Girl: Online Video of Group Beating Haunts Me

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. — Samantha Peery says Internet video of a brutal group beating makes the trauma worse.

For at least a minute of the video, Samantha is punched, sprayed with pepper spray, and whipped with chains by a group of six other girls.

She says she’s still dealing with the emotional effects of that traumatic experience.

“I was really scared,” she said. “They were pulling my hair, dragging me.”

Eventually, she blacked out.  But because the incident was recorded, the trauma lives on.

“We’re living in a day and age where people can get bullied 24-7,” said Christy Buck, Executive Director of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan. She is committed to stopping bullying like this.  She and her colleagues spend time in schools telling kids about the anti-bullying Be Nice Campaign. They hope  to get kids and even adults to just treat each other nicer.

There are hundreds of other videos like Peery’s on the Internet in which groups taunt and beat a single female.  The fact that it’s uploaded to sites like YouTube and Facebook can be torture for victims like Samantha.

“People are seeing me get beat with chains and being sprayed with pepper spray,” she said.  “It’s hurtful, because it brings me back to the time of how I felt after they had done it.”

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  • Dave

    That video looks like assault not bullying. It should be looked at by the police and charges filed against the people involved if the evidence warrants it. I agree there should be some changes in someones life and maybe some jail time would enable that.

  • Denise

    Exactly. And not only is this assault, but it is assault with a deadly weapon…the chain. The parents should have contacted the police immediately and press charges against everyone…including the person doing the video. I don't care how young they are…

  • Adela

    I know her, and she did call the cops, THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING, knew these girls as well, but the cops, well just dont care. Its such a sad world we live in, and they say they are here forour safety, well what about samanthas safety?

  • tracy

    I think that those girls that did this there parents should be held accountable along with these girls an my daughter is friends with this Samantha an says she is one of the sweetest girls ever

  • anonymous

    you say she the “sweetest girl ever” but yet she was calling my sister nigger and was harassing her to come whoop her ass if she was that scared she wouldn’t of gave out her location or phone number. know the whole story before judging. all this is jealously over a dude. you all will eventually see all the messages then we will see what yall will say then smh.

  • Anonymous

    It doesnt give ronnise chambliss or ashley karwat right to jump her and jump someone else 6 months ago over guys he has a kid now why is she not at hom taking car of it then jumping a person twice that was under age and then samantha , ronnise needs her daughter taken away and have something done thats not right they are getting away with it …!

    • Anonymous

      Ronnise should lose her child, so she can't spread her venom to anyone else– especially an impressionable, innocent child. That kid will go to school and be violent with other kids, because children look up to their parents. It's too sad.

  • Anonymous

    6 people on one was excessive, however she definitely should not have called her a nigger. I don't care How long that awful correspondence went on for and how badly Sam's feelings were hurt over some BS about a DUDE….she should not have called her a nigger, period. And the fact they were going at it, the cops didn't find that there was any reason to pursue charges as both parties aggravated each other.

    I know Sam, she's no angel. She can get reckless at the mouth and I've had my fair share of issues with her and I can easily see why someone would grow that impatient with her. Sam did not deserve this, but she sure did find it. And I hope she doesn't call anyone else a nigger again.

    And the counter argument about white people being called 'crackers' is laughable. That insult will never carry the weight of the word nigger, and the fact people who don't understand that but still use this argument are completely ignorant.

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