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More Than 2 Million Signed Up for Obamacare

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

healthcaregovWashington (CNN) — More than 2.1 million Americans have signed up so far for health insurance through federal and state exchanges under Obamacare, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday.

Additionally, 3.9 million people are newly eligible for coverage through expanded Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, she said on a conference call.

The Obamacare enrollment figure is below the target of 3 million originally set by the Obama administration for the end of December, which is halfway through an initial six-month sign-up period.

For the first time, Americans will be required to have health coverage or face a fine.

The botched rollout of the new marketplaces on October 1, when the website set up to handle the enrollment failed to work properly, damaged the sign-up process until the system began working better in early December, officials said previously.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Sebelius said the administration was “doing everything we can to help ensure a smooth transition period” for people getting new coverage.

She advised anyone going to the doctor or pharmacy to take their new insurance card with them or find out what proof of coverage will be required.

Anticipating possible problems in the enrollment system, Sebelius also advised in her blog post that “if you thought you enrolled in health coverage but aren’t showing up in the system, call your insurance company directly.”

She also said people could contact the Obamacare call center for assistance.


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  • laugh@thesheep!

    So, There are over 2 million sheeples out there!
    No wonder this country is a mess!
    All I can say is: Hope they enjoy poverty!
    Broken down brain washed sickly Americans!

  • CommonSense

    Are we supposed to be proud of this? Considering it's an already broken system, how many people should have been signed up by now, Mr. President? And, Canada says they have problems with their National Health Care System, this country hasn't even begun to understand the problems that this is going to cause the nation, financially and we will no longer be a leader in health care.
    Give it away, give it away, give it away now…..Why should anyone work anymore when everything is given to us for free? Can we say Entitlement??? Happy New Year, another presidential election is just around the corner

    • true

      Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be stopped before she starts! If that wench gets in..if you think things are bad now and they are- People can kiss any chance of getting freedom back, having prosperity, or any choices regarding even the simplest things..bye bye-
      Obama has been trying to destroy this country since before he was elected with his stupidity and Hillary would be the one to finish it off! They all are drunk with power!

  • GW McLoud

    If Hillary wins ( cheats ) her way into the presidency we can kiss america good-bye
    To see where Hillary would take us look at California, New York and North Korea.
    Last chance to save the nation

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