Car Dealer and Philanthropist Bill Wright Passes Away

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

wright2KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Kalamazoo car dealer and philanthropist Bill Wright has passed away. The 54-year-old was on vacation at his home in Ft. Myers, Florida. No cause of death has been listed.

Wright became a successful business man with car dealerships in Kalamazoo and Paw Paw. He built his business with the motto “Yes We Can” and used that to end every commercial.

He also established a foundation to help needy kids in the Kalamazoo area and would openly speak about his very difficult childhood.

His business partner, Mike Seelye , says in a statement, “Obviously I have a long history with him. We have worked together and been partners for 30-plus years. So it’s shocking to me and a sad situation. It’s hard to believe that a guy who was as big as life as him is dead.”

Funeral arraignments have not yet been made.

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  • Laurin

    Rest in peace Bill. The world lost a good man, but your lessons and legacy live on. May God Bless your family, loved ones and friends with peace and comfort.

  • FaithAngel

    Funny how Fox 17 does a news article on this guy, when a great paramedic from our local community died two days before Christmas. Paramedic L. Allen Waterhouse, who lived in Benton Harbor, worked for Coloma EMS (now merged with Pride Care), Medic 1, and recently joined the security team at Cook Nuclear Plant. He was a great member of the community, excellent field trainer who took the time to teach newbies on the ambulances the right way to run a call. He was only 42 years old, he is survived by his parents, and his children. As a viewer I would rather see a story about someone who selfishly gave many hours to help people when they needed someone the most. He wasn't out to make millions, but to help save lives. Could you please do a story on him? He was very well respected in the EMS, Fire, Police community. Here is a link to his memorial page:

    The page was created by his girlfriend Krystal, who they say he was actually planning to propose to.

    • CommonSense

      Doesn't Benton Harbor have a local television station-WWMT??
      Sorry for your loss, but WXMI is a little further to the north.
      The news station does not report on every early unprecedented death.
      By the way, I lost a baby brother at 37 years of age a year ago, I wouldn't
      have wanted it in the public eye!!!

      • FaithAngel

        Nope, WWMT is Kalamazoo. This station covers ALL of West Michigan. Was your brother a volunteer Paramedic anywhere? Or worked in the community helping people when they were having medical emergencies? Was your brother respected by ALL of the local PD, Sheriff Departments, Fire Departments, Local EMS services, did your brother volunteer as a rescue diver?

        That is why people would like Al to be remembered. He gave MORE than he took! He didn't rip people off with junk cars and donating a tiny bit to the community to assuage his guilt for raking in millions on the backs of people who couldn't really afford the loans he suckered them into.

        While I do not wish an early death on anyone, Mr Waterhouse gave far more back to the community than Mr Wright ever could have in his dreams. Al should have been a news story the day he died. He was found in his garage unconscious and unresponsive. They worked on him for a long time because he was such a well known person in the community. That is why he deserves some air time.

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