Special Report: Exposing Your Teens’ Darkest Secrets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN — It could be happening right in front of you and you may not even know it,: you could be missing the signs that your child is using drugs.

By the 12th grade, about half of kids have abused an illicit drug at least once, according to the Office of Adolescent Health. Experts say to keep your child away from being a statistic, you need to educate yourself and arm yourself with the tools to uncover the deceit.

Joe Keil is a recognition expert working as a deputy in Wisconsin. He has trained thousands of officers across the U.S., and he now travels around the country to help parents understand the changing face of drug use.

FOX 17 was there for one of his stops in West Michigan. Parents were left in shock and awe when they learned how kids were hiding their dangerous habits in their own homes.

Everything from candles to batteries and bracelets are used to conceal drugs. Some clothing is even designed to hide drugs.

Keil says looking for drugs your teen may be hiding is like detective work, putting the pieces of a puzzle together and questioning the unusual. “I look at it this way: its your kid’s life,” he said. “They’re not going to tell you everything, especially if they’re involved in drug activity,”

Click these links for some tips on how to get the conversation started with your child about drug use:




For more information about Keil and to learn more about his book:


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  • ivan

    Clueless parents were shocked to find out their children use and hide drugs from them. This guy is getting paid for this? If your honest and open with your children this won’t happen. Too many parents bought into just say no. Thats not enough. Kids will use so they need an education about it. Something most parents are unable and unwilling to do.

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