Vigil Held for Murder Victim On Anniversary

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Jason Cherry was murdered exactly a year ago. He was 34-years-old. A vigil was held in his honor at Oakdale Park Church in Grand Rapids, Sunday evening.

“It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been a year since he left us, and I miss him so much,” Celia Cherry said of her son.

She and her husband, Robert, sat in a quiet, candlelit room and were joined by dozens of people who called Jason Cherry a brother, cousin, and a friend.

“Every time I think about him, it just tears me apart,” Robert Cherry said of his son.

Grand Rapids police said cherry was robbed for money and marijuana on December 29, 2012. That night, police said he and four other men were shot in his parents’ basement. They live on Dickinson Street Southeast.

Police said Cherry was killed before a drug deal. Speaking with FOX 17 in the past, his mother has acknowledged that Cherry made mistakes in his life, but she said he was a good person and a friend to many.

Since his violent death, the family joined a support group, and the judicial process has been ongoing. Police said five people were involved in the robbery and murder.

Two men have been convicted. Tamaine Foster is serving a life sentence. Isiah Latham is awaiting his. Three other men have also been charged.

“My heart goes out to they family too [sic],” Robert Cherry said.

He added, “I’m not the only one that’s suffering cause they lost a son. See, they lost a son too.”

Celia Cherry said, “Knowing that they are in custody, knowing that justice is gonna be done to them is a reward… in a sense of knowing that his life wasn’t lost in vain.”

“It won’t bring him back, but yet the persons that were responsible won’t do it again to someone else,” she added.

The Cherry’s expressed gratitude for the Conquerors Support Group which helped them get through the past year and organized the vigil.

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