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Girl Comes Forward After Group Beating Caught on Cell Phone

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– After sharing the story of a Kent County teen who contacted FOX 17, saying she’s been bullied after was jumped by a group of girls, another teen seen in that video is coming forward.

The fight was caught on cell phone video and shared between the people involved on Facebook.

“I just want people to know it wasn’t just us jumping on her; she shouldn’t have said what she said and this wouldn’t have happened,” said Ronnise Chambliss.

The 19-year-old answered questions about Samantha Peery’s claims of being attacked with chains and pepper sprayed outside a gas station over the summer.

Peery claims she was jumped by about half a dozen girls. When asked why so many people were involved in a fight that started as just an argument between Peery and Chambliss, Chambliss said she was told Peery would have a few people of her own coming to the meeting as well.

“What am I supposed to do? Go by there by myself?” Chambliss answered.

Peery told us she was attacked with pepper spray and beat with chains.

“As for the chain, it wasn’t me so I can’t speak for others. It was a belt,” admitted Chambliss. “I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s not a three-foot chain. I didn’t know anything about that until after.”

The girls admit, during the course of heated arguments through Facebook leading up to that fight, both used inappropriate words, including racial slurs.

“Words are said that you don’t really mean when you’re angry and I didn’t mean that at all,” Peery said. “I was just very very upset and she was too.”

“I’m admitting that the weapons weren’t supposed to be there, but as far as the fight, yes it was supposed to happen,” Chambliss said.

“I’m not justifying saying fighting is a way to solve your problems, but what Sam did and called me was not right either.”

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department investigated the original incident when it happened over the summer. It was then handed over to the Prosecutor’s office. No charges came of that.

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  • anjelica

    so now I am going to say something I MEAN: how stupid do you have to be to resort to fighting? Hmmm? why do you even have to respond to anything a person says? it's their opinion or whatever and like assholes, everyone has one. but when you lower yourself to being childish and fighting for whatever reason, it just makes everyone involved look really stupid. block the person on fb, you phone, email, whatever. ignore them. and if they do get around you, call the cops or whatever. just don't be an animal and react like one and fight.

  • Pete

    So words justify jumping on someones car ?
    But ok, why are no hate crime charges being brought, you know there would be if whitey used racial slurs

      • anti-Facebook

        Oh big deal! Have thet never heard “sticks and stones”?
        I blame bad behavior these days on TV! All these reality shows with people behaving badly is ridiculous! Then you have idiots like the ones mentioned here in this article who are dumb enough to try to emulate the behavior of these “reality stars” ( what a
        pathetic joke) Wake up Morons! Reality tv is NOT real!!!! There has to be consequences for YOUR idiotic actions!
        Those offenders need to be in jail!!! And looking for approval or taking your issues out on any
        social media, just shows what a inept DOLT you really are- No matter who you are!
        Grow up you whiny socially retarded brats!

    • PEPTO!

      You are right.
      Just more human debris flapping their jaws and showing off how much they really don’t know-Pathetic oxygen thieves!

  • pissedoff

    I STILL cant use this stupid site with my computer… Fukkin apple/android users screwed us pc users when the dumasses at fox tried to cater to you sissys

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the racial slurs its just a word but you did harm to someone they need to have something done to all of those girls shes not the only person shes jumped i the pasted 6 months over a guy

  • anonymous

    theres more to the story that they are not showin smh there everyone goes judging again. you say nigger is just a word? that tells alot about you. sad theres still ignorant racist ass ppl in this world.

  • Anon

    Exactly…more to the story, go thru Facebook…you'll figure out more. Samantha has been jumped before but bragged because she had no marks and won the fight against "22" ppl and claimed to be beating someones face in, smh, neither party is innocent, just fighting over a BOY thats in jail!

  • Anonymous

    Im black and i think its just a word theres no point in fighting over it that gave her no right to for any of them to put there hands on her 7-1 no one on one pussys jump people if u really wanna salve shit

  • Daxid

    Here you have a fight with weapons and call it gangs of girls.Now they say even though it is on tape no one will be charged?I have seen people get sent to prison for less! These girls all of them should have been charged and at the least put on probation so it does not happen again.This is the trouble with the courts they say they do not want to ruin a child's life they are not the may be saving them from a life of crime. Forget these scarred straight programs if these kids want to act like they are grown then send them to Jail but not in the same cells as grown ups but say on the same blocks as grown ups so they can actually see what life of crime has in store from them .Make them go to school while incarcerated just as everyone else so they understand to go on their own.Some children of the world today need a GIANT wake up!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly fox 17 needs to confront kent county they are on some bs not there 1st time gettin away with it its ronnises 3rd time something needs to be done

  • anonymous

    She said she wasnt doing nothing but that was her in the pink she tryin to get us introuble because she wanna fight over some petty shit

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