Prayer Group Urging Marvin Sapp to Hold Teleka Patrick Fundraiser

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sapp—Marvin—and—Patrick—TelekaGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A prayer group that held a national gathering in Washington D.C. for missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick is now urging well-known pastor Marvin Sapp to get involved in the fundraising efforts for her.

Sapp, a Grammy-winning gospel singer and pastor in Grand Rapids, filed a personal protection order against Patrick, saying that she was stalking him and that she claimed he was her husband.

“I’m a national recording artist who [Teleka] has claimed as her husband,” wrote Sapp in the document. He claimed that Patrick moved to Michigan from California, joined his church, contacted his children and visited his home.

The group, the Pray at the Pump Movement, is urging Sapp to “prove his Christianity” on Martin Luther King Day and hold a fundraiser and publicly pray for Patrick.

“If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today and had been stalked by Dr. Taleka (sic) Patrick as has gospel great Marvin Sapp, we believe that he would spend this Holiday in a prayerful and forgiving mode for this physician who has been missing since December 5, 2013,” wrote movement founder Rocky Twyman in a release. “As a caring parent himself, Pastor Sapp must know the agony that the Patrick family must be experiencing not knowing whether their child is safe or not.  Having lost his wife, he understands the pain of death all too well.”

Sapp, a pastor at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, allegedly opened up to his congregation about being stalked by Patrick, an Ann Arbor woman who was at the sermon told the Kalamazoo Gazette on Jan. 9.

Pray at the Pump held a vigil outside FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. on Christmas Eve for the missing woman.  The group has gotten national attention in the past for gathering to pray for lower gas prices.

Patrick was last seen Dec. 5 at approximately 8 p.m.  She unsuccessfully attempted to check into a hotel room in downtown Kalamazoo, then her car was located about two hours later in a ditch on I-94 near Porter, Ind.

Her wallet with a driver’s license, credit card and cash were in the car as well as several clothing items.

The FBI confirmed Dec. 20 that they were assisting in the case.  The Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department and Indiana State Police remain the primary agencies in the investigation.

Anyone with information on Teleka Patrick’s whereabouts should contact Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Office at 269-383-8821 or your local FBI office.

Full statement from the Pray at the Pump Movement:

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today and had been stalked by Dr. Taleka (sic) Patrick as has gospel great Marvin Sapp,  we believe that he would spend this Holiday in a prayerful and forgiving mode for this physician who has been missing since December 5, 2013.  As a caring parent himself, Pastor Sapp must know the agony that the Patrick family must be experiencing not knowing whether their child is safe or not.  Having lost his wife, he understands the pain of death all too well.   The Pray at the Pump Movement strongly encourages him to use the enormous clout that he has to help us in our national prayer crusade to find this young lady who may be in harm’s way.  Because of his popularity, we know that he is probably involved in some high profile event celebrating Dr. King’s life on Monday.   We hope that before performing that he will encourage his fans to pray without ceasing for his stalker and ask them to call the Prayer Line of Hope that is daily petitioning God to find this talented physician safely.  That number is 1-805-309-2350, password:  1001844#.  We pray that God will touch his heart to remember Dr. Patrick in prayer before he performs at upcoming concerts around the country.   In fact, we believe that if Dr. King had his talent that he would give a fundraising concert to acquire more money to increase the reward for finding the doctor.  We know that it must be difficult for Mr. Sapp to accept these suggestions, however as a Christian, I am sure that he is familiar with the text in the Bible that says love your enemies.   Patrick seems to be an enemy by no fault of her own.  The old saying there but for the grace of God go I has never been more appropriate.  In 2009, our movement urged  through the media that President Obama visit Rush Limbaugh  and Dick Cheney when they were hospitalized.  In both cases, Obama was only minutes away from these two powerful Republican leaders.   However, he was unable to drop his political pride and follow the precepts of the Bible that require us to love our enemies and bless them that despitefully use us.  Since sick people crave compassion and care,  we are convinced that such a visit would  have helped to heal the political wounds that the country now faces with Obamacare and budget deals.

With God’s help and prayers of Mr. Sapp, we believe that there can and will be a breakthrough in this controversial case.   God is pleased when we uplift prayer and fasting.  We have designated this coming Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26 as National Days of Fasting and Prayer for Dr. Taleka (sic) Patrick. We believe that if he participates and encourages his huge fan base to participate in our National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Dr. Patrick that the windows of heaven will open and pour out and enormous blessing on his ministry.     We hope that Mr. Sapp will join in with the Pray at the Pump Movement and support this noble endeavor.
In keeping with the tenets of Christianity, we also believe that he should call the Patrick family and give them rays of hope.   This is what Dr. King would do if he were alive.   Yes, The time has come for Pastor Sapp to prove to the world that he is the Christian that he sings about before thousands of people yearly.



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  • basschica

    ***Disclaimer: I am in no way saying Teleka should not be searched for or found by this statement*** When someone is being stalked by someone, they should never…in any way…ever…. give indication that they have any interaction with someone or compassion. I'm sure MS feels horrible that TP has gone missing, but if he were to hold a fund raiser and hypothetically this disappearance was of her own will due to mental illness (a definite possibility – though not any kind of reason not to search for her by law enforcement), then by doing a fund raiser she would be confirming his "love for her" in her mind. Even if she was abducted by a random. If she were found and safe again and saw that this occurred, it would fuel her erotomania. It's not safe for MS or his kids for him to do that. There are PLENTY of other people that can hold fund raisers. He's not the one that should do it though. Other people should surely step up, but it's not the right way to go about it having a VICTIM of a stalker to do it. If her church or other churches or other celebrities wish to raise funds, then I say yes, please do! Even if she did it on her own will, it would have been a result of her being a victim of an untreated mental illness and that's dangerous and scary just like being abducted.

    • Meshe

      As I read this article, it's a whole lot of puzzling as well as all over the place. This lady was stalking him, lying that she was his wife. Now this group wants him to hold a fundraiser, are you kidding me, and then you want to put Dr. King would do this or do that. This group is looking for FAME and MONEY, and when you have God in your life, he knows that God is telling him what to do with this situation. It was dropped in my spirit that this lady has done something and she is trying to make this Pastor suffer, If she didn't then my prayers are with her. Some of these women just watch to much lifetime TV. Really read this article and see how they are using the media to swindle this family

    • Anonymous

      I understand completely what you are saying.It just seems to me that this poor family is suffering and willing to do anything to get their child back! Maybe its not the right way of going about it like guilting him or manipulating things to go their way, which it very much looks like. Example: Maybe asking him through certified mail to know that he has received it and if he doesn’t respond than you get your answer to whether or not he’s willing to participate? (Just a thought). They shouldn’t guilt someone into doing something! But then again a parent will go to any lengths to get their child home. So I can’t blame them for these actions. It may “feed the illness” to ask him to contact her through reaching out to her but I feel what ever works to get her home..then deal with those repercussions due to the illness..which can be dealt with through therapy, medication, ect..So I see nothing wrong in asking him although it could have been approached differently. I wish nothing more than for that family to have their daughter back safely as I’m sure you do too.

      • Flabbergasted

        I have refrained from commenting on these stories, but this is ridiculous. "Then deal with those repercussions due to the illness"??? Are you serious? What if those "repercussions" include putting himself or his children in harm's way? HE HAS A FAMILY TOO, or does that not count because of his status? Unbelievable. Find ANY reputable law enforcement officer that will recommend that a person being STALKED reach out to their STALKER — and if the roles were reversed, I doubt anyone would be asking HER to help find HIM. He has no obligation on any level — as a man, human or man of God — to involve himself and his family further in a matter that could be dangerous to them. NONE of us know what Teleka is capable of where he is concerned, period. I feel for her and her family, but this has all the makings of a sensational, insensitive ploy. I truly hope her family has no involvement in this whatsoever. I read the story and actually was embarrassed for them. Shameful. I wish some of you would stop and think about HIS children, HIS daughters, HIS son — and the fact that their STALKER is still out there somewhere. They didn't volunteer for this.

  • ClydeDClyde

    Many, many people are praying and working for the safe return of this brilliant young woman. But wow, this is way to much to ask from the victim of a stalker.

    • Wendy

      I agree. All of the info that I've read about her relationship w/Sapp is from court documents. He has no reason to speak publicly about her nor should he. As a Christian, I assume Sapp prays for her and many others on a daily basis. Why anyone who professes to be a Christian would want to compel the victim of a crime to pray in public for the criminal is beyond me. I believe Jesus disliked the loud public prayers at the pleasuring his time. Sincere prayer may be public at times, but it is between what is in your heart and mind and God.

  • Cindy

    I really don't think Mr. Sapp has to prove himself a Christian by holding a fundraiser. This certainly would not prove his Christianity. It sounds like this group has too much time on their hands. If they are so concerned why don't they have a fundraiser. Better for this than the gas prices.

  • DelightedAmused

    Marvin Sapp has nothing to prove. He and children were victims and to try and bully him publicly is not helping Dr. Taleka. Why does MS have to one the one to hold the fund raiser? Stop making this about MS and make this about a missing beautiful young woman who could be in serious danger. Travesty to post such nonsense.

  • Theresa

    Crazy! This is an embarrassment! What on earth would cause one to even consider asking Marvin Sapp to do anything in this case other than pray for her safe return and to get help? He doesn't have to prove anything especially when she has stalked him and his family! This is nonsense! Ugh!!!

    This reminds me of when Jesus was on the cross, and one of the thief taunted Him saying "If you are the Christ…" Jesus didn't respond to that foolishness, and neither should Marvin Sapp. SMH

  • tc1

    So someone stalks you and then their friends and family want you to do a fundraiser to find the stalker? I am not on board with this crazy lady's friends and family. I do hope she if found alive and ok.

  • Me

    The minuet MS says anything about TP they will chew him up and spit him out. He needs to pray in private and protect his family. TP did go to his home without invitation, the last thing he needs is for her to return there again with false hope. That could make her very mad. I pray for her to return safely home to NJ with her family.

  • Cher

    When I read this – it seems I am not alone with the outlook – that in – no way do I think Mr Sapp should participate in any kind of event like this… This is crazy… To twist this situation – and say – he can prove his Christian ways by doing this – I question this organization's Christian ways… It is NOT decent , nor in order – at all … The reality of this very serious situation is Mr Sapp along with his family were stalked by this woman.. – plain & simple – I am sorry she is missing and I do pray they find her safe..I'm sure we all do… but inviting a victim of something I am sure – they wish never happened… ..I'm sorry & I mean no disrespect – but this sounds so ghetto… There's nothing like people who twist scripture around to fit their own beliefs rather than visa verse. If you're offering a prayer service or event – fine – but don't make this some kind of spectacle – as it would be… given your suggestions…. Mr Sapp should only participate with the authorities and that is it…

  • Anonymous

    My feeling they are an still is using Christianity to play an disrespect the law enforcement officials, the justice system an the media in America but them better watch out cause christian or not someone going to jail when the truth comes out, as time is running out cause a women is missing the best thing they can do is stop the gossip an tell where she is. you call her a stalker an now you want to pray for her, I'm sorry but that sound the devil work to me.

  • Summersoon

    Wow! I agree with the above comments. I get that they want their daughter to come back, but…to tell Pastor Sapp what they think he needs to do based on an assumption of what Dr. King would do….clearly an attempt to use whatever public exposure he might have to further their efforts. Based on what we know, he was a victim of a stalker. His responsibility is to his own family first. And, as Christians, why would they believe that Pastor Sapp's prayers reach God any better than their own? That's just silly.

  • Jroc

    It’s amazing how quick people are to MANIPULATE and tell you how Christian YOU need to be, but if you were being stalked and your family was potentially in danger, would you be as Christlike as you’re suggesting MS should be? None of us are Jesus Christ in the flesh. We’re all imperfect human beings serving a Perfect Savior. This group is using manipulation and mind games to get its way and it’s not right. By doing so, THEY are failing to practice the very Christian morals they suggest MS should practice. I mean nothing is wrong with their suggestions on the surface per se, but you gotta make suggestions in the right spirit and for the right reason. Prove you’re the Christian you’re telling him to be. And stop with the little sarcasms and jealous jabs in the statement – yeah I noticed that too (unless I’m interpreting it wrong – I’m willing to stand corrected)

    • guest

      I agree…"use his enormous clout"….I see underlying jealousy & sarcasm there too. They say the Bible says love your enemies, true, however, it does NOT say hold a fundraiser for them. How do they know "what Dr. King would do"?!?!?! The prayers of the righteous do avail much, I believe Mr. Sapp is praying for her & her family for her safe return just as much as many. Why should he be obligated to do this & why should he PROVE himself to modern day doubting Thomases!! This is ridiculous to suggest he get involved. People's comments everywhere are implicating him already, saying how do we know they weren't involved, holding a fundraiser would only add to that. This is all a mess & I pray above all Teleka is finally found safely. God bless

  • tryingtomakesense

    The problem with MS is that his celebrity flirtatious nature, makes everything very difficult. It is difficult to take him seriously. His FB page is all about him throwing messages to his ladies fans, of longing for love and affection, and wishing to find love again. The reply comments are all written by women. MS uses this page to attract the attention of women and he has been playing this game of giving the message that he is looking for a partner. This is not a behavior of a Christian man. More less a behavior of a Christian leader who is a widow of such an interesting intelligent powerful lady. So, yes it is difficult to defend him. At the other hand, TP shows understanding of her psychotic break – which is a much more mature type of behavior. She understands that her obsession probably started in the level of any of those women who respond to the MS FB page, but that it escalated as she put it in the tweets. You see her capacity of analysis in the middle of the disease. When she says she mentioned her romantic intentions to her siblings, she shows that her obsession stated out of "faith". First she thought God wanted her to be with MS – which is a rare thing to understand to non religious people, but too common for religious individuals. Then, probably out of exhaustion for the nature of her career, things got out of proportion until she received the call and disappeared. You see how she describes her confusing thoughts always from "above", meaning she is aware, and she is even fighting what is going on in her mind and emotion. She has a fight of conflicting forces inside of her. What I am trying to say is that her behavior is not o a stalker who is a psychopath that can harm and kill the object of her obsession. This is a different obsession, and I don't think she would harm MS or his family at all. She is the one who is in danger, and a campaign like this, could help her return if she is alive. If she is alive, the psychotic crisis is already over, and probably she is wandering somewhere, confused and wishing to return. About the praying campaign, I agree, because it is showing MS humility… which is something he definitely needs. I don't see a battle of conflicting thought in MS. His behavior so far is that of a person with Narcissist Disorder… and narcissists are much more of a psychopath than a stalker… if you read about ND, you will see that narcissists don't have the ability to look inside themselves and see what is wrong. TP has this ability. Sanity comes with the capacity of a conscious understanding of the inner self. If I were TP's father, I would confront MS and ask him: "How come you see a young woman in distress inside your church and you don't reach for help?… This young woman is not just a sick woman needs a PPO, she is an intelligent sophisticated woman, very well educated, and she is my beloved daughter…. not just a woman… not just one of those desperate fans you have on your FB page!! She is a beloved child of God!!! How dare you! You failed her!"

    • Stunned

      You are clearly passionate about this matter, and that is your right…but the attempted victim shaming here is inexcusable. Mr. Sapp has the right to post whatever he wants on HIS social media pages. While it may or may not be YOUR cup of tea, they are not YOUR pages. And yes, most of the responses are from women – thank God! Imagine men responding in such a manner, no thank you. As a woman I think the relationship posts are sweet and things I’d want my love to say to me, and I would imagine most women feel the same way. Now notice how many of us have picked up their lives and moved halfway across the country thinking he is their husband. MOST of us clearly see and know that would be an unbalanced decision to make, yet Taleka’s siblings KNEW and did nothing. So WHO failed her? According to reports, this is NOT the first time she has pinned her heart and hopes on someone, but it’s Mr. Sapp’s fault she hasn’t received help? Her ex-husband says he tried to get her to get help but she refused and turned on him. You say she knows enough to understand she has issues, but you neglect to mention she continued to treat people without getting help for herself. She WORKED with medical professionals and NO ONE saw signs or did anything. I’m sorry, WHO failed her?? Even Taleka admits the stigma that is attached to mental illness in her tweets. She did not want to lose what she worked for and unfortunately her refusal to get help has created a larger mess that I’m sure she never anticipated. Even IF (and I don’t know him personally) Mr. Sapp had spoken to Taleka and then decided he didn’t want anything to do with her, HER ACTIONS WOULD NOT BE HIS FAULT. How many men have had the experience of a woman getting overly attached? It happens all of the time, and extreme cases like this happen to men AND women. They are not to blame when it does. I hope this matter is resolved soon, for everyone’s sake…and I hope Mr. Sapp isn’t letting these hateful attacks get to him.

    • basschica

      Regardless of anyone's views of Marvin Sapp's "Godliness" or adherence to their perfect Christian ideal by his posts…. it is completely irrelevant to this debate. Saying that he's too appealing to women, because posts about what he'd want someday in a future wife, because by all accounts of what I've seen, his late wife was an amazing woman, has nothing to do with being stalked. I didn't know who Mavin Sapp was until all of this, so this isn't coming from some super fan. I'm basing this on interviews he did years ago when his wife was still alive or after she passed and well before the Teleka ongoings. He might not be the pastor for everyone. He may not do Jesus as you see fit. What I can say is, the fact that he's appealing to women because he doesn't hide his emotional side, makes him somehow at fault for being stalked by one is ridiculous! That's like saying a rape victim is at fault because the predator liked her outfit. That's like saying an abused woman is at fault, because she didn't have the house clean enough when her husband got home from work. In both those cases the act is never justified; ever. The same goes for stalking. It's clear to me that Teleka had serious mental issues going on and that they went back far before she began stalking Marvin Sapp. We do not know what she could have or could still do to Marvin Sapp and his family. Based on your statement, I'm not sure if you're really her father. If you are, I'm so sorry for the pain you're going through and I know I cannot say I "understand" what it's like, but it has to be painful beyond belief. I can tell that her family loves her and I hope she's found so she can receive that love and know that people in her life love and support her. I'm sure she feared the worst of it all being uncovered before. I pray that it's not too late, because she's a brilliant young woman that likely had something take over her mind that she did not ask to have happen. It doesn't excuse stalking, but it explains how she got to that point. In any case, it's certainly not the right place for Marvin Sapp to help out. His family has to be his first priority. Teleka has hers to support her and I hope that she knows that if she's out there seeing everything unfold. It's a terrible tragedy.

  • Stunned

    Furthermore, you say, “She is my BELOVED DAUGHTER…” Is that figurative or literal, sir? Are you her father? If so, my heart goes out to you and I can’t imagine your anguish…but it is wrong to blame Mr. Sapp for an issue that clearly pre-dates him. He has children too, young children that need to be protected. That would be any good parent’s first priority.

  • autisha

    This group is wrong for that. Basically questioning MS love for God and using the bible to try and convict him, along with Martin Luther King Jr. For one you dont know King would have done. My thing is everybody has choices and TK chose to stalk MS and MS made a choice to get an Order of Protection against this disturbed young woman who was not able to separate fact/reality from fiction. I feel bad for her family but considering her field of study she should gotten help along time ago. This prayer group needs to be praying that God comforts this family during this difficult time in their life. Shame on you prayer group.

  • Betterhave

    I trust that the authorities know who it was that called her shortly before she disappeared. Her actions after that call strike me as those of a frightened woman, scared enough to flee into hiding. Why else does a person try to check into a motel when their apartment is just a few miles away? And intentionally leaving behind a phone and credit cards that could have led to her whereabouts ?
    In his angry pre-sermon statements directed at his "stalker" Rev. Sapp may have set off a round of protective actions, if not of his own doing, then of people in his employ or circle of friends that led to someone taking steps to try and ensure that this young woman would cease to bother him.
    I would not say that he's obligated to fund raise for her family, but I think his handling of this whole thing was poorly done. If there really was no point in time when he welcomed the attention from her, then there were a number of things he could have done to help her move past her obsession with him: Confronting her privately with the help of a deacon or deaconess, with compassion and empathy, early on, asking his congregation to be in prayer for her rather than railing against her, and if all else failed, going to the police much earlier and asking for a protective / restraining order would have ensured that she was then legally notified that her actions were unacceptable would all have been better approaches. For that matter, he could have reached out to her family and let them know what was going on and asked for their help in getting her the help she needed and putting an end to her "delusional" behavior. Somehow the course of action taken seems devoid of Christian principles as well as common sense.

  • WOW

    This young woman’s ‘obsession’ apparently started before she moved to Grand Rapids. Her family members knew and it seems they did nothing to try to stop her from moving. That was the perfect time to put a stop to this, and they didn’t. Many of us have seen women set their sights on a man in the church, including the Pastor (married or not.) Typically they go away if they are ignored, but then there are those who simply are not balanced. I think it’s safe to say most of us can’t tell where a woman is on the scale unless/until she crosses a line. Perhaps she seemed relatively harmless at first, who knows? But (and it’s already been said a million times) the WORST thing to do for an obsessed person is to give them any inkling that the object of their obsession cares. An audience with Taleka? Really? Her tweets show she’d already created a fantasy of him. Imagine if he paid her any attention, directly or indirectly. Also, this is a GROWN woman. Why in the world would he reach out to her family? In hindsight it doesn’t appear her family is close, so was he supposed to track them down too? And none of THAT would have given her the idea that he was in love with her? And while I am on the outside looking in (as most of us are), I will say this: as much as I love the Lord, if I had returned from a trip to find that some strange woman had been to my house and with my babies, I wouldn’t have been thinking about a PPO. I would have been looking to deal with her directly, and I don’t mean to have a conversation either. She had enough ‘sense’ to wait until he was away to go to his house? To contact his children? Oh no, sorry. For the sake of the Pastor and his family, I am GLAD he never reached out to her. The info we have found out in the news since she disappeared shows we don’t know what she would have done. It could have been much worse. Common sense may have worked, if the person involved on the other end was stable. Most people don’t move halfway across the country HOPING for a man. Most people don’t tweet obsessively and beg for attention. These are not rational acts. Common sense actually would say to stay away from the person to avoid giving them false hope. I am amazed at the number of people who are blaming the Pastor for not ‘saving’ Taleka, when it’s clear her issues started years before and culminated in her obsession with him…and I highly doubt her co-workers and the medical staff in Michigan or Cali (who are likely doing damage control right now) didn’t see signs. Blaming the Pastor and attacking his character is a slap in the face to everyone who has ever been victimized by a stalker, and some of them are not alive to see it.

  • Iroma1832

    The Pastor was a victim of as stalker, but he failed to provide help for a young woman who was crying for help. He didn't have to do it directly. He could have asked people in his congregation to take care of her, instead of criminalizing her. My father was not a pastor, but he and other elders of the church would find shelter for the new visitor without a home, or a detox program if that new visitor was an addict, or a job if the person was unemployed, or food if the visitor was hungry… and if that visitor was a woman, they would try to speed up the process knowing that another night in the streets would mean being a victim of rape or murder. That is what church is all about. The whole world out there criminalizes people who have mental health challenges, but church should never be one of those places. Christians believe in prayer and miracles. It is a very suspicious that this pastor, Mr. Sapp, would loudly made statements about Teleka's behavior in front of his congregation and from the altar… or asking deacons to take her out of the church. For me that is outrageous! It is like asking the deacons to throw away from church a mentally ill homeless man because he is talking aloud or because he hasn't taken a bath. You just don't do that. How many times have you seen things like that happening in a church, and the congregation showing tolerance and affection to an individual like that? Many times. It is very common. So, Sapp's congregation must question themselves and ask themselves what is their mission, then? Is their church only for sane and sound people who behave well and look pretty.. or their existence as Christians is to go beyond prejudice, and appearances, and judgement, to reach out for people in need? They certainly missed this opportunity to prevent a young professional woman from being missing. Imagine a different scenario, in which Pastor Sapp would go beyond his fears and prejudices about women, and would see Teleka with fathers eyes (not as a man being chased by women), who also has the capacity feel compassion for her mental disease, and being capable to call for help of his congregation to find treatment for her, to pray with her, to even call her relatives and warn then that something was suspicious about her behavior, in other words, imagine a Pastor who would focus on finding solutions for her problem. Pastor Sapp couldn't do it because his ego was stronger than his Spirit. His spirit wanted to see her as God sees her, but ego told him, "this is just one of those crazy women after me". Pastor Sapp, what about if Teleka was your daughter? How would you want her Pastor to treat her? As a crazy woman, or as a daughter who is confused and needs help? Shame, shame, shame. Anybody can have a church bussines, but only few can run a church out of Spirit!

    • MNLY

      "See Teleka with father's eyes." Interesting. The woman who stalked him and waited until he was out of town to show up at his house, where his CHILDREN were. HIS CHILDREN. As a father, his priority should obviously be HIS children, not Teleka Patrick. I know some fathers (and mothers) who would have done a whole lot worse than call Teleka out over the pulpit. Someone who is bold enough to track down your address and show up at your house is not a person to be taken lightly. No one knows what she is capable of, not even you — but it is so noble of you to be of a mind to consider outreach when you find out your children have been in harm's way. Stalkers have been KNOWN to hurt and even kill the people they stalk, but somehow that has been ignored here. TELEKA made this a criminal situation, NOT Pastor Sapp. TELEKA crossed the line, plain and simple…NOT Pastor Sapp.

      It is so easy to blame Pastor Sapp for her disappearance, whatever allows some of you to sleep at night. The simple fact of the matter is Teleka had problems LONG BEFORE she took an interest in Pastor Sapp. She refused help and family members (from what we know) didn't attempt to get her help. And according to her ex, when HE tried to get her help SHE TURNED ON HIM. So now all of a sudden this is Pastor Sapp's fault. And oh my, the number of people who suggest that the Pastor should have defied the wisdom of proven authorities and entertained his stalker. If he is reading this, I hope he is comforted in knowing he may have saved himself and his children from further harm by NOT doing what some of you have the gall to suggest. Who knows what she would have done if her sanity had been questioned AGAIN? Thank God for protecting the Sapp family thus far, and for continuing to do so while their stalker is likely still at large.

      SO many Monday morning quarterbacks are in this situation. SO many ideas on what Pastor Sapp should have done differently. Lord forbid anyone ever sets their sights on you or someone you love in such an unstable manner. How much "compassion" would you feel then, I wonder, when the least little show of attention can make things worse. What has happened is unfortunate, but for the actual VICTIMS to be constantly dragged through the mud? Shame indeed, Shame on YOU.

  • child of god

    You are spot on with the the poor handling of the church's analysis of the situation. The Holy Spirit was not present. God please take care of Dr. Patrick and please help our churches to grow spiritually, compassionately and to learn what agape love really is.