Holland Rescue Mission is Sheltering More People than Beds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOLLAND, Mich. – The Holland Rescue Mission says they’re over capacity: since Tuesday they are sheltering more people than beds. The Rescue Mission says 84 people slept there Tuesday night, taking at least six new families in.

“I had six housing calls yesterday and I started telling people yesterday that at this point I don’t even have mattresses on the floor to offer. I’ve just got a floor,” Linda Bazan, Women’s Emergency Shelter leader with the Holland Rescue Mission.

Bazan says she hasn’t seen this many people in 20 years, saying the extreme cold is one factor, but the nation-wide issue of under-employment is another.

FOX 17 spoke with a young mother of four who has been living at the Rescue Mission with her children for two months. She did not want to be named, but says she’s working a temporary factory job to buy time to finish her education. She says, “it’s really hard to find a job and keep a job if the daycare’s only open from 8 in the morning until 4 (in the afternoon).”

Another mother, Stephanie Moore, and three-month-old son have been living at the Rescue Mission since July. Stephanie is half-way through an in-house residential program there that focuses on life-skills, providing classes on topics ranging from parenting to money-management.

“I was kind of like a runner, I ran from a lot of things,” explains Moore.

Moore says she’s looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel: her graduation in May. Then she hopes to earn a full-time job and a more permanent home to make things right for her and her infant son.

“When you hear that word ‘mission,’ it’s not what people think it is. It’s clean, it’s homey. It’s what you make of it. I encourage people if you want a life change, this is where you can get it,” says Moore.

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  • tera

    I think its funny how people only seen one side of what really goes on in the h. Mission they put people out left and right with kids for unsaid rules with no where to go they use the fact that people have no place to go as power they make you give 75%of your food benifits or put you out there food is not well prepared and outdated, they dont help you look for housing, dont assist you with the resources you need to be successful they treat you bad if you dont join there program aka the ” acult” so they can get more funding from you , force religion on you , and are quick to judge at the same time there staff are unprofessional an are also abusive with power i thought the point was to help people there should be a thorough investigation done on prior residents and a variety of residents, there over populated because theres people that have been here for 5 months that wont and dont work but kiss up and stay but put single mothers out for missing a chore or speaking up on false accusations people need to speak up for people hiding behind a “religious” organization for there financial gain

  • tracy

    The Holland Rescue Mission is supposed to be a safe haven for people in need that are going through a rough time in their life but it’s more like a place where you are judged because of your current situation . The shelter leader herself uses her position to degrade people and make them feel worse than they already feel , her “dictatorship” is very unwelcoming especially to the women in the Emergency Shelter wing ! Just because someone has come to a rough patch in their life does not mean that they should be treated as a degenerate. Also they say The State of Michigan gives them the approval to take 75% of residents food benifits but none of the benefits are used towards meals cause everything is donated so where does the food go? This place really needs to be investigated thoroughly because they have no compassion for people in need.

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  • Isabell

    What about the stolen funds from the residents, it’s from $700-$2,000 , there’s no reason for the mission to ask for their cash? And where’s their missing money? We want answers and the money returned.