Special Report – Love Behind Bars – Part Two

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN – They’re women in love with men in prison.  In part one, you were introduced to women who’ve bonded together over their love of incarcerated men.  In part two above, you hear about love behind bars, from inside the prison.

FOX17’s Ann Marie LaFlamme reports.

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  • holly

    Love doesn't know bounds.. I spent a year getting to know the love of my life he is now home and all he wants is to be part of mine and my children's lives and show the love and support to build a happy home!!!

  • Tracy

    I will honestly say I was on the inside and I would write several Ladies to get things i needed. People do not understand 95 percent of these relationships will not work out even if the prisoner is released.I will tell you there are lists that fly around inside with ladies names and contact information and A person sitting around with nothing but time on there hands .We would tell women anything to suck them in as most the time a single Mother is bored and lost self worth. All of a sudden someone is showing interest in them and telling them what every single person wants to hear.Somewhere down the line it will turn to oh baby I got in a little trouble and dont know what todo all of a sudden money will start to transfer for drugs and gambling debts.If they are released it will be over in a matter of time so they can get on there feet and find a new scam. Ladies and Men it is better to be alone then to be alone and scammed !! I feel bad because I did this to a couple Ladies except I had a wife on the outside while I was locked up so i did not need a place to go after getting out.SO L BEG PEOPLE TO NOT FALL FOR THIS GAME AS 95 PERCENT OF THE TIME IT IS JUST THAT AND WHY WOULD ANYONE WITH CHILDREN GET INVOLVED WITH A MAN DOING LIFE FOR MURDER?

    • Michelle

      Tracy- speak for yourself!! Not all inmates are like you!!! PROUD to say we have 18 years down together and 2 to go. Back up your statistics cause we can back up ours.

    • Lana

      Maybe you and your circle did. I'm dating one and have never given him a dime. He has never asked for any, either. If you watched the video, I think the guy was a kid when he got in trouble and there's probably more to the story than anyone has heard about.

      Remember, it is just as easy to judge people based on clips of info as it would be to judge you on clips of info someone may hear about you.

      Hope your wife is just as determined to fight for your relationship after all of your terrible deeds, as most of these women are.

      God bless.

    • Michelle

      I agree with most of what you have written. I have seen it within some of my friends, and people i've talked to. It's so sad but true!

    • Michelle

      Tracy, I agree with most of what you have written. I have seen it within some of my friends, and people i've talked to. It's so sad but true!

  • Shirley

    It’s not just Michigan women, there are women from every state doing it so that they can get welfare benefits from the state of michigan. Even if they marry and move back to the state in which they live, they can collect welfare and food stamps from michigan.

  • Michelle

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, because some have been, or know someone that has been a victim to those incarcerated. BUT! no one is perfect, and EVERYONE deserves a 2nd chance. Maybe not the ones that commit such heinous crimes over, and over again! Even then we are no one to pass judgement on anyone, but God can and will. Anyone can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up behind bars. Does that make them a bad person?! NO! I know many men, and women that have been reformed from being in prison, and that have become a positive influence on young people, as well adults. My husband has been incarcerated in, and out for years, yet he is a wonderful husband, and father. His crimes aren't ones that has left any victims(except for his family for being without him) yet society perceives him as a bad person. In the end we have to live with our own choices if we decide to stand by our husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend (whatever they may) that is incarcerated. So stop judging us because we love our inmate, because you never know if you will be the one that is on the inside looking out!