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Police: GR Sex Offender May Have Gotten Teen Pregnant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Grand Rapids man has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct after police found a missing 13-year-old from Ottawa County in his apartment home in Grand Rapids.

Police said he met the girl online.

Manuel Salto, 38, asked for a court-appointed attorney after hearing the charges against him: two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving sexual penetration with a 13-year-old.

The alleged crimes happening between Nov. 1 and Dec. 5 2 at his apartment home in the 100 block of National Avenue SW in Grand Rapids.

Detectives testified that they had found the teen by going through her phone records.  When they went to check the apartment, they said they found her.

Documents show detectives discovered that she met Salto about a month ago online and had been staying with him off and on.

Investigators said Salto entered into a sexual relationship with her and admitted to having sex with her as many as six times.

Detectives also stated that the alleged victim may be pregnant with his child.

A neighbor who didn’t want to appear on camera said he saw police swoop in on the home Thursday to arrest Salto.

He said he watched the young girl walk out and he said it didn’t look like she was crying or upset at the time.

He said she just looked like a normal teen as officials led her out.  The judge noted that this isn’t the first time Salto had been arrested for criminal sexual conduct.  He is currently on probation for a 2012 criminal sexual conduct conviction.

Court documents show he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a 10-year-old girl when he lived on Chicago Drive SW in Wyoming.

Police said the victim was his live-in girlfriend’s daughter and he was accused of touching her in appropriately.

In an affidavit from March 2012, police said he didn’t admit to criminal sexual conduct, but did say he touched the girl.

Police also said he told the child to get under a blanket with him and then touched her.
Salto was eventually convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and was listed on the sex offender registry.
He is currently on probation for that crime.
Because of that prior conviction, the court services representative recommended a strict bond.  They also said he was a flight risk.
Bond was then set at $100,000.  Salto’s next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 18.

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    I would like to know why these guys keep getting second chances?Do not the people of the world understand this is beyond a sickness? Now he has destroyed another childs mind but also may have her pregnant..
    Plus I feel the parent need to be held accountable also! I mean how did this guy even get the chance to sneak around with this young girl for over a month having sex?without the parents knowing anything?If these so called parents have any more children at home they need to be taken away also a obviously they are not watching their children! I dont even know the little girl and feel so sorry for her.

  • T155

    I knew of a guy that raped 4 kids and he got 3 yrs in jail… that's it 3 yrs.. Bottom line is that these crimes don't make the state money. He is on parole and he isn't being monitored like people that have gotten a dui.. Dui, traffic ticket and minor drug charges make money for the state not raping your kids.. Maybe someone could call mothers against raping kids and see if they can figure out how to punish these people because the jack ass working in the judicial system don't care.. If anyone out there thinks i'm wrong go ahead and leave a comment proving me wrong.

      • Janes

        Well I can say the justice system is really messed up. People that abuse children mentally or physically should get a tougher sentence.

    • kdude

      T155 I've said the same thing for years, the MADD group runs the judicial system and the punishment for 1 DUI ruins people regardless of the level of intoxication. Numerous studies prove rapists never change but the sentences continue to be lenient, emphasis on "treatment" when there is none available.

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