Jessica Heeringa Bill Would Require More Gas Station Security Measures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTON SHORES, Mich. — On Dec. 9, State Representative Collene Lamonte (D-Montague) will introduce a new bill that would require certain safety measures for late-night gas station employees.

The bill would require that gas stations either schedule two employees to work after 11 p.m. or install security cameras.

This legislation is inspired by the case of missing Norton Shores woman Jessica Heeringa, who disappeared from the Exxon station on Sternberg Road April 26.  She was abducted while working alone on the midnight shift, and there were no security cameras in place at the gas station.

Lamonte’s aid confirmed Wednesday that the bill, if passed, would be named after Heeringa.

The official announcement of the bill will take place at 10 a.m. Dec. 9 at the parking lot adjacent to the Exxon station where she was abducted, 1040 E. Sternberg Road.

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  • rollin1965mci

    for workers who work after 11 o clock???? are you freaking kidding me??? this law wouldnt have saved Jessica!! she was taken before 11 o clock!!! can anyone get it right for this kid??? anyone???

    • WhoodaThunk

      After 11:PM is like saying after 3:AM what is the difference in lighting? AT DUSK should be when 2 employees are required AND cameras.

  • Furious

    Some cops already tell business owners there's an unofficial rule like this, that if they want the police to help them, they need cameras.

    I also noticed that the sketch looks a lot like a man who raped me in the past, who I knew personally and can ID. In fact because he was a single parent and struggling, I tried to give him some of my business when he owned a body shop and also was willing to do some mechanical work in Orwigsburg, PA. I should have known something was wrong when I heard his wife abandoned him and his daughter and never tried to contact them again. Either he was so bad that his wife didn't even want the kid she had with him, or perhaps he "disappeared" her way back when.

    Though he's from eastern Pennsylvania, and I saw him in the midwest (probably stalking me) 3 days before Jessica was taken. And the only reason I knew about this case was because someone thought it was linked to the Morgan Harrington case in Virginia — a P.I. from Florida thinks there's a "petite blonde serial killer" out there. And I might happen to agree, but it's not just one man. If the Heeringa abductor is the man from Pennsylvania, one of his friends was in Virginia on the very night of the Harrington abduction, in a car driven by a guy who looks a lot like the wanted sketch in that case, (4 guys total in the car), and they had a motionless small person strapped into the front seat completely hidden under a black overcoat. So it's not as much a single serial killer as it is a group of them who may or may not be in on their individual crimes. The important thing to remember about them is that they all use similar methods to evade arrest. One of them is being very careful about not leaving evidence. They plan things carefully, and looking for a place without cameras is important to them.

    I still think the reason for this abduction, and Morgan Harrington's death, is due to police allowing rapists to stay on the streets. They knew who raped me — I knew the man, and it was a gang-rape with his friends who were dumb enough to post their pictures online so I could later ID them too. Police just chose to never arrest them, probably because this guy helped them with drug busts years ago, and to admit that he's just a lowlife rapist (also suspected of being a hit man for which another man is serving time) is to admit that all of the cases he helped them on are invalid. It could free a lot of drug dealers, if they haven't already served time and are out of prison by now. Maybe they'd owe the drug dealers compensation or something, even though they probably weren't wrongly accused. But when you have a guy like this testifying against them, can the testimony really be trusted? Cops should just take the facts as-is, if it costs them a few old convictions, so be it. At least they wouldn't have girls disappearing all over the country to protect their "witness."

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