Expert: Roofs Could Collapse If Snow Isn’t Removed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — With rain in the forecast this weekend, Sarah Pastoor at Willis and Jurasek CPA’s and Consultants decided to call up the experts to deal with the foot of snow on their roof.

“They said they’d be out today right away to get the snow removed from the roof,” said Pastoor.

Bill Friberg and his crew from All Gutter Systems are removing snow that’s sure to become a hazard if it’s not dealt with soon.

“Just trying to get it down and work as safe as possible. We are going to clear any vents that are up here on the roof so the added space can breathe and vent properly,” said Friberg.

For Friberg, it’s safety first.

“We got the guys going at diagonals which allows for them to get some footing as they go and then we keep a kind of safety net here, and that keeps us so we don’t slide off the roof,” said Friberg.

Friberg said that the big concern is the weight, which could cause the roof to collapse if it isn’t removed.

“The snow has been getting heavier on the roof because the humidity level is going up. We can tell. When we started today all that light fluffy snow that was two feet deep was a breeze taking it off. This right here, we got about a foot and it’s harder than the two feet we did two hours ago, said Friberg.

Grattan Academy Principal Tom Kreiner said with a flat roof at the high school, it’s crucial that he keeps an eye on the snow levels.

“I’m going to have to try and remove as much snow as possible. I’m definitely am going to make sure our roof drains are free and clear so that the water can drain as it should,” said Kreiner.

Experts say even though it can cost a couple hundred dollars to hire a company to come and remove the snow, that expense is cheaper than to fix a collapsed roof.

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  • news 8

    hmmm wow,
    news 8 has a story saying roofs won't collapse with the weight and that was from a structural engineer.

    Obviously all the snow pile up could cause ice jams leading to ice and water getting up under the shingles or damage to your gutters, but highly unlikely roofs will collapse unless very very old or flat roof structures.

  • rtcher

    Who are the experts? One is a structural engineer and the other is from a company that installs gutters and doesn't have much work in the winter so they shovel snow off roofs. Hmmmm is right. Careful who you call an expert.

    • wharf

      those in the picture are the experts. those three guys holding big red shovels on top the roof are the experts for sure. in case you (rtcher) were still wondering.

      • Bob Dude

        Still not true. Simply because they're on the roof shoveling, does NOT make them experts. I'll shovel on your roof if you pay me enough. Would I then be an expert?

  • General_Roofing

    Obviously the structural engineer doesn't attend roof collapse emergencies all day like we do. Not to mention the math is incorrect and the loads discussed incorrect. Loads also vary greatly in a single city or area. What is correct is that large span flat roofs, metal roofs low slope on agricultural and commercial industrial buildings are the main concern and do collapse and people get hurt – not typical with residential steep pitched roofing. We just wish the focus would stay on the risks because time and again people get caught off guard and roofs collapse and people get hurt doing it themselves or roofs get wrecked when people hire so called experts that don't know what they are doing and on and on and on.

  • bigfatlazyguy

    either you better get a skid steer up there or just let it break if its gonna break cause i aint goin up there and SHOVELIN NOTHIN!!!

  • Me Too

    Weak Fox 17. Not one time do you mention in the story that those with FLAT to LOW GRADE SLOPES are those that should be concerned. Instead, you write this as though it's a looming disaster for all…. Many people will panic based on this (as pretty much everyone has a lot of snow on their roof), and call for "emergency" roof clearing. Great for those businesses, but not really appropriate nor necessary in MOST situations.

  • Read This

    I recently used All System Gutter for my rooftop snow and ice removal, so far I am NOT impressed whatsoever. I paid good money for this service and has been nothing but a headache. The crew was a bunch of jerk offs and the guy running the operation hasn't been at all friendly or cooperative. Any one else use these guys and having issues?