Man Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Girlfriend’s Child

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Michigan_State_PoliceHOWARD CITY, Mich.- Michigan State Police have arrested a man in connection with allegedly abusing a child.

Troopers say the 26-year-old man from Howard City is accused of abusing his girlfriend’s 13-month-old child. Child Protective Services called troopers to Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont on Saturday to look at the injuries to the child. Michigan State Police say the child’s mother brought the baby to the hospital after seeing injuries the baby had after being watched by her live-in boyfriend.

Medical tests showed the child suffered three broken ribs and significant bruising to the head, face and abdomen. Doctors say the child’s injuries were the result of abuse.

The suspect is being charged with one count of child abuse 1st degree and is lodged in the Montcalm county jail pending arraignment. If convicted the man could face life in prison.

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  • Tracy

    We as a society change everything after time to fit in today's society correct? Well it is time for our law MAKERS TO CHANGE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS FOR MOLESTATION AND ABUSE OF CHILDREN! They changed the drug laws to give drug dealers life and they were only hurting people that wanted to buy the drugs.IT HAS COME TO A POINT IN LIFE TO WHERE OUR CHILDREN NEED TO BE PROTECTED NOW! MAKE NEW LAWS RAPE OR HURT A CHILD IN ANYWAY AUTOMATIC LIFE NO PAROLE !Then implement the chain gangs back and have them work on the roads and highways for their keep.The laws in place are not doing anything to stop or protect our children just maybe with the stiffer penalty it might just save even 1 from being raped or abused. DOES IT NOT DESTROY THE CHILDS LIFE FOREVER?THEN WHY SHOULD THE ATTACKER GET A SECOND CHANCE.My heart goes out to this child and hope this sick person never gets the chance to hurt another child.

    • shadow

      Oh what you just said!
      100% right! –
      Since Mi doesn’t have the death penalty, Your idea is a good one!
      You know, I really hate to hear that the new fad is for these developers who are taking old abandoned ram shackled prisons and turning them into hotels for tourists,
      Instead, they should make the sex offenders, Especially the pedophiles live out their lives there!
      Or since the new rage is people preparing to go into space, (Richard Branson)
      They should test it by sending pedophiles off into space- Especially since those cretins are not able to be rehabilitated.