Military Couple Moves To Backyard To Escape House of Horror

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. – Ricky and Jennifer Chambers are looking for help and said they don’t know where to turn.

The Chambers said they’re both Army veterans. Ricky left the army in 1988, and Jennifer’s service ended in 2000.

Their Muskegon home is paid off, and on the outside it looks pretty normal.  The inside is a different story, though, and they refuse to sleep there.

Just after Ricky made a down payment, something went horribly wrong before he could buy insurance.

“He had already put the paperwork in (the house), then it caught on fire as his paperwork was going through. And it was arson was what they said, ” Jennifer said.

FOX 17 News took a tour inside. Six years after the fire, the smell of smoke still lingers throughout. Insulation is still exposed, and there’s a winter chill in the air.

The Chambers said there are serious electric and plumbing repairs that they can’t afford to pay. That means no running water and no heat.

“The project has just been bigger than what we can handle,” Jennifer said.

“There hasn’t been any running water or any gas in the house in six years almost,” she added. “So we kind of felt like we’ve been living in a third world country.”

Neighbors let the Chambers take showers and wash dishes in their house. “Ya know, [we] have to go to Wesco to go to the bathroom. It’s really hard.”

Without cash, the Chambers just can’t seem to get ahead. With little work, they’re routinely behind on their bills, Jennifer said.

Jennifer he makes $600 a month by working part-time with social media management. Husband Ricky was laid off in recent years. He even went out of state to look for work, but he couldn’t find it.

“My husband actually volunteers for the American Red Cross and disaster relief, of all things. And he drives the blood to hospitals and stuff, so we try to help out where we can with other people.”

“We don`t really like asking for help, but we’d like to at least have heat and running water,” Jennifer added.

The family now lives in an RV in their backyard. It’s cramped quarters without the basic necessities to live. Both are still hoping for help, not a handout.

“If somebody can help us get started, at least get us in the right direction that’s all we really want,” she said.

If you would have any resources that might help the Chambers email

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  • David

    I work at Goodwill Industries of west michigan and we have a program if they have consumers energy we can help, I dont know all the ins and outs of it, its not my department, but I was told to share with this new serve my country, this is crap, no reason to have this going on in my neighborhood

  • Just here

    ummm… with no bills seems that u could b doing a little more with the money u do have , not trying to be mean , but dont take money to wash walls, habitate house has decent prized everything , freecycle could get u a lot of the little things ….. suggest looking for different work , even mcdonalds is better than no paycheck …. and i understand helping out where it is needed …. but time could b spent better elsewhere …. 3 years ago i had nothing ….. i walked to work , saved for a car which i had to live in … i got a better job , baby steps , just seems that after 6 years …. nothing ?????

    • Brittney

      Because everyone’s situation is the same as yours, right? And you think 600 dollars a month for two would leave them with money to save?

      • Just here

        ummm, what are they spending the money on ….. no bills….. i take care of two with a lil over 900 and i have rent electric internet car insurance dog food health insurance and ohh by the way my hubby cant work cause he is epelectic , i took care of us for 3 years waiting for SSI , i worked 3 petty jobs , but guess what , with food stamps , i was able to make it … they have to want to help them selves first ….. dont take nothing to gut a house ….. 20 dollars worth of material a month is nothing also …..

        • lilg

          I commend you for your valor, and steadfastness. I am truly amazed at your hold. When I was young I too struggled, and fought the good fight, giving my all. I have been working since I was 15. I gave so much of myself that now my health is failing, and now in the end I have lost it all. I have nothing left, the sacrifice and struggle cost me too much. I am disillusioned my American dream gone with no hope. The Chambers are not asking for hand outs, I think they are brave for being honest. The country is in trouble folks, is this how it all goes down, wailing accusation at people being dragged out into the street?

        • Deni

          Just here, I happen to know these people personally and I can tell you that the $600 a month job just started a couple months ago. They do have bills. You know as well as I do that you can't get a job without a phone so they have the least expensive phone they could get. Luckily they have a vehicle, but it costs money to keep that running. And most people don't have the ability to walk to work. They have been living in an RV which was heated by propane (have you priced that lately). I can also tell you that their time is spent doing what they can on the house and trying to find work. They have gone all this time without asking for help. The house is already gutted. They have done what they could with rewiring, but they just don't have the knowledge to plumb a house. Certain jobs must be done by experts. You totally missed the point of this story and jumped to many assumptions that just don't apply. If you are looking for some kind of pat on the back for getting through your tough story, then consider it patted and stop being so judgmental about other people. There is so much more I could say here, because I do know their story, but you are just not worth any more of my time. If all you can do is hate, I suggest you look for some help for yourself. It must be miserable being you.

  • promise

    TIS the season, I am sure they will get some help, but be thankful first that you do have a place to sleep and keep warm lots of ppl dont, prayers sent your way. God Bless.



    • Troy

      Absolutely not, did you even read the article???? Wow!!! She was out in 88 and he was in 00 ( only place to have gotten a case of PTSD would have been Iraq or Saudi Arabia, and we were only be here a few months and that was to beat the living crap out of them,,, if they got PTSD from that ,,,,, no way))) plus they DO go out in to society, one working part time and one donating time to Red Cross like I said did you even read the article,, some people!!

      • Troy

        You know what I'm not done you know what I hate ??? Stupid People like you that make an excuse whit out even really putting much thought into what they are saying,,, 6 years ???? Are you kidding me,,, I'm sorry but I too have been at ROCK BOTTOM and it takes a lot of hard work to crawl out!! Every one says helpbhelp help but no one does!!! Your so into making excuses formilitary in people I'll bet you have never actually lifted a finger to help any!! ( and bebefor anyone wants to get all upset I spent 16 years fighting for thithisnthithisncountry I love and REAL fighting I'm an ARMY RANGER I've had fights where my gun didn't eveneven cool down for days !!! You tell me you haven't been able to find work in six years ,, I'll call you a lazy liar !!!

        • lilg

          Didn’t cool down for days? Some caliber, you got me wondering. I couldn’t say, but my Dad had 30 cal hot like that in the real bug out, warp the barrel! What ever , just glad your back. Seriously welcome back!

        • White Knight

          I read the article, You have a lot to say, but it looks like you didn't read the article. You got most of your references incorrect. You served in the military? Well thank you. I hope you were not such an ass during that time. Probably not because your CO would have kicked your dumb ass! You have a lot of nerve judging another soldier whom you know absolutely nothing about. It really makes your military claims suspect. A real soldier would never stab a fellow soldier in the back. Rick Chambers is one of millions of highly qualified people who have not been able to find work. Luckily, Rick is also college educated so at least he can write a coherent sentence. FYI – he has not commented on this story and doesn't plan too so when you aim your hate at him and his claims, you are way off base. My advice to you, GET A LIFE!

    • lilg

      Yes we should honor our Veterans PTSD or not. My Father is living at 80 years old, Hr fought in Korea 1951-1953 He is a combat Veteran. Porkchop Hill, Triad, and the Ridge. Out of a whole division of Americans,now lost to history, he was among only 4 to be carried off Porkchop Hill. The VA Cancelled his pension. I wrote Obama, not even a reply. He said, my father, nobodies minding the store, son, and that hes still proud to be an American.

      • WhoodaThunk

        Of course they are it's Christmas time – The time for greed & begging. I'm wondering why he didn't assume the position in front of the cameras. He's the "man" correct? The "husband", the "provider" the "upper hand". Strange how when the hammer hits the nail men cower down like weaklings & play as if they are insured. If he were on stage with his band he would have been jumping up & down showing all 32 but no, instead his head is down looking extra pitiful letting his wife tell the "story". Way to throw her to the piranhas buddy. He's a keeper

        • White Knight

          You got nothing better than that? I'm thinking maybe you got one that pinky sized, no, not even that. Do you drive a big truck too? Your big mouth doesn't compensate for your lack of manhood any more than your cowardly handle!

    • jcrowe2006

      There is no PTSD here. Mrs. Chambers was a trainee discharge in 1998 with less than 180 days of active service – She received an RE-4 on her DD214. She never completed basic training and was deemed unfit for service.

      She is wanted in Texas for $16,200 in back child support she owes.

      Mrs. Chambers ran a similar scam in December of 2005 with a radio station in Dallas, Texas. It was a program to assist veterans and their spouses who didn't have money for Christmas presents. She netted over $1000 on that scam and yes she had just been fired from a $50K a year job the previous 2 months.

      I agree there needs to be assistance for real veterans however, that is not the case here. Nor do the tax payers need to foot the lifetime bill for those who serve 3-4 yrs on active duty with no injuries . We have that program in Congress and it doesn't work very well, they tend to become leaches on society. Hopefully you can see the pattern.

    • lilg

      Okey doke, wish we had that one. That’s how I grwew up too thinking there was solutions for all this, in that so called institution, we went virtual, and I guess the so called institution became per-scripting SSRI’s oh man no way! you gotta be kidding me really how does that help “WTF!”

  • just me

    I know for a fact they were just married this summer I also know his mother gave him the money to buy the house it was already burnt when he bought it. 3 years ago. He plays in a band and could work a real job if he wanted.but chooses not to.

    • Deni

      Ah, we all get it now. Just so everybody is on the same page, 'just me' is an ex girlfriend with issues who does not know when to quit while she is ahead. Hey, just me, stalk much?

      • MSmart

        Actually, she's correct. He also collects welfare for his son whom he does not have physical custody of, he bought the house for $5000 a few years ago AFTER it burnt. That's why it was so cheap in that neighborhood. He refuses to work due to him being a musician and thats what he does. He has 4 kids none of which he takes care of. The neighbors that let him wash are related to one of his kids. I could go on and on. BTW I'm not an ex, I just know a douche.

        • White Knight

          Wrong on all counts. You may not be an ex, but you are an exes best friend! Drama queens without an audience. Maybe you should check out MySpace!

  • WTF!

    Strange article, Hey, Since he “volunteers” for the Red cross, Maybe the husband can hit up the CEO of Red cross since she brings in $651,957.00 anually as of 2012! Then maybe they would not be in dire straits?

  • hard worker

    SCAM ! so 3 years ago he tried to marry my friend then he bought this house with money that he got from his mom Knowing it was burnt tried to get her to help him pay to fix it I personally have seen him play in a band And I also know that he gets money from the Indians every 3 months so where does all that money go and why should everyone else feel pity for him when everyone in a shelter is in A worse situation. here’s a thought why don’t you sell the camper trailer and maybe pay a contractor or just use that money and fix it yourself oh but then Thats work too.

    • lilg

      Agreed why should we have pity? Sounds a bit fascist to me, but ok let’s think about that one for sec. You wanna lay stuff up on the table, my question is what pity do you have? Honestly I don’t think we have anything here, to match the wager. How can you talk about pity when you have none! Not for him or even any other, in your community? It’s not about hand out, there is none folks, we all looking at the same thing here, your just one medical emergency away from total financial collapse! Really? Can you not see the humanity anymore, do you not realize how close to your this is? Your people? Your relatives? I like the Goodwill lady at least see responded with a solution.

    • Deni

      'hard worker' is a friend of 'just me' and both are uninformed haters. So your friend got dumped. You, and I mean specifically YOU and your good friend, just me, cannot keep a good man down. This immature drama fest you have going on is fooling no-one. Shouldn't you be busy spreading your hate on My Space!

  • get a job

    He's been out of work for years? He doesn't need to look out of state, I could name a half dozen factories that are hiring in Holland right now. Sounds to me like he's not even trying.

  • My Opinion

    I call BS to this story; what I want to know is… did Fox17 investigate this at all before sending out a crew to capture what I believe to be a scam? If I remember correctly, fox17 did another story similar to this for a women "claiming" to not have enough cash for a "life saving" surgery, only to find out that was a false story as well. So, with the media jumping to conclusions, did fox17 investigate this thoroughly (check property records of when house was bought as opposed to said fire, public records,etc…) prior to sending the call for help??? There are many avenues available to help individuals out and I don't think the media should be one of them.

    • lilg

      I guess the cold hard facts wasn’t good enough for you buddy. Seeing isan’t believing huh, you just wanna only see what you believe! I looking all around, and I don’t want to believe it, but at least I can see it. Our great country in despair. You gonna wait until it’s your family getting hauled out into the street? USA”Super POWER!” together we stand! not hand outs! Americans WORKING together…

      • lilg

        If I could send them money I’d be the first one to do it. It’s not about that, we are all in trouble here, and we gotta stop making excuses, the goodwill lady is right this america and it should not be happening. We have companys resources, and technology, and “communicating together!” we CAn solve this for everyone! Imagine! Truly. I don’t know if it can happen in time for the Chambers, but challenge you the same, don’t wait til comes to a neighborhood near you!

    • Deni

      Dear My Opinion, this couple did NOT contact the media with their story. Also, they did not ask for help for many years, trying to take care of things themselves. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have got to know that getting a job has not been easy for many years now. Upon urging from friends that have been worried about them, they have contacted the area resources that may be able to help them get to a point where they can live in their house, have enough food to eat and not freeze to death this winter. They feel great shame in asking for help at all. You want to call BS? You go right ahead, but maybe you should do some investigation first as well. There is so much more to their story than was presented in those few seconds on FOX 17. We are talking about real people here. There are so many people in our community that need help. What did you do today to help one of those people? From your OPINION, I would guess NOTHING! I call BS on you! Who cares what you think?

  • lilg

    I think your all in denial! Make no mistake this economy is killing us all! You just haven’t faced it without borrowed money. Wait till your over the premium interest you can pay on your next debt fix, then you know what it’s like to be ridiculed by others borrowing above others paying off to solvency. I know them, his Mom didn’t have the money to buy the house shame on you!

    • hard worker

      Really! I don’t understand all of the excuses. There are many jobs in Muskegon, but they don’t just come to your house and ask if you would like a job! You have to apply. He obviously doesn’t care enough about the situation or his wife.Grow up Ricky your not a rock star nor will you ever be.. And yes shame on the news team as well for not investigating these kind of stories before they air!

      • lilg

        You fail to understand my comments about the Chambers plight, it’s very common, your just either to proud to admit it, or leveling personal attacks against him. You say what ever you like about the Chambers. I have been working steady now for 20 years, and I know well how hard this economy is! It’s gut wrenching! The city of Detroit, one of the largest cities in the U.S. just filed chapter 9 Bankruptcy on 11 billion dollars! We are in some real trouble here folks!

        • hard worker

          Well I guess you hot me there. I do not have much pity. But why help people that don’t want to help them self’s? And yes I do donate to foundations that help families in need every week. Out of my PAYCHECK.. But you have to qualify for hand outs like that. Good thing we don’t live in Detroit huh! Overpaying government to pick there ass and not help the community. I also let others live in my house till they can get back on their feet. But like so many others I have been diagnosed with a disease that cripels me at times for months on end. And will take my life at an early age.But guess what I’m still working! So wtf is his problem.

  • lilg

    Oh and another thing about the 90 day percap payment, last quarter was 499.00 dollars. Ok so thats a grand total of $41.58 oh my gosh what could you do with all that money! Holy! thats 5 dollars and 94 cents a day! REALLY thats not enough to by lunch for two. Get real, investigate that! The truth is you might be in more debt than the Chambers, and from what I understand you could lose all you have in less than 3 weeks, and if you can’t vacate and move your personal property you’ll lose it all! Take head lest you fall…Mark my words if we don’t stick together, as Americans, divided we shall all fall!

  • PCM

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! He bought the house cheap from the city 3yrs ago for next to nothing because it had burned. City records can prove that. The fire happened 6yrs ago, he bought it 3yrs ago and just got married over the summer. Ive known him for 20yrs, He has stolen from my family, screwed over most people who trusted him and he does infact get indian money as well as money from playing in bands all over town. He has 2 Camper RVs on the property, a speed boat, and A LOT of very expensive pro lighting gear that he could have sold to fix his house if he so chose to. He has no physical reason that keeps him from working, but as another comment nicely put it, he simply chooses not to.

    • lilg

      Well I do certainly yield to such felony charges, but before you create defamation and slander, I think you should provide the the proof of such claims in public, or you could be held liable sir. “Legally” my condolences to your claims. Are there formal charges?

      • lilg

        Paying taxes on scudled property is good for Muskegon. If it happened before or after I don’t know. Getting Indian money we know that’s under 6 bucks a day, wow. I seen that old boat, not much a speed boat pal. I thought we were going to get stranded in the middle of amoeba brain eating lake. I did see the fancy lighting gear, on SBA loan from the bank, and you can’t put that until it’s paid for pal. I am curious about you speaking for other peoples trust, and also what you claim was stolen from your family. You failed to mention details?

        • lilg

          Yes I do remember seeing these assets well over a decade ago, the early nineties long before the housing crash, when lost almost everything, yeah it’s been 20 years ago, and what point are you trying to make now hater?

    • Deni

      Shame on you, PCM! You are the liar. There is one RV on the property that they currently live in. IF they could sell it and that is a big IF (just ask the RV dealers in town), where would you suggest they live while the house get fixed? The other trailer on the property holds band equipment that has been bought and paid for over a many year period. Yes, he can play a couple of gigs a month and maybe make $100 bucks. Without the equipment, he can't do that. There is no physical reason keeping him from working. The reason is that he cannot find a job (any job). I have a Master's Degree and 30+ years experience and I couldn't find a job (not locally and not within a 500 mile radius). This couple deserves our respect. I intend to give them that and any help that I can. You, PCM, can crawl back under your rock!

    • stacyjobuckhout

      you all are so judgmental. Who cares the details. these people fought for this country. fought for you to be able to speak your mind. for you all to sit here and talk this crap is BS. doesnt matter when they bought it, the circumstances of them buying it. what matters is they are normal people trying to make it in this world and they are struggling. i personally know them. they are good people theyve been doing everything they can to get back on there feet, and i think they deserve help. they have never asked for help. they never thought it was anyone elses responsibility but there own to fix there home. but i think they deserve the help. they have done more for this country than most people that are commenting and "calling BS" on this post. you should all be ashamed of the crap that is coming out of your mouth.

  • Christine Gates

    I know how they feel, my hubby and I have been living off my ssi/ssdi for a few years and finding help is hard, we don’t have water and cant afford to drill a new well and can’t find help I have been looking for over a year. I have cystic fibrosis and he is unable to get out of bed most days, between car insurance, gas , electric, and pet food, we fight to come up with our taxes every year so we can keep our house, our families are unable to help and there are no groups that help adults, our caseworker wont even help.

  • Amanda

    Im all about helping. If they have a mailing address, local shops are hiring for the season. Applications can be filled out at michigan works, dhs or a local library. Im sure these would require a drug test. Target, walmart, meijers, even taco bell has a sign up for help wanted. It would be seasonal, but it would fix the heat and water if saved. Plasma and blood centers are in need, you can sell 2x a week (drug free only). Im sure if they are great workers it could go full time from seasonal help.

    • Deni

      You started out sounding like you cared, but then you insinuated that they probably aren't applying for these seasonal jobs because of drug testing. SHAME ON YOU! What a nice back-handed compliment at the end too about if they are great workers maybe seasonal work could go to full-time.

      • Who Cares?

        You sound as if you're a Chambers as much time as you have spent here white knighting them. Instead of debating with everyone here go help them yourself Deni. All this time you have spent replying to each & every comment that seems to go against what the video stated push in the keyboard & lend them folks in need a helping hand. You know them right? What kind of friend are you that wastes precious time sitting in a warm house in front of a computer screen typing instead of doing some actual work for your "friends"?

        • White Knight

          Actually, I am sitting in my office of the small business that I struggle to keep afloat on a daily basis. To my left sits Mrs. Chambers who I hired as my assistant. It's only part-time, but that is all I can do right now. I can tell you what a decent, hard working, intelligent person she is. I didn't talk about this before because I believe in anonymous giving, but since you insist here you go. I have provided them with an electric heater to try and keep them warm at night. I have given them Meijer gift cards to use for food and gas. I have provided them with extra cash to pay for much needed prescriptions. I have fed and clothed them from my own home and closet. Typing on a computer is my job. Monitoring social media is my job. There is a name among social media experts for people like you. TROLLS! You have certainly earned that one. Oh, and thank you for my new handle, I rather like the idea of the White Knight!

  • Steve

    Does Fox News ever do any background before they do a store? This guy BOUGHT the house this way! He plays in a band in town, gets money from the Indians and has TURNED DOWN jobs. This POS even abandoned his own kid! He left the kids for over a month IN THIS HOUSE and the kids had to live at his grandmothers! DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THISE PEOPLE! They are scammers and have been reported for scamming DHS. They get assistance for kids that that don't even have.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Fox News, do some research, you end up looking very foolish.

    • Deni

      Steve (or is it HATER?). What do you hope to gain by spreading lies? I'm gonna guess that you are just not as good of a person as this couple is. It is a well-known fact that putting other people down does nothing to raise your own sad self up.

      • MSmart

        He was left alone for a week not over a month. Ricky was supposed to return after 2 weeks and didn't return for 3 months. Good parenting skills huh? Don't forget collecting stamps and welfare for that same son for 15 years when he only had physical custody of him for 4 years at most. Even that time the child stayed with the mother of his other kids. He hasn't even bothered to have any contact with this same son since Ricky returned in August. His son is 7 blocks from him. Poor kid.

        • rik

          My dad has done alot for me. i vist him all the time, lived with him most my life, and he didnt abandon me i dont even know why you would come on here saying things like this

          • White Knight

            Rik, don't let these idiots get you down! Your dad is a good man. As long as you know that, it doesn't matter one bit what these Trolls think. Trust me, there are a lot of us out there who know the kind of man your father is.

          • lilg

            Good to hear from you lil rik. Pay no attention to them there more fearful than you lil one, look how quick they are to throw people overboard, thats the sound of desperation! It’s alot like trying to save someone drowning in the middle of the lake they will try to pull you down too. What they are saying is just like that, stand strong, and try to save them too.

  • Deni

    I just want to say that I know this couple. I know their family and I know their story. I also know many other people who have known them for years who had no idea that they were living this way. Their knowledge of them speaks to their character. I have never heard any of these people have a bad thing to say about this couple. Upon reading some of the hateful and hurtful comments on this story, I was appalled at the ignorance and spite that some people just love to trot out in public. I was so angry that I made several replies so I fully expect that I will be the next target for these haters even though they don't know me from Adam. Take your best shot. This couple could use a little help to get them over this hurdle. They have been loathe to ask for help, even from their closest friends, but they cannot live this way any longer. A plumber and electrician and a few building supplies would go a long way in getting them to a point where they can live in the house and be able to cook, clean, stay warm and care for their personal hygiene needs. If you would like to help this family, please contact FOX 17.

    • stacyjobuckhout

      I have known them pretty close to 4 years. they have never said anything about expecting help from anyone. i agree with Deni. you are all so judgemental on people you know nothing about. they are good people honest people. i know for a fact, that every extra dollar they have goes to supporting themselves. you cant expect someone who makes so little to take that and put it towards fixing there house, when they stiill have to have money to survive. you ever think about how much it must cost to simply wash there laundry.? To go somewhere and shower? to find a way to make themselves a meal when they are hungry.? didnt think so cuz you are all so judgmental.

    • WhoodaThunk

      "No idea they were living this way" A camper smack dab in the middle of the yard with extension cords strewn across the lawn, taking showers & washing pots & pans at the neighbors & friends houses BUT nobody knew? Come on, you are going to have to wake up a little earlier to have someone believe that tossed together story. If you don't want to have your "friends" look worse than they already do, please stop posting. You're doing them much more harm than good.

      • WhiteKnight

        A camper in the back yard that you can't see from the road. I don't know their neighbors at all, so NO I didn't know that they needed to go there to take showers or use the bathroom or wash dishes. The whole story came out very slowly and the more I found out the more I did to try to help. They didn't have people come to their camper for dinner parties. DUH! Get a life WhoodaThunk! I will continue to defend good people and YOU can take a walk!

  • Mary Barnhard

    I have known this family for a few years. It doesn't matter what shape the house was in when it was bought. They bought it with the good intentions of fixing it up the way they wanted the house. Rick may not work at a regular job, but at least he is trying. I know exactly where this couple is coming from, they need help not hurtful remarks. Rick and Jen are both upstanding people that have fell on a hardship. I myself know what it is like to live on a limited income, I get SSI and SSD, and still have a hard time coping. I need water in my kitchen, but they need a lot more. Please put yourself in their position. I may get a lot of flack from this, but I have broad shoulders and can take it.

    • stacyjobuckhout

      i agree with you 100%. i too know these people. they are good people and they do deserve the help that they spent so many years NOT asking for. people need to stop being so harsh.

    • WhoodaThunk

      But wait, It DOES in fact "matter" what shape the house was in – because SHE (Jen) stated that "He had already put the paperwork in (the house), then it caught on fire as his paperwork was going through. And it was arson was what they said, ” "Rick may not work a regular job" so let me understand this better, Rick doesn't have to work 40 hours a week like others do who earn what they have? Rick gets to play gigs & tote disaster relief blood around part time & gets a house remodeled for him by donations from hard overtime working strangers? What DOES Rick have to do? Rick doesn't have any other choice BUT to work a "regular" job OR TWO if he wants anything out of life. The reason why he owns a 'halfway house' (a house that is half way remodeled) is because Rick only wants to work half the time & let other people do the rest but guess what Rick, You are in for a rude awakening. In this life people get what they give & clearly he has gotten what he has given.

      • White Knight

        Wrong again . . . do we see a pattern here? You don't know what you are talking about. Clearly you are not a musician or you would know that "getting to play gigs" usually ends up costing more than you get paid. Before you stick your foot in your mouth again, I am a musician and I "get to play gigs" and I do know. Once again, they are not asking for their home to be remodeled and they are NOT asking for a handout. They are asking for a hand UP at the urging of those who care about them. Yes, we are doing all that we can, but some jobs must be done by experts in the field or they would not pass a home inspection. Tell you what? Why don't you give up your home for one week and let's see how well you do?

  • Tammy Javinsky-Olthoff

    Wow the ignorance of people is remarkable. They did serve in the armed forces. Doesn’t matter how long ago. My family and I thank you for your bravery and for serving our country. They are asking for a little help. The gred and selfishness of those who commented so negatively must never have had any help from any one. Rick and Jen did service for our country and that means every one in it including the self righteous asses with the negativity. Kick them while their down!!!! Jen and rick also help out at benefits for the less fortunate people in situations a lot or worse than their own. They are good people who genuinely now just need a little help. So if you can find it in your heart to reach out from all of us who actually care thank you.

  • Anonymous girl

    I’ve known the chambers for a while now and let me tell u they are one of the most decent humble people around they will help anyone around but it pisses me off to hear how people express about two people.who have served for this country not caring what happened to them but yet illegals get all the help in the world geesh really wrong I just hope the chambers get the help they need.

  • stacyjobuckhout

    Some of the things said here about Rick & Jen are just down right wrong. You shouldnt speak on someone you know nothing about. I have known Jen for a while now. She is a very hard working women, even if it is part time. i have hated to see them struggle..and not one time have i heard them ask for anything other than maybe to take a shower here and there at my mother in laws house (they live next door to her). Some of the things i read from you people about this situation sickens me. I believe that they should get help. Its not like they are asking for someone to come in and make it all right for them while they sit back and watch. They want to know that there is some sort of anything out there that will show them that what they are trying to do will eventually pay off in there benefit. lets see one of you haters live in there shoes for just one day…see how far you can make it because i bet you fall flat on your face one hour into it. they are very strong people for what they have been going through. shame on anyone who has anything negative to say about them. Jen & Rick im praying for you. if you need anything let me know i got your back!

    • WhoodaThunk

      "if you need anything let me know i got your back" REALLY?? You didn't KNOW the house they want to live in has no running water or gas? They live in a huge camper that is smack dab in the middle of their lawn & you are just now finding out your "friend" needs help? Where the heck have you been, In the land of OZ for the past 3 years???? Just NOW (because it's in the news) you're letting them know "you have their backs"? Wow… Nothing like being 3 years & a 6 minute news clip too late eh? Some 'friend' you are.

  • curry

    They have been looking for work. she had a part time job and got injured and what do you know they got stuck with all the medical bills. Comp didn't pay and they are going to hire a lawyer on what! This couple served our country they care about people they put others needs above their own. Did anyone who is posting the hurtful remarks ever been in a bad position. Indian Money does what exactly sure as hell don't pay their bills. They are not asking for a handout they are asking for a hand up,

  • Rnight

    There's a lot of personal information posted from negative posters. For some reason they remind me of spiteful exes who are still bitter. It really shows a person's character when they jump on the bandwagon to kick people when they are down. With friends like you all, who needs enemies. I read every comment and laughed as I pictured bitter women happy that they can throw stones and attack his character. You have to really have been in love with someone to stay this angry and bitter lol. To all you haters "Its over! Move on with your life!"

    I have known Rick and Jen for a long time now and I have to say Rick has always been there for me and friends when we needed help. Not once has he ever let us down. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, it also takes more courage than I have to serve in the military and protect someone I don't even know.

    Everyone has hard times in life, and every case is different. I just hope when you haters fall down, that somebody picks you up instead of kicking dirt in your face. They are not asking for a handout, they asking for a little help.

  • K.Smith

    Wow what a bunch of hateful people in this world. I didn't hear anyone asking for help in that video all I heard was someone asking for a way to help themselves out of a bad situation. I almost moved to Michigan a few years ago its a beautiful state I thought there were a lot of good people there when I was able to visit. The reason I did not move there was because in three months of exhausting all of my resources I could not find a job. I actually met the Chambers while I was there visiting and they were very kind helpful people.

  • WhoodaThunk

    Why now? Why go 6 long COLD winter years before saying anything to anyone that they needed help? If their "friends" contacted the news after 6 years they need new friends. But again, It's Christmas time & what better time to set up the lighting & props for a news team? They claim the house has been without water & gas for 6 years – SIX YEARS? I don't know about any of you but I damn sure wouldn't have gone 6 years without that much needed necessity. You see people, CREDIBILITY is a MF'er when it comes to getting help from complete strangers. She stated that "it caught on fire as the paperwork was going through" County records say otherwise as a matter of fact they say the fire happened LONG BEFORE the house was purchased by Chambers. Why lie about something ANYONE can get information about? If someone would lie about a trivial fact like that you better believe they will lie about bigger issues. The freedom of information act was put in place for people like us to investigate people like them. It's not that we don't want to help, We just don't feel the need to give anyone anything when more well deserving people are in need. By the looks of the "camper" they are residing in I'd say it's worth round 10 thousand so why did they buy a camper instead of investing in the house? Call me crazy but that is like putting chrome rims on a car with no motor. Oh, & before you chime in Deni the white knight, I've read the paper work that you say doesn't exist.

    • White Knight

      So how about giving me a name so I can do some digging on you, WhoodaThunk? I'd love to hang you out to dry you judgmental ass! I never made any claims about any paperwork in any of my replies to the haters. I haven't seen it, so I didn't speak to it. I did, however, speak to the character of this couple and anyone who knows me personally would speak to my character. Even an idiot like you can't make me tell lies. Sucks to be you, Sincerely, Deni the White Knight!

  • Paul

    hiding your identity, and posting negative comments like the ones I saw, like about getting institutionalized, and blaming you for mismanaging money, thats as cowardly as all get out!!!

  • lilg

    Talking like this, in public where the little ones can see, it’s a bad sign! All this reminds me of the titanic, people fighting over the last boats. Throwing people overboard for what’s left. I think this is an example of whats going on in Muskegon. If the economy wasn’t so life threatening nobody would be talking like this! The lies, and opinions, accusations are the last dying gasps of a once mighty port city community that now lays desolate. I can hardly stand to hear it, but I cannot turn from them, this is America together we stand strong! We cannot afford to divide ourselves. I have known the Chambers all my life, I left Muskegon years ago, long before it got really bad. I think the Chambers are brave for trying to stay there. I bailed, I escaped, and I watched. One by one every heavy duty power house employer got demolished in Muskegon! As heart breaking this is to see the those left turn against each other, I’m not ready to throw people overboard! I just cant do it!

    • lilg

      I also mean that for the haters, I just can’t do it, not each other really! Whats going over There? What has Happening now to Muskegon. I grew up there never use to be like this.

  • lilg

    Warning if people continue this path, you’ll see Americans killing each other for failing infrastructure they cannot afford to maintain by themselves. Divided we fall haters.

  • lilg

    You are probably wondering, whats this got to with the Chambers and me hating them? On this level everything matters, you could live or die, or throw somebody overboard. How much lower can anyone of us go? What once made this country a superpower is that we all stood together! If we go back to that, it does not matter if I like you hater, your family gets help too! Do think prejudice, fascism, and hatred is going to deliver this once Great Nation?

  • lilg

    Democrat Republican This country’s politics has gone bi-polar, but to us the common American being crushed to death, everything matters. If start throwing each overboard, it’s over! There will never be a USA again! We are trying to hold the line here, and racism, facism, hatred, and prejudice, is getting ready to stomp us all! Hold the line haters or we are all gonna get it!

  • lilg

    We are all hunkered down in these economic trenches, this is a real fight for life and death, and we gonna have to go over the top together! TOGETHER! Anybody tells you there not scared to go over the top is a God dam liar!

  • lilg

    This is not a popularity show or a character test. This is about why its so hard for all of us to pay our bills, and why none of us are getting a head, no matter how well off you are at this point. These economic bullets flying over our heads are real dude, hater or not, get hit by one and it killer! So ya better hunker down, this really matters. The Chambers have been in the trenches for 6 years, so better hold your head down. You don’t wanna get hit! Me I have retreated to the rear, like I said long ago. I have work steady, and had it good for a while. When tyranny, hatred, and fascism showed up they got a rubber stamped legal writ took all my personal property in less than three days! 17 years of honest hard working gain. Don’t they can do it to you? What astonishes me is that this country was once a just country, don’t wait til tyranny comes to a neighborhood near you! If you resist you’ll get shot, and people are so asleep, the foreigner continues to rape Americans! Wake up hater, like I said if you can’t vacate they will take all ,and if you resist your gonna get shot! It’s tyranny, ya better hunker down hater they will get you next.

  • lilg

    Just for the record, i’m not a survivalist, prepper, or anti-goverment. All I know is that in this economic WAR you can really die, and it’s happening people all around me, across all classes, and political lines. I’m not ashamed to say who ever you are hater or not, whatever American, we need to stand together. The economic bullets flying over our head, THEY ARE FOR REAL! Like I said we are in the trenches, and if somebody tells you it doesn’t matter,and there not scared, they are a GOD DAM LIAR!

  • donuthole

    You have over and hundred grand of music equipment, why don't you sell that and the camper and boat you have in your yard and buy a new house..

  • jcrowe2006

    Dear Fox 17 – I watched with great interest the story of Jennifer Chambers. Much to my surprise I know Mrs. Chambers.

    Here is what your community should know about Mrs. Jennifer Chambers.

    She is not a veteran. She was discharged from active duty in February 1998 with less than 180 days of service for Failure to Adapt. Commonly referred to as a trainee discharge. She is entitled to no benefits or to claim the title of "veteran".

    She was fired from a $35,000 (plus) job as recently as November with New Horizons Computer Learning Center in New Orleans where she worked as a technology trainer.

    She is wanted in the state of Texas for failure to pay child support. As of January 2014 she is $16,200 behind in child support.

    Lets call her what she is, a wanted deadbeat fugitive claiming false valor to get pity.

    You might want to re-investigate this one and do a follow up on a wanted deadbeat mother that claims "veteran" status (ask for the DD214 and divorce decree).

    By the way, thank you for the address, the Texas Attorney General will be in touch with Mrs. Chambers soon.

  • Arnulfo

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