his jump with Skydive Hastings.

Then, in September, another skydiving accident with the same skydiving company as a woman hits a tree.

Fox 17 spoke with the owner of Skydive Hastings, Tony Gwinn, after that second accident in September.

He said there was absolutely no negligence by his company in either of the first two accidents.

Gwinn says his training is thorough and up to United States Parachute Association standards.

“It’s about a four-hour class four to five hours by the time you`re done with it,” he told us in September.

Russell Webb was in the August accident.  He says he went through all the training and received 100 percent on the written test, yet he still ended up in a coma.

Gwinn called Webb’s fall a freak accident.  After September’s accident Gwinn said you’ll find just as many accidents at any skydiving establishment.

Michigan State Police is investigating this incident.  We reached out to Skydive Hastings about Sunday’s accident, they declined to comment.

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  • Carol Ann

    Years ago I took their so-called four-hour course, passed the test, got in the plane – and then chickened out. I had learned nothing in the classroom because they needed to cram so much information in such a short time. I decided I'd rather be viewed as a "scaredy-cat" than find myself mid-air, not knowing the right procedure to open the chute.

  • Holly

    Who would have thought jumping out of a plane can be dangerous??? Although I don't wish bad things on any person, and I hope this person is ok, I find this ridiculous! Who cares if you take a class and pass. You have No one to blame but yourself! You are jumping out of a plane hoping a shute opens. i dont feel sorry for you. If you get injured in a sky diving accident I hope your insurance drops you for just being negligent.

  • Ralph

    The same thing can be said about driving a car Holly..
    But you don't need to hope anyone gets dropped by their insurance company- The Democrats took care of that for you.

  • John

    Skydiving is an EXTREME sport. You can do everything right and still die. Those who pretend it's safe are fooling themselves and others. Once in the air there is only one person responsible for a safe outcome – the jumper his or herself.

    If not prepared to accept this, perhaps you should take up bowling instead.

  • thebasicscrapper

    I wanted to do it next spring. I called them and they told me next year they’re going to make everyone start out doing tandems. I really wanted to go by myself! It’s not fair. Because one guy poops his pants, everyone has to wear a diaper?!?!

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