LIVE BLOG: Winter Storm Hitting West Michigan

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agillfillan February 17, 20143:08 PM

More than 25 event cancellations so far Monday evening. Here is live the live list:

agillfillan February 17, 20143:11 PM

Baker College in Muskegon and Fremont have cancelled evening activities.

Will Frederick February 17, 20143:15 PM

Eastbound I-96 at Morse Lake Avenue is closed due to multiple crashes per MSP

agillfillan February 17, 20143:17 PM

Lots of activity on our newsroom scanners right now. We are hearing about a lot of crashes across the Grand Rapids metro area.  Here is a look at all of the traffic cameras we are monitoring.

agillfillan February 17, 20143:19 PM

Muskegon Community College just shut down all campuses and cancelled evening activities

agillfillan February 17, 20143:29 PM

SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARED IN STURGIS.  Here is the news release…


The City of Sturgis has declared a city-wide snow removal
emergency effective Monday February 17th, 2014 at 3 p.m. due to forecasted snow
accumulations of greater than four inches.


By ordinance, during a declared snow removal emergency
parking is prohibited on all City streets. Under Sec. 58-155 of the City of
Sturgis Code of Ordinances, any vehicle that is parked in violation is subject
to being issued a citation with a fine of $50.00 and towed with all expense
from the towing charged to the vehicle owner. Such towing may occur at any time
during the duration of the snow removal emergency.


The parking prohibition is effective until the snow storm
ends and your street has been cleared of snow between two successive street
intersections or if the City terminates the declaration with a public


A copy of the updated snow removal emergency ordinance can
be found at

agillfillan February 17, 20143:34 PM

Here is a video report from FOX 17’s Dave Spencer en route to a crash on Interstate 96

Will Frederick February 17, 20143:34 PM

Eastbound I-96 at M-6 is closed due to multiple crashes per MSP

agillfillan February 17, 20143:43 PM

FOX 17’s Darren Cunningham just filed this video report from Kalamazoo County…

agillfillan February 17, 20143:44 PM

From the Holland Department of Public Safety:
During these periods of heavy snowfall, HDPS reminds motorists to drive
with headlights on for better visibility to other drivers and

The Michigan State Police offer the following for safe driving:


Headlights aren’t just for nighttime use and use during inclement
weather. By driving with your headlights on at all times, even on bright
sunny days, recent statistics show that you reduce the likelihood of
being involved in a collision by as much as 32%. Turning on your
headlights lets the other driver see you first; because the human eye is
light-seeking, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists will see an oncoming
car sooner and be less likely to pull into its path.

Michigan State Police Troopers urge you to give yourself every
advantage you can. If your vehicle does not have daytime running lights,
upgrade kits are available for many makes and models, or simply turn on
your headlights!

State Police remind you to “Don’t Wreck Your Life!” Drive with your
headlights on at all times, keep your eyes on the road, never drink and
drive, and always wear your safety belt.

Will Frederick February 17, 20143:47 PM

Viewer Image along Eastbound I-96 just past M-6

agillfillan February 17, 20143:48 PM

From Meteorologist Kevin Craig: Reports of 1-3″ snowfall rates per hour across northern Indiana… live tracking from 5-7pm

Will Frederick February 17, 20143:49 PM

Another viewer image along Eastbound I-96 just past M-6

agillfillan February 17, 20143:49 PM

Here is a video report from FOX 17’s Dana Chicklas in Ottawa County…

Will Frederick February 17, 20143:50 PM

Slow going along Eastbound I-96 just past M-6, viewer image

agillfillan February 17, 20143:54 PM

Area highways are a mess. Here’s a report from FOX 17’s Dave Spencer on I-96 in Kent County

agillfillan February 17, 20143:56 PM

Viewers continue sending us their photos. Email yours to  Don’t forget we go on the air at 5pm.  We’re on until 7pm. 

agillfillan February 17, 20143:57 PM

FOX 17’s Robb Westaby will be working a long day.  He’s on his way into the station again, this time to do traffic reports for our evening newscasts.

agillfillan February 17, 20144:02 PM

From Kevin Craig: 3.2 inches of snow in the past 75 minutes in LaPorte, Indiana. Large flakes. Blowing and drifting snow reported. 

agillfillan February 17, 20144:04 PM

We’re being asked by several police agencies to remind you to drive with your headlights on. 

agillfillan February 17, 20144:06 PM

Video report from Hudsonville in Ottawa County…

agillfillan February 17, 20144:07 PM

From FOX 17 viewer Mark Miller on our Facebook page: Mark Miller JENISON-Georgetown
Township: As of 345PM, snow continues to fall, estimated accumulation
at this time is approximately 2+ inches…Roads are slick where previous
snow pack existed, and other major roads are getting slushy and messy
from the snow fall this afternoon.

agillfillan February 17, 20144:08 PM

Report from a Portage viewer on our Facebook page: Denny Olson Probably
the same problems I ran into in Portage causing these wrecks. IDIOTS
going Too Fast, Thinking they can stop or turn on a dime, visibilty down
to a 1/16 of a mile and driving WITHOUT YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON !

agillfillan February 17, 20144:09 PM

Live traffic cameras here!

Robb Westaby February 17, 20144:14 PM

I-96 WB at ALDEN NASH AV is begin re-opened. Watch for special live traffic reports during FOX 17 News at 5 & 6 and follow @FOX17Traffic for traffic reports on Twitter:

agillfillan February 17, 20144:18 PM

Kevin Craig says he has a report of 2.5″ of new snow in Hastings – more at 5:00

agillfillan February 17, 20144:19 PM

Some interesting photos are being tweeted by the National Weather Service in northern Indiana…

Will Frederick February 17, 20144:24 PM

Eastbound I-96 barely moving below Morse Lake overpass (photo via @dspencerfox17)

agillfillan February 17, 20144:32 PM

Latest on situation from I-96 near Lowell

agillfillan February 17, 20144:47 PM

Another update from Dave Spencer in eastern Kent County…

agillfillan February 17, 20144:58 PM

Picture from Grand Haven. Taken at 3:30pm. 

agillfillan February 17, 20145:00 PM

We’re on the air. Join us as we track the snow. Moderate/heavy
snow falling across most of the area. 3″-6″ total accumulation likely.
Snow wraps up overnight.

Robb Westaby February 17, 20145:10 PM

I-96 westbound is now closed at M-6 due to multiple crashes. That means I-96 is closed in both directions due to multiple crashes.

merspamer February 17, 20145:12 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:16 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:18 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:21 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:40 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:42 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:55 PM

merspamer February 17, 20145:55 PM

Massive I-94 pile-up in Van Buren County.  More than 20 vehicles involved: 

merspamer February 17, 20145:55 PM

Will Frederick February 17, 20146:04 PM

Mattawan Police ‏@MattawanPolice 2m

Reports of many crashes along I-94 west of town. Don’t head out if you don’t have to, but if you do, take it slow on ice and snow…

merspamer February 17, 20146:10 PM

Will Frederick February 17, 20146:11 PM

Eastbound and westbound I-94 between County Rd 365 Exit 52 and M-40 Exit 60 is closed due to multiple crashes per Dispatch.

merspamer February 17, 20146:14 PM

merspamer February 17, 20146:31 PM

FOX 17′s Dana Chicklas traveling north on US 31 in Muskegon County: 

Will Frederick February 17, 20147:03 PM

Jerrys Towing working to help driver on US-131 near Big Rapids, visibility at 25ft, if that

Will Frederick February 17, 20147:44 PM

Slow going along WB I-94 near Paw Paw in Van Buren County, cleanup continues in EB lanes @FOX17

merspamer February 17, 20149:06 PM

FOX 17 February 19, 20143:42 PM

The live blog is over but you can what happened below.

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