Looking For Love? There’s an App For That

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (Feb. 13, 2014)– When it comes to looking for love, you might not have to look much further than your smartphone. Thousands of “dating apps” have popped up, allowing singles to look for their match from right in the palm of their hands.

25-year-old Whitney VanSolkema signed up for Tinder several months ago. It’s one of the fastest growing dating apps. touting millions of matches a day. The Ferris State grad hasn’t had any luck finding Mr. Right yet, but told FOX 17 News that some of her friends have.

“I use it more to just kind of see what’s out there, I have gone on a few dates,” she said. “It’s easier to meet people…You swipe left if you don’t like them, swipe right if you do. You both have to mutually match each other, in order to begin a conversation.”

Along with Tinder, other apps have attracted millions of singles looking for a simple and quick way to meet someone new. We found apps like “How About We”, which allows users to throw out ideas for their ideal date to meet someone, and “Lulu”, a women-only app where you can weigh in on the men in your life for other singles to see.

Most dating apps are free, but we did find at least one unique app called “Carrot Dating” where users subscribe to bribe their potential dates.

“More and more everyday are being released into the public, as far as different niches, and specific things that you might be looking for,” explained Casey Cochran, an Online App and Software Expert with Imperial Computer Solutions. “The beauty of the new age or newer age online dating is with your smart phone it’s simple.”

The apps can be found on both iPhone and Android devices. Many require users to sign in with Facebook in order to sync the account. According to Cochran,  the ease and immediacy of these apps are just some reasons why they’re so popular.

“A lot of the apps now have it where you can either IM, you can text and you can chat,” he said. “It keeps it very simple and quick.”

VanSolkema, who has also tried her hand on online dating, is still “swiping” in her search for Mr. Right. Her advice to other singles? Give it a try.

“People should give it a shot, it can be fun,” she said. “It might work out for somebody, if not keep swiping.”

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