Woman Crafts ‘Quilts of Valor’ to Honor War Heroes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WOODLAND, Mich., — Joheather Grant has turned her hobby into a way of saying “thank you” to wounded service members and combat veterans. Grant, who has been quilting for years, now serves as the Michigan Coordinator for the non-profit “Quilts of Valor”.

“Our mission is to cover all combat, service members, veterans touched by war… We call it a healing and comforting Quilt of Valor,” explained Grant. “We send our quilts right over to the hospitals in Afghanistan, so if they’re injured, right there they’re wrapped in a quilt, they’re wrapped in that love from us… a hug from home.”

Quilts of Valor has sent thousands of quilts to current service members and vets across the country for free. In her position, Grant has been able to personally deliver some of the beautiful quilts to nearby recipients.

“I’ve been able to present quilts to recent veterans, to World War 2 veterans, which is really neat,” said Grant. “A lot of times, they don’t know what to say. You can just tell in their faces, just how much it means to them.”

Grant said it takes about two months to construct just one quilt. The creations are often patriotic and always made with pride.

“It’s not that big a sacrifice, on our part to do this for them,” she told FOX 17 News.”We hope it does bring them healing and comfort them.”

To request a “Quilt of Valor” or to learn more about the group, click here.

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1 Comment

  • Angel Storey

    My mom does the same thing. She not only does military quilts but she also makes them for Sylvia’s Place (domestic violence shelter) and for Lakeshore Pregnancy Center for low income pregnant moms. Start to finish her quilts are done on average of two weeks. She works at Sharon’s Quilts and More and Florence Hitchcock and her boss Sharon Jager donate many hours and supplies creating these quilts.

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