Extreme Winter Creates Ideal Skiing Conditions For Most

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CANNON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (Feb. 5,2014) —  At Cannonsburg Ski Area, many say it’s a Winter for the record books with perfect skiing conditions for the most extreme enthusiast,  but arctic temperatures are enough to keep even the most experienced off the slopes.

“Below zero. Maybe 10 below, maybe 20 below zero,” said skier Mark Hugen.

Mark Hugen and John Ohlmann have been skiing since the 1970’s, and despite the recent arctic blast, this duo said that this Winter’s heavy snowfall has been a dream come true.

“Everyplace we’ve skied, the grooming, the snow making, plus the ample amount of snow that we’ve got, it’s phenomenal,” said Ohlmann.

Many ski areas in west Michigan have been cashing in on mother nature.

“This season has been incredible for us. We’ve gotten so much natural snowfall, great snow making temps at the beginning of the season. It’s just been perfect. We couldn’t ask for a better Winter,” said Alycia Choroszucha from Cannonsburg Ski Area.

Cannonsburg Ski Area said that it has a 48 inches of snow on their base, and this Winter’s high number of snow days for schools has been great for business.

“Normally it’s just retirees, stay at home moms, those types out here (during weekday). This season during the day we’ve been seeing so many school aged kids, which is awesome for us,” said Choroszucha.

Not every business is cashing in on the extreme winter. Pando Winter Sports Park said that the combinations of slick road conditions and below zero temepratues have reduced the amount of people on their tubing hills.

Bittersweet Ski Area said that it’s saved money by reducing the amount of snow it makes, but frigid temperatures have reduced the amount of children attending its ski school.

Over at Timber Ridge Ski Area, it said that this winter is one for the record books in attendance, and even their apparel store is keeping busy with skiers looking for extra gear to stay warm.

“If you like skiing and you’re not out here skiing, you are missing out. The snow quality is awesome. The temperatures have been great. The weather has been a little chilly, but it’s been winter and that’s what we haven’t had in the last two years,” said Kelly Bennett from Cannonsburg Ski Area.

Cannonsburg said that the good thing about not having to make snow is that natural snow is a lot softer and preferred by skiers.

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