Escaped Ionia Inmate Back in Custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. — Michael Elliot was arrested in LaPorte County, Ind., Monday, nearly a day after escaping from the Ionia Correctional Facility.

Elliot, 40, was apprehended after a short car chase following an attempted traffic stop, according to LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department.  He is expected to be arraigned on new charges in Indiana on Tuesday morning, before the extradition process begins to bring him back to Michigan.

Elliot identified himself upon being taken into custody, police said.  He stole four vehicles total before his arrest.

“After the pursuit had ended, and he was actually put in custody, then he identified himself that he was Michael Elliot,” said Deputy Slawek Czupryna, one of the arresting officers.  “At first, me and Deputy Wright, we’re the ones that actually apprehended him. We kind of looked at each other and said, ‘This could not be the person that we’re looking for.’ But it ended up being that person that escaped from Michigan.”


Michael Elliot’s mug shot after his arrest in Indiana

Elliot escaped the correctional facility in Ionia Sunday night, abducted a woman in Ionia, and allegedly forced her to drive him as far as Middlebury, Ind., before she escaped.

An intense manhunt was underway in across state lines following Elliot’s escape.  He was convicted of four murders in 1994.

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  • wolvie

    "apparently, uh, our security system, uh, failed on this successful escape. although the possible short funding from the State has not a thing to do with this, uh, failure. I, uh, think maybe we ought to put standard GPS devices on inmates ankles so they will be easier to track down the next time we have an escapee"…….

  • Tracy

    Lets give a big Thank You to Governor Snyder for cutting the prison Budget along with the Schools budget.But what Really MAKES ME MAD THIS SON OF A — CAN SPEND AT LEAST 4 MILLION ON A SUPER BOWL AD FOR HIS RUNNING FOR REELECTION.WHY CAN HE SPEND ALL THAT MONEY WHEN THE STATE NEEDS ROADS SCHOOLS AND PRISON SECURITY. THIS ESCAPE HAD JUST OPENED THE DOOR FOR MORE ESCAPES! The other prisoners now know that their are faults in security and they will take advantage I mean they are convicts doing life.The only good that come of this was the woman was not harmed and he was caught before he could get a real weapon .

  • kenr

    It had nothing to do with funding , It had to do with gaurds watching the SuperBowl rather than doing their job.
    Nice how they run a Union official out there blaming everyone but the ones guilty.

    No escape any other time…….But he knew he could as soon as the game started because everyone was distracted.
    That is a fact that can't be argued. Where were the yard gaurds and the patrol

    The union will use this for more money ……….don't waste a crisis