Despite Opposition, Tanger Outlet Center Moves Closer to Opening in West Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. —  The Tanger Outlet Center proposed for an area near US-131 and 84th Street moved one step closer to opening a location in Byron Township Monday.

The planning commission said they will give a recommendation that the area be re-zoned from agricultural to commercial, clearing a path for 80-store shopping center to open a location by 2015.

A representative from Tanger says the company expects 4 million shoppers a year. The current outlet in Howell now sees a little more than 2 million annual shoppers.

After hearing those numbers, roughly 20 concerned citizens spoke up during the public comment portion of the planning commission.

Most of their concerns revolved around the amount of traffic, light pollution, and decreasing property values.

One person spoke on the number of jobs the outlets would bring to the area.  Tanger anticipates the 80 stores would employ 800 to 1,100 workers.

The next regular township board meetings are scheduled Nov. 25 and Dec. 9.

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  • joe

    are people that crazy or just out right so da– ignorant that they dont understand what there property will be worth with a project that big will be. if you dont like it sell your place for more than its worth once they start building. then move someplace that you can be all alone .take a drive around the USA and see what gets built along a freeway. DO YOU THINK THAT IF YOU BUILD A HOUSE LESS THAN A MILE FROM A FREEWAY THAT NO ONE WILL EVER BUILD AT THAT EXIT. LOOK AT MOLINE ,THE DUTCH CRC DIDNT WANT A EXIT ON 131 AND GOT THERE WISH, NOW NO TOWN OR BUSNIESS AND NOTHING THERE BUT GRASS AND A FEW OLD JUNK BUILDINGS


    leave it farm land and then raise pigs or cows and watch the same people scream that it stinks and they dont want that. i got a great idea why dont the cry babys pool there money and buy the land and then thay can leave it as it is

  • Ray

    I drive the Howell Tanger outlet many times a year. It is kept very clean and looks professional. They do there best to keep up to date stores in the mall. Point taken from Joe, Do you really think living less then a mile away from a freeway that no one will EVER build there. With todays economy, people have to think about others instead of just themselves. Just think of all the people it will employ while it is being built and then 800 to 1000 people after it gets built.

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