Report: Jail Inmate’s Blood Pressure Check Turned Sexual

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

jonathan lawton kermeenOTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. – New details are coming to light following the firing of an Ottawa County corrections officer who is accused of sexually assaulting two inmates.

Jonathan Kermeen, a nine-year employee of the department, was suspended Oct. 30 after allegations against him from an uninvolved female inmate.  He was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree  criminal sexual conduct.

On Wednesday, FOX 17 obtained the probable cause affidavit in the case.

Lieutenant Mark Bennett told an Ottawa County judge Tuesday, “This contact had occurred over the course of several different months, starting in August of 2013 and the last, according to Mr. Kermeen, occurred in the first weekend of October 2013. “

“The first contact that Mr. Kermeen told me had happened with (the victim) was that he had called her out of her cell, had some contact with her, verbal contact.  He began kissing her, open mouth kiss with tongue.  At one point reached up underneath of her jail uniform, inmate uniform, and touched her bare breast with his hand.  He told me he became sexually aroused at this point.  And this kissing episode and touching episode lasted approximately four to five minutes.”

Bennett testified that another incident happened the first weekend of October.

“(The victim) was again called out of her cell and had contact with Deputy Kermeen.  At this particular time kissing again ensued.  He then, at this particular point, also touched her on the buttocks outside of her clothing and told me that there was no other contact there.”

Kermeen told the lieutenant that after he thought someone had seen the ‘inappropriate contact’, there were no other instances with the inmate.

Bennett interviewed a second alleged victim in the case who claims she had sexual contact with the deputy between June and October 2013.  She told Bennett the deputy brought her to the medical area of the facility to take her blood pressure.  “During that contact with her, he had taken her hand and made her touch his penis.  He did admit that that was for sexual gratification,” Bennett told the judge.

Kermeen was arraigned Tuesday in Holland District Court.  According to a press release, he is currently lodged in the Kent County jail on a $3,500 bond for each count.

Ottawa County officials said Kermeen was officially terminated Tuesday afternoon prior to his arrest.

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  • Justice

    The little medical attention that inmates receive could have been voided if this woman did not submit. That is dangerous, especially with all the people who have died or killed themselves at the jail. I hope this predator gets sent to prison where he can have all the sexual contact he wants, or doesn't want, and has to be put on the sex offender registry. I put him in the same class as a child molestor and nazi.

    • Julie

      Sparty is probably Mr Keermen…..very defensive when speaking for the jail…..well guess what? You have skeletons in your closet Sparty… will catch up to you….lol

  • Dailyranter

    Inmates at Ottawa County Jail use to call him Curious George because of his large ears. He is one of the many COs in that jail that misuses his power, this time he stepped over the line and finally it's caught up to him. Way to go Curious George!

  • barry

    I have been in that jail and Curious George and many other CO's as they like to be called would in fact abuse their power. That Jail is set up like a prison and the inmates are treated like cows. Way to go sicko. On a side note how many other Jail guards In fillmore are doing the same thing as him? Good question right there.

    • Dirtrider

      umm yeah you probably remember mean jean?, and the really dark black man that everybody calls "danny glover". also lets not forget the craziest fattest nastiest cop that works inside those walls OLLIE! Ollie had a short temper and was quick to snap. he was best known for his signature order, "pack your trash your goin to max". (23 hour lockdown). oh and gaffey but gaffey wasnt that crazy just a lazy dick.

    • Sparty

      Actually, the street the jail is on is Fillmore, it's not the name of the jail. It is called the Fillmore Street Complex, which may be your cause for confusion, but it's still called the Ottawa County Jail.
      Which brings up another point, the jail is like a prison because it's where people who commit crimes go, just like prison. If you want to be treated better try staying at a Holiday Inn express instead of going to jail… sure you will have to pay more and won't get meals on tax payer dollars.
      I'm not sure of your mental capacity to understand all of that or if you're too busy playing the victim and blaming society for your misdeeds. I tried to use small words, I hope it helped.

      • Dirtrider

        sparty are you down syndrome or something? nobody is confused here about where the jail is located. By the way youre confused about the meals being paid for because they are in no way free when just a few weeks after being there they send you a bill in the mail charging you for every single day. In fact, when you dont pay it goes straight to collections and they will hinder you untill you pay it. Dont try to pretend you care about this pedo just so you can chime in to show everyone what a good writer you are. You obviously didnt read the article so writing is obviously not your forte?

        • Sparty

          I read the article and it appalled me (if my words are too big feel free to look them up in the dictionary). However I chose to across your ignorance which you’ve shown to us a second time and have forced me to address it again.
          I could care less about this guy and it disgusts me that he would abuse his power in that way.
          Thank you for sharing your experience at the Ottawa County Jail and I hope you’ve paid your bill in addition to your debt to society although I’m quite sure you will incur further debts in the future. Perhaps next time you can take advantage of any educational programs they offer to help with your spelling and grammar.
          To clarify, jails are taxpayer funded including the meals, medical services, and wages of the folks that work there. I’m not sure they pare paid enough to babysit ignorant children as you appear to be but they are paid with my taxes none the less. I think it’s great that they bill the inmates for their stay! Pay your bill, and if you don’t like the cost quit going back to jail.

          • Sparticus

            Ottawa County Jail makes you pay for medical, meals, and wages. They charge you daily for your cell, they charge you when you see the nurse, doctor, or dentist, and they will charge you for your medications. Tax dollars don't pay for anything for the inmates, but your tax money does pay for the 2 new Humvees and Tank the county just bought for SWAT.

          • Sparty's friend

            Actually, the "humvees and tank" were most likely acquired from the US Government for free, the only taxpayer cost is the cost of maintaining them. So, yes, it was by tax payer dollars but not the same pool that the jail pulls from.

          • Hardlee Ded

            "Actually, the "humvees and tank" were most likely acquired from the US Government for free, the only taxpayer cost is the cost of maintaining them."

            Really… for free?

            Got news for ya'… They were paid for with taxpayer dollars, everything the government has is paid for by the taxpayers…

            Now, in this case that would be taxpayer dollars in the form of a grant… most likely from the Department of Homeland Security. And surprise, surprise… that grant comes from a budget that is taxpayer supported.

            Nothing is free… and yes, prisoners in the jail do have to pay for the privilege of being in jail… and do you know what makes jail different from prison?

            In prison everyone has been convicted of a crime… a large portion of those in jail are awaiting trial and have not and in many cases will never be convicted of a crime. Some are actually victims of crime and are in jail by mistake.

            The last time I was in jail it was after being assaulted by 8 police officers and being illegally arrested. A fact I proved in a jury trial.

            You might want to climb off that high horse and join the rest of us in the real world.

          • Mike

            Look it’s not free at all. I spent over a year in OCJ over 3 years and I went to build a home in 2011 and guess what showed on my credit, over 12,000 dollars for 50 bucks a day to stay there so it’s not on tax payers money! Well I guess the people whom don’t care about their credit, but I settled for over 9,000. To clear up credit so I can build my home like I did. So screw off Sparty you don’t know shit!!!

          • Guest

            It's kinda hard to feel bad after hearing your "sob story." "Waaa I wanted to build a house but had $12,000 that I owed for being a dirtbag and getting thrown in jail for 3 years… so I settled for 3/4 of it." You should have had to pay it all off, with interest. Tax dollars don't pay for your stay, but they do pay the salaries of everyone who works there, the courts that had to deal with you, the cops that had to deal with you, their cars and facilities, etc. etc.

      • Julie

        Sparty….small words from a small man (small man syndrome) your a cop or a CREEP that has a criminal sexual assault record…which ever…simular circumstances…LOL….easy to predict because you gave a description of location in a defensive mood….also…you have the mentality that EVERYONE is a criminal and you think the victim deserved it because she was in jail

  • Mike

    And the reason why it’s call the Fillmore st complex is because not only is there OCJ but there is the juvy and other buildings which make it a complex you dumb ass. Know what you are talking about before opening you trap. Sparty boy

  • Julie

    Me too….he’s a predator hiding behind his badge like it’s a big oak tree….those cops beat, rape, steel, threaten too kill prisoners and hide behind that badge as if nobody can see them….or with confidence they’ll get away with it because they have total immunity…..when civilians get caught breaking the law they go too prison when cops get caught they get a slap on the wrist and move to another state and get the same job they had before with the justice system….mock my spelling all you want….to justify what you do

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