Swan Stuck On Thin Ice For Nearly Two Weeks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BITELY, Mich.,–Every morning for the past two weeks Diana and Gordon Velderman have woke up, looked off their porch and thought ‘what can they do to rescue two swans.’

The couple says the swans have been out there for nearly two weeks, they say one has a broken wing and its mate wont leave its side as swans mate for life.

The swans are believed to be Trumpeter or Tundra Swans.  A DNR officer has been out there to check things out, but the ice is still too thin, making it too risky to rescue them on the middle of the lake.

Diana and Gordon say they have been trying to think of all different kinds of ideas to try to get food to them. “Little remote control helicopters or something you know, drop some food, potato launcher to shoot something out there,” said Gordon.

The Velderman’s say they just don’t want to give up and they of course only want to find a way to save them in the safest way possible.

The DNR says if the swans move a little closer to the edge they may be able to get them off the ice and a West Michigan Wildlife Rehab Center says they will take them in, if they can be rescued.

The Velderman’s say a DNR officer was back out there on Thursday to see what they could do to try to help.

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  • Tracy

    why not take a little boat out to free them if the boat goes in the ice ropes attached to a wench can pull it back in that way anyone in the boat would be safe.

  • Ben

    Doesn’t the DNR have access to a hovercraft or a fan boat. Those things are made for treacherous conditions like that. I remember a story a few years ago about a deer falling through ice up north and the fire department had a hovercraft that they used to rescue the deer.

  • WendyG74

    I have an inflatable boat capable of 450lbs of weight; I can donate it!!!

    I bought it last year in an attempt to assist a wild goose that had an injured wing losing all his flight feathers. He disappeared before we could capture him and get him to a wildlife rehabilitator. That's the beauty of a rehabilitator; they are trained to help. Right now this swan needs to eat; rest and get warm.

    • Erica

      Wendy I would contact the Wildlife Rehab Center at 361-6109. They have been called to help but don't have anything to get on the lake with.