VIDEO: ‘Happy Grand Rapids’ Video Debut

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – You have probably seen Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” video.  Now there is a Grand Rapids version which was posted to YouTube on Christmas Eve.

The following is a synopsis on the video which was posted on YouTube:

This is an idea inspired by Pharrell’s music video for his song entitled “Happy”. This production highlights a diverse group of individuals showcasing their happiness through dancing, expressions, singing, and more. Although Pharrell’s individuals and locations were limited to Los Angeles, this production highlights Grand Rapids and its people. Because happiness isn’t just in LA – it’s right here in Grand Rapids, too.

When thinking about happiness – Michigan, particularly Grand Rapids, is not the city you hear about. If it isn’t LA, it’s New York, if it isn’t New York, it’s Miami and so on. But what makes this false is that happiness is everywhere – in its many forms.

Grand Rapids people really enjoy it here – and they’re happy. And as long time Grand Rapids citizens, we can attest to that. We want to share with the world the awesome environment and incredible people that live in the city. The snow, the emerging downtown area, increasing diverse population and more. So in addition to showing the happiness of Grand Rapids people, this video aims to remind us of what a great city we live in – and hopefully will encourage people from around the world to want to experience it too.

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 9.58.50 PM

‘Happy Grand Rapids’ Music Video

Video produced/directed/edited by: Atikh Bana (@TikhBana), Dylan Mathews (@DylanMathews), and Dallas Wade (@FlashmanWade).

For all inquiries contact:


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