Deadly M-40 Crash Involving Teacher Similar to 2007 Accident

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josh-hoppe300HOLLAND, Mich. – A morning crash on M-40 in which a Hamilton High School teacher was killed is rekindling memories of a similar accident nearly seven years ago.

Joshua Hoppe, 30, of Zeeland was killed Wednesday morning after his car was trapped under a semi truck south of I-196.

The crash took place around 6:19 a.m. in front of Tulip City Truck Stop on the southern edge of Holland in Allegan County. The tractor-trailer, driven by David St. John, 54, of Wellston, Mich., was pulling out of the restaurant parking lot onto northbound M-40. Hoppe apparently tried to stop but couldn’t.  St. John was not hurt.

FOX 17 checked St. John’s driving record which came back clean.

In 2007, three members of a family were killed in a similar crash at the same location.

Thirty-eight-year-old Curt Boeve was behind the wheel of a van which killed him and two of his children Zachary Boeve, 13, and Emma Boeve, 4.  Two of Boeve’s other sons in the car were also hurt.

The driver of the semi truck, Anthony Reyelts of Indiana, plead no contest to negligent homicide for the crash.  He was sentenced to two years of probation and community service.  Reyelts was also ordered to pay restitution for part of the funeral expenses.

FOX 17 tried to track down Revelts Wednesday.  According to his Facebook he is currently doing maintenance work for a truck stop in Indiana.

Investigators said Reyelts pulled out of the truck stop even though he could not complete his turn to the north.  Boeve could not stop his van before crashing into the semi truck, according to investigators.

Following the crash, MDOT and the City of Holland decided not to add a traffic signal in the area or lower the speed limit.

FOX 17 spoke with an MDOT spokesperson Wednesday who said there have been eight crashes at the location since 2004.  Two of the accidents were fatal– the 2007 Boeve crash and the one from Wednesday morning.

An online petition began circulating Wednesday morning in Josh Hoppe’s name to have changes made to the stretch of M-40.

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  • Kevin

    I used to travel this section of M40 daily when I commuted to Holland. Once when approaching Tulip City truck stop a semi pulled out in front of me, This was a winter day and the roads were slick. I had thoughts going through my head of who would notify my family if I wasn't able to avoid hitting it. Fortunately I did, without losing control. I NEVER went past that area again. I avoided it by cutting across secondary roads that would lead me to my destination. Perhaps now MDOT will rethink the traffic situation there. Sad another individual lost their life when the means could have been in place to prevent it.

    • trista

      there is a petition site going around i just sent it to fox17 via email. its search josh hoppe. for some reason i cannot post the exact link from my ipad.

  • WhiteKnuckledDriver

    I've driven this stretch of road 5-6 days a week for the past 17 years. I cannot tell you how many times I've had trucks pull out in front of me from Tulip City. It is not isolated or rare, but more like three or four times a week. Everyone who goes through there regularly knows this is a bad area, and it's not an uncommon point of discussion in the morning after getting to work.

    How many more have to die before Holland city does something about it? They put up temporary signals last summer when the blades for Ludingtons wind farm were being transported through the area regularly. So does it all come down to how much $ they can make off it, or are they going to actually start caring?

  • Tim W

    Should be a stop sign or a stop light put up their I’ve ben their before a lot. People drive to fast through. The people of the state that say its fine are wrong!!!! Its not their should be something done about it. Now before someone else loses a person they love…

  • deathbylegislation

    will this terrible accident finally put the spot over the death quota or will the local authorities need a few more deaths?

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