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Injured Swan Once Stranded on Newaygo County Lake May Be Euthanized

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BITELY, Mich. – The mate of a swan that was stranded on a frozen Newaygo County lake has made it to shore, but now there is growing concern about the injured swan with the broken wing.

Diana Velderman of Bitely, who originally contacted FOX 17 about the story, wrote this update on her Facebook page Saturday morning:

“New update on Swans. The mate just showed up on our beach, looking for its other half. Was hoping not having to deal with that. Rehab just called and said the wing is very bad and can not be saved. Was told that the Feds will have the final say to amputate or euthanize. This bird has fought too hard to survive and I hope they let it live. If is lives, it will go to a sanctuary.”

Gordon Velderman wrote:

“Update on the Trumpeter Swan on Pickeral Lake. The Wide Life Rehab Center in Grand Rapids did contact us this morning, said it was ok for you to contact them, the number is 1-616-361-6109, ask for Peg. She told us that the left wing is in very bad shape and would have to be amputated. She also said the the Federal Government most likely would not want to do this and would have the Swan put down.  She said Mike with the DNR and all of us here do not want the Swan put down, this Swans fight to live is not over yet. Also the swans mate did return this morning, flew in and landed right in front of our house while we were talking to Peg from the rehab center, looking for its mate.”

The injured Trumpeter or Tundra swan made it to the shore of Pickerel Lake in Bitely Friday afternoon.

We’re told the DNR along with Gordon Velderman, the man we profiled in our story, were able to corral the disabled swan with a net and place it in a dog crate.

The DNR took the swan to an animal rehabilitation center to help heal its broken wing.

The swan spent the last two weeks stranded in the middle of the frozen lake, along with its mate.  We’re told it stayed by its side because swans mate for life.

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