Four Children “Pay It Forward” For Clean Water In Nigeria

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Donation 1BYRON CENTER, Mich-  Four children and their family fought the winter storm Saturday morning to make a donation to the Samuel Omogo Foundation. 

Emma, Sarah, Nate and Ben Tomlinson donated their allowance in a mason jar to the foundation after hearing about the foundation back in the summer time. 

They collected close to forty dollars to pay-it-forward for clean water wells in Nigeria. 

The Samuel Omogo Foundation (SOF) was started in memory of Samuel Omogo who died at a young age of 47 in October of 2011 after battling an illness.  Samuel made such a difference with improving so many lives in many villages in Nigeria.  SOF was formed to help keep Samuel Omogo’s legacy alive, according to the Foundation’s website. The foundation is currently helping to drill wells in the southeastern region of Nigeria.

The foundation is based in Wyoming, Michigan. 

Click Here to Donate to the Samuel Omogo Foundation

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  • Derek Jupiter

    That is great and all, but how about focusing on the needy here in the US or here in Michigan? Instead you put all of your efforts, and they are noble efforts, into helping those in other countries who would most likely rather see you silly American's dead than alive.

  • tc1

    How is this news? Brutal weather and someone goes out to donate money that could have been done anytime other than today!!! I let someone into traffic today, is that news?

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