Missing 17-year-old Ottawa County Man Found Deceased

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TALLMADGE TOWNSHIP, Mich- The search for a missing 17-year-old man from Marne has ended.

According to Lt. Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, deputies found the body of 17-year-old Adam Singleton on a property next to the Grand River open space on Linden Drive in Ottawa County. Mr. Singleton died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Singleton was last seen around 2 p.m. near the Grand River on Linden Drive off of Lake Michigan Drive. He was reported missing around 8 p.m. Saturday night. Deputies, with the assistance of a K-9 unit and the Michigan State Police Helicopter searched Saturday night for Singleton in a heavily wooded area, but did not find him and resumed the search Sunday morning when they found him deceased.

A Facebook tribute page has been set up in Singleton’s name.

The suicide case is still under investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department. Anyone with any information on this case is asked to call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department at 616-786-4140 or Silent Observer.

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    Such a young age Please if you are feeling down about something seek help. Let me share a story of a Young Man that was a friend of mine.His sister was taken away at a very young age and his family was tore apart because they could never find her as the court system had took her for whatever reason.He had dealt with depression and substance abuse for many years.He had tried committing suicide several times .Well 1 time to many had he succeed in his quest .Now the sad part is that about 8 years after his passing his sister was found and back with the family.So when things get me down and I feel their is no way out. I think of him and wonder to myself what if I took my life and the next day the things that had bothered me were fixed and i was not there just like in my friends situation IF I HAD ONLY WAITED 1 MORE DAY!!

  • mrpeas

    So sad. Why don't these people realize the sadness and pain they leave behind when making such a choice. Sad he thought this was his only choice at such a young age. Prayers

    • anonymous22

      Sometimes we get so far down in a "black hole" we feel there is no coming up. We don't think of anyone but ourselves.
      It's sad at any age,but until you have been there you don't know the pain. It's not like we can just "get over it" Alot of people don't know what to say so we keep it inside until it takes over.

  • Anonymous

    My heart goes out to this family for their loss and I can begin to express my sadness for this young man and the emotions he dealt with that led to him thinking taking his life was the best option. This touches home for me so much right now not only because I have a teenage daughter who is dealing with depression but because there are so many cases of children in her school right now that have tried to commit suicide multiple times, are cutting, are being admitted into pinerest, and sadly that have taken their lives. And these are just the cases that my child knows about and has discussed with me. Bullying has been one of the biggest reasons for all of this and their school chooses to do nothing about it. In fact a female in the school recently commited suicide and instead of raising some kind of awareness to these kids. They completely avoid and tell them they are not allowed to talk about it. Sorry for my lengthy message I just feel that if more people would speak up Iit might save a kids life.

  • kdude

    Shut off the WIFI people and talk to your teens. My son is always seen by others as a quiet kid but when he & I are together you can't shut him up. They want to talk but need an ear, that ear is you..

  • ddfk

    Folks… the whole "think about other people" stuff is garbage. The people that do this are no longer operating at full capacity. They're overwhelmed with THEMSELVES. They are the one's that desperately needed help. To watch people spin it to "other people" is kind of the root of the whole issue there.

    • David

      You are so right, ddfk. When the depression get one to contemplate suicide, the only thing that they are thinking about is ending the pain and sadness that they are going through; they are not thinking about the effects on others at that particular time. How do I know this? I had two occasions in my life when I seriously contemplated suicide myself.

  • JJj

    Solving crime is not our police department's priority. Seem's DUI's, Electric Forest drug busts from potential people spending money in our community, Speeding-Construction zone tickets & where ever else they can generate money from is obviously MOST IMPORTANT to our city. Last one in Muskegon, MI. Please turn out the lights.

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