Amber Alert Cancelled for Michigan Girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

mendoza missingHAMTRAMCK, Mich.- Hours after the Hamtramck Police Department issued an Amber Alert for 12 year-old Sabrina Mendoza, it was cancelled.  Around 9″25 a.m Sunday, Hamtramck police told FOX17 that Mendoza was found safe; no other details were available.

The original alert stated that Mendoza was last seen at the CVS store, 9300 Jos Campau around 8p.m. Saturday.  Police are saying that the girl was “abducted” by  an unknown person. It’s believed that she had contact with a black male in his 20s, driving an unknown model full-sized black van.

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  • Common Sense

    The article didn’t say this, However, She probably met this person over the internet!
    Facebook, Craigslist, other “social” media outlets are nothing but trouble for kids, teens, and adults alike-
    People have gone missing and even worse from the scum they have met on those sites!
    I don’t use those sites just for that reason alone- Parents! Stop letting your children on the internet!!!!
    Adults, Beware of those sites- How many folks have been hurt just because they were looking for a “deal”?
    Children gone missing (just look at how many cases recently)because predators are allowed to have computers and access to the internet- If parents would not allow their children to use the internet, It would make it harder for these monsters to get ahold of them! JMO.
    I hope they find this child and she is okay-

  • MomRanting

    Are you that clouded to say that the only reason this happened is because she met someone on line .You may not like those site but many do . And just because you meet someone online doesnt mean it is a bad thing . And if you think your children arent on these sites or have constant access to them , you need a reality check . Friends , schools , every classroom has the internet . Public libraries do too . And then you wish this child to be found safe . wow . JUST WOW .

  • Sadie

    That is not at all what the person said but they are right in the fact that parents need to be more careful with what they let their child do on the internet. They need to make sure the child knows to never put their address or phone number on a public website just in case because there are some creeps out there! And I font believe that this girl was abducted because of the internet issue but I’m not saying it wasnt possible! People need to calm down when they read other people’s comments everyone is allowed their own opinion!