Floyd Mayweather Denies $10 Million Super Bowl Bet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

mayweather(CNN)– (Bleacher Report) — Despite reports earlier in the night, Floyd Mayweather did not place a bet on Super Bowl XLVIII.

Lucky for him. If he had bet $10.4 million on the Denver Broncos like NFL Access tweeted, he’d be out a lot of money right now.

Mayweather took the time to correct those claims. Not only did he deny placing a bet, but he also claimed that he would have bet on the Seattle Seahawks. His reasoning makes sense given his defensive fighting abilities and the Seahawks’ tough defense.

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  • Doesn't matter

    "His reasoning makes sense given his defensive fighting abilities and Seahawks tough defense..? That makes no sense at all. Are they assuming that because the shithawks having a good defense and Mayweather knowing how to dodge a punch in a fight that his reasoning is justified that he said he would have bet on the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm really sitting here wondering how both of those facts create the justified reason for him making that statement. I didn't see Mayweather makes his claim on the topic so I don't know what he said but I know well enough just because Seattle has a good defense and mayweather is a good defensive fighter that doesn't mean that's the reason why mayweather would have bet on the Seahawks. This is sad honestly; that you would put something like that andit being on the news or released by news network, people believe it. It's disgusting to me, but not as disgusting as how our government is treating us. That's all it leads back to anyway. People need to open their eyes before it's too late. Like I said, correct me if im wrong..I'm done..


      lol……..Floyd can have any reason he wants……are you mad he didn't bet on the Broncos? Sounds like you are a Seahawks hater and Mayweather hater…. Did YOU bet on the Broncos? LOL…. Have a great day… GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • kenr

    Mayweather was on tv making a bet for 10 million with 2 million down
    Either way Floyd Mayweather is a loser mainly because of his mouth,
    He is the most boring boxer in history. Lulling the judges to sleep.
    A couple punches then runs from his opponents til the bell rings………..
    Us pay per view customers deserve much better than that , he is responsible for the decline in boxing viewers

  • luis

    I AM DONE DEFENDING MAYWEATHER.. through the years i believe all his side. But, it became too obvious in the end.I have never seen a Supposed to be great Fighter who would just give up A WBC world title just like that..just to avoid Pacquiao. like he has done for so many years…it's obviously fear.. and to keep defending him is ridiculous .. i'm a former fan, I am a proud Mexican American. I have been posting this all over the net. And there are not even one brave intelligent Floyd fan that could give a proper answer. ………If everyone from your own Profession, your own Circle, Your Own Race says you are a coward, You are truly a Coward!!. The very people who are supposed to watch your back are saying you are scared of Pacquiao. There is no amount of Fan's explanations, Excuses and statistics could ever save your shameful facade.
    .American Boxing icons, experts and legends who confirms Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao.
    1) Mike Tyson
    2) Roy jones jr
    3) Larry Holmes
    4) Marvin hagler
    5) Bert sugar – greatest boxing historian
    6) Michael Wilbon – espn
    7) sugar Ray Leonard
    8) Tim Bradley
    9) Oscar dela Hoya
    10) 50 cent – Boxing Promoter and best friend
    11) Max Ledermann
    12) Larry Merchant
    13) Stephen A Smith -Converted Die hard Fan.
    16) Evander Holyfield
    17) Skip Bayless
    18) so much more….

    Now, show me anyone. or any list of boxing experts more credible than this. saying Floyd is NOT afraid to face the Greatest……America is known to be the home of the brave.. Then this fagg0t coward Mayweather came along and spoiled it for everyone..